Golden Kamuy

Shiriashi coin but real.

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Stupid sexy pirate

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Only a matter of time before official GK NTF's are a thing

>just saw fanart of elderly Monkey trying to sudoku himself after WW2 and Tsukishima stopping him
I get what they were going for but the idea still makes me lmao. Why is WW2 so funny.

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user it's 2222 already NFT is just a fad nobody talk about anymore. Wake up we live in cyberpunk now with cool cyborg, robo-waifu and flying car now.

Based Boruto the piranha

Is Noda ever gonna show us the faces of the three other convicts?
Tsuyama (Tsurumi's skin jacket), Takarai (the Barato skin) and Funabashi (Edogai's skin)

Is Golden Kamuy over? I really wanted to keep reading this after the Yea Forums storytime, but never got around to actually doing it, and now it's over fuck.

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It ended on April 28th, raws preceded it like 3 days. I guess that when all the volumes are out (in July, I think) we'll have storytimes.

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Where's the counterfeiter?

>lightning bandit will never be animated
I will never forgive Geno

Are we gonna get a spread with all the convicts?

Koito's IRL counterpart lived all the way to the 70s, Tsukishima probably died of old age too.

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God I want one

>3D print a coin with little details
>don't put filler and sand it down and leave the layers mark
I hate people doing this.

>Why is WW2 so funny.
Monkey made all this big stink about changing things but it didn't do shit

>made all this big stink about changing things but it didn't do shit
Just like Asirpa huh

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Yep well the more operant word should be "couldn't" two people can't change shit

Post plot threads that went nowhere

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Volume 29 revisions:

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We need some user to archive this so we can add it when the storytime happens

These additions make the deed have way more value.

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Even if ultimately this went nowhere because both Hijikata and Sofia died, this still adds a degree of tension and I like how Sofia's character is more of caring figure towards Asirpa while Hijikata still feels like he has to do things his way.

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surely the additions are really good

>Shiton not in A tier
>Boner not in S tier

Not a convict, surprisingly

Was one of the captors really Ogata?

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Yeah, it only makes sense for Hijikata to push his line there as well, like he always does. The changes are good, though I gotta wonder how many there will be in the subsequent volumes. This had what, 5-6 additional pages in a 10 chapter long volume? Would be interesting to see whether Noda is willing to balloon up the last two.

He might add a few pages to ogata who feels like the character who got cut out the most

Ogata, kikuta and tsukishima were the kidnappers

Right. There's Ogata, and then there's what feels like a chapter-sized hole between 313 and 314, plus the extremely compressed final chapter, all in the same volume.

The last volume will be a 14 chapters long volume
I won't expect too many substantial changes

Nah, no fucking way. It does sound eerily plausible since that would include every single train chapter, but it also would be extremely boneheaded of Noda not to address the pacing issues, at least in some small part.

Thank you. So Noda added context to the land deed scene.

So was he actually gay or

Prison sex isn't for pleasure, so maybe.

At most he was bisexual

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He's not gay. He has relationships with women and sex with men.

Does this mean we're getting the designs of the last 3 convicts?

>t. Noda

>you will never go on a quest with a murder loli to reclaim lost gold while

No this illustration was from a fanbook

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While what
while she groomed you into her ideal husbando?

It's less of a quest and more of a murder spree, but you're doing it so a bunch of psychos don't get their hands on the girl, so it's fine.

>still couldn't find anything that fill the same niche Golden Kamuy did for me
I hope whatever project they teased they said will be even bigger than the live action will be exciting

It's gonna be a movie and then Noda will announce a spin off a few years after the final volume comes out

I was actually hoping for a vidya
But I bet it will be one of those musical 2.5 stage play no one but fujos care about

dead industry, if you want to be scammed by a company into paying 100 dollars for an unfinished product then be my guest.

> paying 100 dollars for an unfinished product
lol that’s a steam or a Western game dev hint. Asian game devs just scam you with gatcha so you end up paying 1000s of dollars to get a waifu

You rike sugisirpa anons?

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Speaking of this why hasn't GK got a gacha?
We got enough convicts to filter out the normal rarity gacha characters.

Yes. I really do.

Very much so


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I like how all those fanarts consensually agreed that Asirpa will be the one riding on Sugimoto

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she's a little sex gremlin in those fan arts

I love it.

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Binge read till the end over the weekend after not reading for 2+ years, what an absolute ride. Russian Sniperman felt kinda wasted though, he joined the main cast only to do pretty much nothing.


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One of the most fascinating characters in this entire series.

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