Black Clover

I know the series is on hiatus, but I want to see what are some reasonable things you want to see from this final arc.

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I'm personally hoping for at least one or two more flashback scene including Richita.

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Vanica back is all I want.

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Asta and Yuno finally kissing.

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Resolve ALL romance plots.
> Noelle and flower girl shout at the same time
> I love you, Asta!
> Asta responds with grinning face
> haha, I know girls, you are my nakama and I love you too!
> that is the last page

I don't expect much from wsj romances, but I doubt stuff like that is going to be saved for the last chapter.

I dont think were getting this, but I wanted to see more of the other magic knights besides golden dawn and black bulls, there's supposed to be 9 but we barely know the others besides noelle's siblings, the fire siblings and sekke. Mimosa's brother is supposed to be the vice captain of the peacocks but I dont think I ever saw him with dorothy

Aside from the remaining vice captains I doubt we'll get more. All the other squads can pretty much be carried by their captains in my opinion. It's not much, but we saw a little bit about Crimson Lion and Blue Rose.
>supposed to be the vice captain of the peacocks but I dont think I ever saw him with dorothy
I don't think so either.

I'm expecting Julius is planning to die bringing devils into the human world and to embrace communism. Everytime they failed Julius would just kill everyone in the world and rewind time.

His goal is equality and to unify everyone under Asta allah Lelouch.
Yuno and Asta combine magic to spread anti-magic everywhere defeating Julius somehow but making Julius take responsibility.

Ends with a duel between Yuno and Asta but result is never shown

>Dante as Magna's punching bag
>Vanica as Noelle's maid/sex slave
>Zenon as golden dawns garden scarecrow

>Ends with a duel between Yuno and Asta but result is never shown
You mean just the result of the fight isn't shown right? We at least see Asta become WK in this expectation.

Based Vanica enjoyer.

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You know it

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Love this artist.

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>Vanica as Noelle's maid/sex slave
I'll take it.

A happy ending for the characters I care about.

Also one Asta and Noelle team up fight.

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At least some stuff about dwarves.

Do you think we'll get another timeskip or will we pick up right after we left off?

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I don't think another timeskip is necessary except if it's something like Lucius still pretending to be Julius for a while at Clover and no seems to notice or something along that lines. Then I can maybe see a timeskip happening and things in the world changing because of him.

if lucius used time magic to save people maybe it means asta might accidently kill someone if he uses his anti-magic to restore the timeline to what it should've been.

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Do people want another timeskip?

Jesus, the new generation of Shonen really doesn’t go in for hyper-longevity, huh? All of the touted “Naruto/Bleach successors” seem to be wrapping up before even reaching a full decade, oftentimes ending closer to half of one. I think Jujutsu Kaisen is the only hyped-up mainstream WSJ battle Shonen that isn’t currently on its final arc, and who knows how long that will get stretched out until it does.
It’s not necessarily a bad thing; I think the “Big 3” did incalculable harm to Internet/fan culture and their own story integrity by getting milked for 15+ years each (25 and counting for One Piece), but there has to be something to take notice of in how modern media doesn’t have the impact or sticking power of stuff that came out in the 90s/early 00s.

disney clover

Lumiere knew what he was doing when he gave her that dress.

I think you can thank the internet for that. New content is easily accessible so if you don't feel a series not as much you just look for a new one. Since it's no longer as easy to milk a series projects get finished much earlier because the auther or audience just doesn't care enough.
One Piece is an exemption since at this point it's "too big to fail" and the house of cards that is shonen jump will fall after it ends (if that ever happens)

How sexy will Astaroth be?

He's a pervert like everyone else

Joker kingdom

He will be a manlet like Asta.

Yeah I agree, but I think like the other user said is because things become way more accessible than ever that things don't have the staying power.

>Now that Noelle's realized her feelings mid series, he's going to have Asta's feelings grow and realize of Noelle. Tabata is good at setting up for the future, he's not going to pull that stupid shit with the timeskip and married with kids

I want a few point
>Seeing dwarves
>Gnome, the Earth Spirit'
>The person who cursed Charlotte, more-so exploring her side of her family and maybe we'll get confirmation Luck is his little brother
>Yami's homeland
>Conclusion to Asta/Noelle, Gauche/Grey, Yami/Charlotte, Mars/Fana
>The Silva family fight together as a family
>Yami's devil heart (?)
>The Witch Queen in action. Personally I'd like to see her appear when Vanessa is in a pinch


Will be back soon to share my thoughts, currently shitposting elsewhere.

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I'm not a shipper btw. By relationship I mean just give them more writing/progression as characters.

> Asta's father reveal (picrel probably?)
> Devil door fully opens? Eclipse moment?
> Seeing what Lucius ends up doing

> Dwarves
> Gnome
> Nippon?
> What's above Spade?

> Asta and Noelle relationship progression
> Charlotte and Yami relationship progression
> Langris, Finral, Finesse relationship progression (Finral dies + Langris/Finesse get together? Idk it's a crackpot theory)
> Grey/Gauche
> Yami/Asta/Nacht
> Yuno/Asta/Liebe
> Liebe/Bulls
> Lucius/Adra/Devils
> Lucius/Yami/Vangeance/Marx
> [100 more]

> More reality-bending powers
> More combinations that have both character bonding moments and cool moments

Idk I'm kinda drunk so these aren't my best ideas

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All men in the series are.

A legitimate Black Bull member death, I know its asking for alot and it wont happen but come on.
Also more Dorothy

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I'm only in it to know what the fuck are four-leaf grimoires about.


axe soon

It's the truth. He wanted to stare at bird ass his whole time there.

w-why is my wife sopping wet?

> death
overrated and wholly unnecessary.

However, I do think Finral might die

Solid wanted to bond with her.

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Is it getting axed or getting a proper conclusion?


1.What the fuck Lucius did Damnatio. This has been bothering me since the leaks came out.
2. Asta's father
3. Yami/Charlotte's wedding
4. Lucius' true plan
5. Whether Julius is just a made-up person or if he was a vessel for Lucius.
6. Ballroom arc.
7. Last but not the least: WHERE THE FUCK IS PAPA SILVA?!

This js the grimoire that Yuno should've gotten.

Don't forget papagoleon

No bullshit plot armor. I can’t take Black Clover seriously because of it.

Noelle's pits, butt and feet.

Yeah, two of them.

i suppose you wouldn't like war and peace either then.

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i only seen the anime and i just want to fuck the bird desu