Daily Hellsing

Order 37: Final Fantasy(Part 2)
(Ord. 36)

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The squad.

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Tony Blair fucking died

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Bottom right panel is quite relatable

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Love the paneling here

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End of Order 36
Big fucking fire swastika of destruction.

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Thanks OP

I have a feeling he might like Arlong

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Based Bros finally came back

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Ascension Erect.

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None will die in the next installment

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This is it for Volume 5
Question of the volume: Opinions on Hellsing's side cast?

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The Dawn(Part 2)

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The 40s squad.

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I love their Red Vs Blue Oni dinamic

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Not spoiling who she is

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Have a bump, OP.


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Much appreciated.

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I got a gun for you, any time.

That's it for today!
Walter's a chad

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>you'll never bomb london with the boys
why live

Thanks for the dump OP!

I love how they have launch pads for soldiers. Come to think of it this could be a fun shooter, you play as either the nazi vampires launching into burning london from zepplins or as the vatican crusaders and you get bonus points for killing the british

Not yet

As always

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Amuro-des, ikimasu!

I wonder if Hirano ever read 2000 AD...

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>Tony Blair fucking died
Oh, what a shame.

Major is getting off on this.

Eternal life would definitely be an easy sell for a ton of people to turn to vampirism. Add all the fucking powers to that and you've got a ton of people turning against humanity.

Poor Sir Penwood ;_;

An oddly wholesome moment at the end of the world.

Thanks OP. War has officially been declared.

Arthur please, people are dying.

It's not the end of the world, just the end of London

He mad

Thanks, OP.
Both the Nazi and the Hellsing side have some lovable characters.
The church hasn't shown much of their hand really.
The br*'ish have only been fun for their swearing, though this last moment of camaraderie is a cool moment, even if all of them are fucking screwed and just putting on airs.

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Major dining well.



Young Walter was so fucking crude it's hilarious.

>implying anything beyond London matters

>Hans, I told zu to ztop ordering zhota proztitue delivery to ze main office