Dragon Ball Super

It's Gohan Day (May 8th)! Say something nice about him.
>favorite moment (no jobs)
>favorite saga (hard mode: no Cell/Buu)
>favorite outfit
>favorite line

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The Great Saiyaman suit is great.
>when the Old Kai released his full power (not a job since it was before it)
>the mini-Piccolo suit he had in the Cell saga, with the cape and all
>the one in the Bojack Movie about being his father's son

Hopefully, he doesn't job in the upcoming movie.

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Yup yup YUPPERS.

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Women? I hate them.

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Nīhao Ū Ryū Chī Pā
Nīhao Ū Ryū Chī Pā

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Bejita lost to Thor

He used Ultra Jobber, what the fuck did you expect?

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Goku lost to Superman twice. Face it, comic book characters are stronger than dragon ball.

the only one who "lost" is you if you watch that garbage youtube show.

Goku RAPED your capeshit hero.

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/trash/ rodents? Deported.

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Now that the threads are back to normal, I can finally say that I NEVER went to /trash/. Shame on the one that did.

And they love you for it, Trunks.

>Roshi is taller than Chi-chi

You can tell Japanese men are skinny bitches when you see the weight they put to buff guys like Goku or Gohan.

Are we going to get any news today?

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I think the draft pages are due some time.

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Superman can beat Thor, why can't Vegeta beat him?

Because Bejita is destined to be a jobbing BITCH.

Batman without prep-time can beat Goku.

Not gonna post in the capeSHIT thread, this is the one.

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Post funny.

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SHITku would lower his power level to -1 to have a fair fight because his dick gets all waku waku from Batman's fighting skills

Goku won.

This shit character contest.

>favorite moment
when he played baseball at the start of the Buu arc.
>favorite saga
in regards to Gohan specifically? Saiyan.
>favorite outfit
his first outfit, or the Great Saiyaman one without the helmet.
>favorite line
calling Buu a retard.

Vegeta lost against Thor

>caring that Bejita lost the bonus stage
Holy SHIT, the WEAKku cope.

...until Vegeta stole the first place.


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SHITrengetaZly lost
CHADrengetacell won

>still upset over Superman destroying Goku


This thread REEKS of SHITjitafags.

>Less IPs than /trash/
>Less posts as well
I feel immense sadness and impending doom.
GOKUbro btw.

>hard mode: no Cell/Buu
so what we're supposed to take moments where he was irrelevant?
Him whiping the floor with bejita to the point he was scared of him in monke form was pretty good I guess

>Irrelevant attention seeking roach.
>Killed by a child.
>IMMEDIATELY surpassed by base Goku once his meaningless arc concludes.
Am I supposed to be impressed?

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No, the Cell saga's just too overrated.

Movie 10 is a better Gohan movie than Movie 9. He also seems to be the only fighter to have pushed CHADly the furthest in his original trilogy.

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>killed shitku

>TRASHku looking for a excuse to an hero.
>Never posts the superior Cell that allegedly "killed" the rat itself out of fear to be bullied by the Bejita bro.

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I don't fear Bejita bros anymore. They cannot hurt me anymore. Semi CHAD for the win!

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Even this weak form of Cell was enough to kill SHITku, imagine how much destruction he could cause if Perfect Cell blew himself up

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Goku is a retard.

dude was 4 and throwing hands with the strongest in the universe and 11 when he killed cell but i think future gohan was better

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Goku WARPED you.

>[Parrot Squawking]

>Parrot spraying his goopy white shit everywhere

My hero WON.

While we're on the topic of garystu capeshit vs karate monkey aliens.. could Jiren take this fucker?

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>could Ji-

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Doomsday had to be thrown forward in time to the heat death of the universe to actually get rid of him, and then he just came back anyways.

This is why they call us the Scholars.

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he was cloned


user he nearly fucking killed Superman.
I know you're likely shitposting but he would get raped realistically.

Considering he's almost as strong as Supes and the guy literally becomes stronger after "dying" I doubt it.

Isn't that Bejita's pacifier?

>user he-

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That's not too surprising, but ultimately Doomsday's bullshit coming back to life immune to whatever killed him thing makes me think Jiren would probably lose.

He scales to Base Goku.

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It's over. We're no longer the chads of anything. We're being made fun of by everyone, everywhere. There is nothing to be gained out of being here but complete, utter humiliation. The lowest of the low.

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I’m beginning to think there is an imposter among us.

Only SHITgeta is being mocked. And we did that too already so big deal.

Superfuck got savagely raped by fucking commies, which instantly puts him in the fucking lowest pit in terms of power.
SuperShit lost, and any capeshit character too.

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So I had to look that up and he wasn't cloned, he got saved by Brainiac, but he did get cloned in some Wonder Woman story.

Who the hell is the dude on the right supposed to be?


Probably Kami Tenchi.

Yes that is right bros, insult me, call me gay, call my art shit, falseflag as me and I'LL STILL DRAW WHAT YOU WANT! Please... give me (You)s.....

At least you know your place Gokubro

It's ok, dragonbros. At least you can still say you're stronger than Sailor Moon.

How would Dragon Ball fans react if that happened to Goku or Bejita?

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Hubba hubba.

With violence. Unironically people would start sending dead threats to Tori if that happened.

This post isn't necessarily wrong. I legitimately don't care what you say about me or my art, unless you're willing to give constructive criticism. I'll still draw a picture for you, because I like drawing Dragon Ball fanart.

>actual drawCHAD

>Jiren isn't rea-

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>he won't leave me alone

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Draw you IRL getting fucking RAMMED by Jiren (YOUR GOD) lmao!!!!!!!!

>trips over a fucking small rock
KEK. No wonder he lost.

>Gay fantasies
That's about right.

>Dave Bautista with grey skin


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Draw it then, PUSSY.

I wonder if the drawCHAD that drew this still roams these halls...

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I wonder if Risu got replaced by lizard people yet?

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Jiren-sama, I fucking kneel. Request any art you want, I will surely draw it.


Where's the Copeku day trailer?

>He wants me to draw his homoerotic fantasies
>His fantasies somehow involve me, someone he's never met (let alone seen)

I want Risu dead.


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