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Happy mothers day, Love Live and Yea Forums

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I need a temp block

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Imagine what their mom must be like for them to have gotten like this.

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Maki's Mom>Lanzhu's Mom=Kotori's Mom>Mari's Mom=Hanayao's Mom=Nozomi's Mom>Rin's Mom>Honoka's Mom>Riko's Mom>Nico's Mom>The Rest of the Aquor Moms>>>>>>>>Setsuna's Mom

Why? I enjoy taking with you. Please don’t leave us

Searching for the Madoka idol

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What are Shizuku and Emma thinking?

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Dont wake up Shoriko

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She thinks she's an Alien

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>just noticed that this poster is just a big reference to the possible subunit names for AZUNA

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Imagine being this obsessed over some chad that you have to make a shitty edit

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>snek Mari
>Persephone II
>now Yurine
Love Live sure has quite a few Jashin-chan VAs for some reason.

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>Dramatic Hour on the top right
>To YOU! right below dramatic hour
>YOUare! on the top left
>DreamGirls! right below YOUare!
>SHO*JO in the middle
>YOUstir on the bottom left
>Whatever that bottom left name is on the bottom right of the poster
Deepest lore.

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because fuck Guilty Kiss faggots like you, that's why.
>hurr just place the girls you think are the coolest together
Shit taste

There is nothing wrong with me and my wife Yohane’s cute daughters!

Get a load of this absolute tastelet

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Hai, Nakagawa desu.

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Still my favorite moment

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AZUNA is a thousand times cooler than Guilty kiss or Bibi could ever aspire to be

Why is everyone okay with Ayumu being a stalker?

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cute nipples.

Yohane's Mom is so hot

because thats a fantasy for a lot of people

Because she's a cute.

>Love Live x Jashin-chan
Now THAT's an epic crossover

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>Marrying your favorite raibu and get little version of your favorite raibu.
Isn't that what we all want.

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>I must stop Madoka from becoming a school aidoru

Why does Setsuna look so aroused from having her mouth covered?

Just looked up that VA, and goddamn she’s actually cute. Need to see her wearing pic related for a live.

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>This raging seiyuu/idol faggot again
I don't think /llsifg/'s shitposters are this autistic

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>this girl became a school idol because her dolls told her to do it

All of Qu4rtz are in Madokaverse. Chunrun's character makes Americans seethe.

Congrats, you just did the guy a huge favor by doing this dumb shit

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Can Epiccrossovernigger and Anticrossovernigger please just meet up in person and have a fight to the death already?
I’ll even do the survivor the favor of putting him out of his misery.

Sounds epic to me.

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Couldn't we resolve this by just offing "Epiccrossovernigger"?

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Cute Dante's daughters

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Ranko Kanzaki's children.

>Crossovering with Madoka instead of some crappy idolshits like Bandori and iM@S

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>No Chika mama

Make her perform Lives in a bed, with Miyutan

>Yes please kidnap me and force me to not talk about what I said

President, Setsuna is on the loose again

Setsuna likes to play detectives and is too autistic to understand romantic obsession

They can't because they live inside the same head

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Tomori's already getting fucked so hard she can barely stand

She's deader than rina

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>Couldn't we resolve this by just offing "Epiccrossovernigger"?
The other nigger (who's totally not you) would still keep shitting up the thread over anything that triggers his autism, like people mentioning other roles of LL seiyuu or bringing up relevant comparisons with other series.
Offing Anticrossovernigger on the other hand would solve everything for everyone else. Because no one else but him cares about the "epic crossover" pics, and they're only posted to bait him in the first place.

Makes sense. When can we carry out this plan?

Seems that at the very least mecha doesn't trigger him, because I for one have made the occasional mecha-related comparison (or VA mention) and he didn't go off on those comments.