Manga with amazing art thread

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I like pic related more

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Tried to put that one instead but the internet was fucking me.

Does Yotsubato counts? I don't have the page I wanted to post (the beach/stone chapter), but I think Yotsubato's artstyle is amazing. I don't know if he traces actual pictures or if his assistants do most of the wrok on backgrounds, but it gives me such a unique feeling of comfyness and happiness. Plus this might be a nice contrast to this thread since most manga posted here are fantasy or historical stuff

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As long as it is good art, I dont care

One Piece

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I can't respect a mangaka that after a gorillion chapters still hasnt learnt how to properly draw characters with anatomically correct proportions.

Agreed but what does that have to do with Kingdom

Should've worn a helmet

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Still can't draw horses either. Its insane after all these chapters and drawing at least a few horses in every one.

Rinko was robbed

ride-on king

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Hara will never learn it's pretty much his artstyle by now

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isnt this just that tactic manga artists are using where they take a real life pic and edit it
like punpun does

Yotsuba&! is such a strange experience to me. When I was younger, I used to feel all warm and fuzzy inside after reading a chapter, whereas now that I’m a little bit older, I can’t help but feel there’s some kind of emptiness or loneliness reading it

>Oyasumi Punpun
what a lame manga that one was, I'm surprised it is held in such a high regard. Last arc really felt like an asspull. The shit with the crazy weirdo also felt unnecessary, I always got so bored when a chapter mainly featured him and his ramblings.

Kingdom would be impossible to draw without digital art tools.

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What do you guys think of photoshopped photo backgrounds in manga?

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It works because its shopped well, if you are trying to be lazy and don't want to draw its going to be jarring

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It's a cope, i hate it so much. I hate this pretentious faggot so hard because he tricked me. I genuinely thought he achieved classical painting realism in a manga, but he just uses a computer. Fucking disgusting.

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99% of all manga is traced or using clip paint/blender assets. even murata cheats all the time. some 'references' direct copies like crushing watermelons with legs for olympic girl hero. you can find the exact image he used very easily and its 1:1 with anime eyes drawn over it. ganbere doki whatever is literally traced/painted over photobashing garbage. meto slave is all 3d models traced over. easily seen with the yankee girl's cloning. backgrounds all 3d assets. prison school is all traced blender models. gantz was all photoshop and tracing.

for older manga, you can look up interviews with assistants for shit like pricne of tennis describing tracing magazine images for tennis players and filling ""reference""" books to easily grab and use as production went on. cars for initial d, etc are all traced.

its a garbage industry propped up by retards that think the same identical classrooms and temples and super detailed motorcycles/cars are "drawn" and "asian genes sugoi sempai" bullshit.

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>its a garbage industry propped up by retards that think the same identical classrooms and temples and super detailed motorcycles/cars are "drawn" and "asian genes sugoi sempai" bullshit
Vastly preferable to garbage capeshit and french comics that update every 12 years

Hana-chan has really nice art imo

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Same. I guess it's because I used to be able to easily self insert as Yotsuba, now I can't help but see myself on Koiwai, but the difference is, I will probably never have a kid and truly get to feel like him, so all I have now are memories of my childhood

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I've yet to see any good art posted in this thread.

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Well then why don't you change that

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You first

read better manga

genuinely disgusting
the artist is worse at filtering photos than inio asano
very flat
hate this art style
what makes you think this is "amazing art" like OP specified?
most artists that do it are lazy like your pic related, but some blend it well like Takahashi Tsutomu
this is nice
this is good but I dislike how he draws mouths
shit paneling
>using Murata as an example of good art

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I'm envious of Yukimura's ability to draw hands

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Not really.
Wasted trips on traced horseshit.
Traced horseshit.

Name literally one thing wrong with tracing.

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it just is OK

I wish this they release this more often

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Back in the day I really thought someone drew these autistically detailed backgrounds by hand. 3d chads I kneel

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It looks like garbage.

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It's a drawing technique like any other. So it depends on the execution.

Not really

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oh shit dude, is the new chapter out?