Otome Game Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai desu

>humiliates him
>gets him disinherited
>now is trying to fuck his mom

Is Leon the best MC of the season?

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For you, is it whole fart or bart fart?

>oh great a new episo..
>1.4 gb

If we get season two, where Angie is at an engagement party, wearing a wedding dress, and confesses her love for Leon, people are STILL going to be claiming she's a lesbian, and doesn't care about Leon. It's just trolling.

I get that it's normal for nobility to push commoners around in the setting but that doesn't make it any more boring/annoying to watch. Matriarchy's are such a cringe trope

we're not getting a season two

The fact also is the the author has literally tied Angie to Leon since she always will end up with him in everytime timeline we've been shown.

The Harem of Leon

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True, that's literally the setting after all. It also makes the later reveal and turn around a bit satisfying.

Were you in a coma? This has been the standard for 1080p CR rips for years.

Does he have to mention how much of a mob he is every episode?

>shitposters on both sides of the sexual autism spectrum being angry about a dude with two chicks and then making angry posts about if that guy with the two chicks series is hetero, homo, bi, or furry

yes, otherwise you'd forget about it

This really. He ends up married to four women at the end of the WN. He IS going to have sex with them, it's just a matter of when. People were much more forgiving of this sort thing with DxD.

he won't fuck Livia, so he is megagay

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yurifags are not people, they are subhumans

For the user that asked about Marie in Marie route, last I checked she's 100% loyal.

Wow he's literally me...

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Pretty much. That said, this series has some of the better harems I've seen in a while.

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Even the low tier girls are hot with decent personalities. It's quite impressive.

Intelligent, nihilistic, with a wicked sense of humor?

Out of all the people. Why did the Queen choose Leon for the school memories?

all the high Iq anons are rooting for Queen end

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imagine if they actually made an otome game where you had the option to play as marie and get fucked by the jobber harem or play as leon and ruin her life while avoiding fucking your harem

Taught her idiot son a lesson.

Too big

Simple quality, or elaborate timeskip?

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Vol 8 is very uncomfortable to read.
Leon is insomniac, gets hit in the face multiple times, gets choked, belittled, denied medication, babysitted, grounded and has to deal with awkwardness.
It feels like a bad dream, but he also deserves it.

quality. That's kinda funny

Vol 8 is just a weird volume. One part focuses on Nix's engagement, and then another part has Colin realize he's in love and then immediately have his heart broken.

It's Hoe-Fort
t. Roland

I'm tempted to read on from the manga but I also really enjoy the anime.

What do?

Just do both

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Anyone else find it weird only 2 of the 5 guys had relationships prior to Marie/Olivia?

Purple, green, blue had relationships for sure. Red I think mentioned it in sky pirates part. Sword guy I'm not sure.

No. All 5 of them were engaged, but Chris and Greg's former fiances have no role in the story what so ever.

>all the high Iq anons are rooting for Queen end
all the high IQ anons are rooting for the Harem end, actually.

manga is gay, just finish the anime, then read the ln

Foul-mouthed, short-fused, with a serious problem to committing

Enhanced Angie

The characters looked worse while wearing makeup, on top of how weird the anime designs were to begin with. Made them look even more like airheads than normal. This episode nailed the humor though.

More like equivalent exchange.
Fatter tits, but uglier face

What's so bad about it?

Leon is fully aware of how attractive Livia is.

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Damn plot armor induced brainwashing

Damn imagine being so nothing that used Goods has more plot relevance.


>we're getting a season two

I fear that you are right.

While I'd like it if he fucked elf mom and goth chick, there's been nothing between them.

Hell I don't even know when goth chick last appeared. Her sister died and her role in the story did too.

Straight into kokoro (with psychic powers)

it's not the source material

if you wanna read the source just read the ln

Are there translations for the Marie Route chapters from Vol 8 and 9?

There's no guarantee but considering Leon loves big titty mommies and flatty's fortune it wouldn't surprise me if they join by the end


So that's the old hag manga and ln fags were memeing about. Remember - old is old. There are no redeeming qualities and from the contrast in her behavior between the cafe scene and the following one I can safely conclude she is a two faced manipulative bitch just like all other hags at her venerable age.

>Remember - old is old.
wrong. she can still pop out babies, so she is good to go

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Did anime show her disdain for the way their country let's women get away with treating men as second class citizens?

3 babies

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Manipulative doesn't match her well, she's just scary when she's angry.
There are no redeeming qualities because there's nothing to redeem from.

>Beats up furry subhumans
Holy based