New short in 2 hours. It's time for Momo and childrens card games.

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reminder blue is a disgusting lazy bastard

reminder blue is a disgusting lazy bastard and best oni

Livestream link:

Episode Summary:
"Fierce Battle! Momo Royale!"
The Momotaro legend has been carried down all across Japan! And he has other descendants besides just Momo too?! Once a year these decendants gather from all over in order to battle it out in the "Momo Royale" to detemine who the true Momotaro is. And the Onikko end up being the ones to judge this battle between the Momotaros after Momo entrusts them with the positions of examiners. As the competitions continue on, filled with local pride and enthusiasm towards history despite being rather casual in nature, Momo pulls out... a card game?! It is now time for a battle of souls with the pride and honor of everyone's hometowns at stake!

Noriko ep when?

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Based Blue.


>The Tiktok livestream is today at 6pm!! Yay!!! This is our first Tiktok livestream! We've planned a q&a segment, a dance lecture and more! We're all really exited, come watch! -Yume

>Thank you for coming to yesterday's Tiktok livestream, everyone! I was really nervous at first, but it was really fun to get to talk to you all! I had a really good supper yesterday too, lol Look forward to another stream! -Mika

Did anyone watch the livestream? I didn't.

Was going to, but forgot about it, and it had ended when I remembered.

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>This is Cocona Nonaka from Onipan's! The Onipan anime finally started April 11th! Yay! Have you all been watching? I've been watching Onipan every morning to cheer me up before going to school! Whenever you guys are feeling low on energy in the morning, make sure to watch Onipan for lots of encouragement! Please watch the show next week too! Take care!

oni pa-pa-pan pan
oni pan pan

The official Twitter finally hit the 2500 follower milestone and released the 2500 follower reward:


>We hit 2500! Thank you so much!
>Milestone commemoration 4 is the release of a Onipapapan! Pan! lyrics video by Cocona Nonaka!
>Believe it or not, this was made by Cocona Nonaka herself! The video really shows how good friends the three are and how much fun they're having!

Cute. And should make it clear who this show is really being marketed to.

I want to panpan an oni.

This show needs more Gabu


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Cute fatto

Yes, little girls like me

Last thread had some anons asking if it really WAS aimed at kids or not, hence my comment.

This is really cute, wonder if there's a full length version.

Then they're idiots, it airs during a kid's show

I know.

Anons keep getting told that, but we still get posts like these:

10 minutes.

The more I hear this song the more I actually want to buy the CD. Dammit, marketing.

OK, but why should you even bother with tards who clearly have no idea how the industry functions?


>Emily has a new shirt

Cute Kamehameha.

It's so refreshing to watch a kid's show that has adverts for kid things in it

They really shill Dragonball a lot on this show.

>present classic Dragonball stuff and not modern shit

Natsu really showed Sunshine up there.

New movie soon.

When are they going to have the Onipans girls on the show? It's so weird they air the anime but don't really promote it much beyond that.

They're too busy getting ready for school -

Today's quiz from the Nazotokingdom anime: What picture goes in the spot marked by a question mark once the bulldozer pushes the blocks into place?
You should be able to solve this.

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They had the RizStar cast on last week though.

Poor Momo.

>ok mom
>don't call me mom

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No respect.

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Momo in spandex!

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Desu, wouldn't be surprised if the Onis go to a school that's too far from the studio, given how anal the Japs are about education

Wonder if the subs are going to tl note this bit, I can see it being kinda incomprehensible for some viewers.

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>Thank you for watching today! The "Momo Royale", the battle to determine the true Momotaro, has begun! Momo has asked the Onikko to be examiners, which means they're going to judge who's the most appropriate Momotaro...! Look forward to tomorrow's episode!

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Not if they watched ep.2 it won't

Oh right, I forgot Momo summoned a monkey, dog and pheasant in the battle.

Goddamn lazy Blue


Best girl.

Ase (sweat)

I miss the webm user.


Literally me.

How many Momo laughs were there?


>whole point of the show is them getting embarrassed putting their underwear on in public
>cut that after the first quarter
Bruh. That is assuming last week want's a one-off.