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I must admit that I like the premise of the series, superpowered lolis that eventually turn into monsters in a post-apocalyptic setting.
God I whish I had a superpowered loli that depended on me...

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I dont understand why this show is so hated
it was really fun and depressing as fuck at times

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Choose your partner.

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rolling for 5 or 0

>surrounded by thirsty lolis
>goes for his big tittied boss and fucks her in the first few volumes
Series was based as fuck. Shame the author dropped it.

I think that it felt too forced on it's victimization of the lolis and the opening made it feel like an Attack on Titan rip off.


four or bust!


Cheap how much for an entire night as my bodypillow?

Does he give her the dick or not? Also, kill those humans.

Nah the creator cucked out.

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I think it's pretty obvious why not many people like it.

Funny how the same staff also worked on Made in Abyss

can I chose the NOT dead one?

Enough with the jokes. I want an MC that fucks his loli, not lolibaba, but an actual loli.

I liked the show but when I read volume 1 I started to think the loli stuff was too much for me.

Saved me time, user.

The owl of course


Also this.
Fucking Oreimo managed to deliver with the incest, why can't authors deliver with lolis?

Hos different are the novels to the show?
Why was it too much for you?

Normalfags hate loli.
Lolifags hate the edgyshit.
It was a recipe for disaster, and it's a wonder it got popular for a while.

I tried rewatching it some time ago and I couldn't get past the first episode. It's the only time I can say something made me genuinely cringe.

Not true I like loli and edgeshit.
I like the premise I just think it was mishandled.
Also look at made in abyss it is very edgy and has alot of naked lolis, yet it is popular enough for Hollywood to pick it up.

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It's not that edgy though.

I know literally nothing about this series other than what I've just seen in this thread, but rolling for the redhead #1

I don't know I guess reading the descriptions forced me to make observations I basically didn't in the show. I guess it was too much because my pedo power level just isn't high enough.

Looks edgy enough

So it is more explicit about hos mistreated the lolis are?

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Best loli

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Spider Loli

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I still can't get over how stupid the end was

I would fuck the sleepy loli too

It never did end though? Wasnt it abandoned

I don't remember. I just remember the awkwardness not being outweighed by the story.

The end of the anime. All I remember is some guy punched a kaiju to death so hard it exploded and the chick going apeshit with the sword on her brother or something.

Because its a lolicon bait and switch.

It presents itself as a show for lolicons, but only awful and horrible things happen to the lolis while MC gets with the only hag in the end. Its a miserable experience.

Because the appeal was Anju and it quickly stopped being about her and instead being fuckign shitty light novel trash with cgi fights, like OP said. It was lolibait for generic chuuni shit just like every other battleharem of that era, and the angst was pathetic to boot. Teen bullshit like always.

is the author the one that chose his 400 years old shop over his career as mangaka?

Best Girl not there
loli samurai best girl.

but really, this show is patent fucking bullshit, right?
Unobtanium Metal is the only thing that can kill monsters
Let's make it into swords and brass knuckles
Let's put little girls on the front lines as child soldiers

Not using trained fucking professionals with state of the art weapons, trained in squad tactics- i.e. THE FUCKING ARMY
Not equipping ground soldiers with Unobtanium rounds, grenades, missiles, mortars, bombs, claymores, tank munitions, etc etc
passively accepting living defensively instead of actively pushing the boundaries with aggressive military force and reclaiming occupied territory.

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Something along the lines, last time I checked it was a restaurant he was running instead

It always fucking hurts to watch

Why must you post this? :(

Wasn't humanity almost wiped out?
Where would you get so much man power?
And yeah they should give better training to the lolis and have them work on larger squads and all of them should be given kriptonite.

Am I the only one that wants the monsters to win?

That's kind of based in it's sheer douchiness.

>Rude homosexuals
I wish that he'd yell at them to be gay somewhere else. Fuck those two queers. How long ago was this? I'm still mad.

Why not write on the side? Oh well.

That's exactly why, Tina and Enju get nothing but suffering, Kidney girl turned into a schizo nut case and the joker turned out to be a two faced hypocrite, the novels are even worse, its an edgefest for the sake of edge there's no reason for such cruelty yet it's page after page of it it to the point you ust want the author to end this farce and kill everybody so the suffering can finally end.

This show was rage inducing, this scene, the school scene, I was so angry when someone told me in the novels it was even worse they didn't ust blow those kids up they beat, raped and mutated them to the point some of their bodies were little more than lumps of bruised bloody flesh.

delete this...

iirc it was something to do with the author getting too depressed over writing a grimdark suffering series.

well he could have easily had it start getting lighter by having purity girl actually accomplish what she wanted to accomplish, kidney big boobs mellow the fuck out and things start getting better for the monster kids he's the author, he's the god of this story it can be whatever he wants it to be

Because of the lolicaust, author should have held back on the edge a little. Zashiki Warashi had a similar duo to the MC and Anju but held the edge back from killing anyone people cared about.

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Why write suffering porn if you don't enjoy it?

Sure, out of context.
In fact the loli is not a legal citizen, but mutant caught stealing that could turn into a monster.