Spy x Family

anyone else feels Yor deserves a better husband?

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Yes. ME

No. She's a ruthless killer, she deserves the chair.

no but she deserves a better daughter

t. Yuri


Yuri canonically wants her sister to find an honest man to settle down with, and the current one doesn't fit the description.

Loid deserves a capable not autistic woman as a wife. Who is beautiful and can provide. Also who can cook a nutritional meal that won't send him or Anya to the ER.

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She surely deserves a less boring personality

Then why isn't he dumping the autistic one?

Go away Fiona

Loid's big fat throbbing cock

>Yor sincere feelings are being manipulated by an autist freak who is faking pretty much everything, while she's being honest about everything except her side hustle.
Yes. Loid is a liar and an asshole. I hope Yuri gives Loid the electric chair.

why are people so butthurt about this?

It do be suspicious to dump the current inept wife. Specially since Eden Academy would raise an eyebrow about it. Soon enough though...

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Yuri learned how to use a VPN

Yor has horrible farts

You'll never be Loid.

Of course not, I dicked down my 11/10 flatmate on Day 2.

I don't like Damian's anime design. His face is all wrong.
It looks fine in the ending, but the snippet we saw of him from next weeks episode looks all fucked.

As far as Yuri knows, that's exactly what Loid is and he still hates him.

based, it's not gay as long as you topped


Yor and Fiona remind me of Deku and Mirio where one side is so much better than the other one it's not even funny.

Unironically how can Yor even compete? Fiona blows her out of the water in everything but physical strength. Loid should've dumped her because of her autism + autistic brother.

Who and fucking who
>Unironically how can Yor even compete
Fiona is mogged

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Nope, Yuri saw through Loid immediately because that's his job, and when he finds out Twilight is using his beloved sister as a cover he'll go ballistic and has every right to.


Yor got blown out by Becky that Anya herself helped her for a bit.

He's the only one who can keep up with her, anyone else would have been killed during her rampage this episode

yes! She should report her current husband to the SSS!

>Yor got blown out by Becky
Both Becky and Fiona literally went I KNEEL before Yor


There's nothing in his internal monologue that indicates he suspects anything, user. He just wants him to secretly be abusive or slip up and make Yor sad.

The perfect woman

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Fiona cleans old men cock with her mouth like Loid taught her in order to accomplish her missions.

She killed thousands

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He is. Just don't pay attention to self-insert faggots who have flooded the thread.


Weak, pathetic. Imagine liking this woman.

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He literally said he looks like a liar. He has the face of a liar. He doesn't suspect he's Twilight, but he feels something is off.

So is Loid just that good of a fighter that casually defeated about 30+ professional spies or are they just garbage?

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This is not something you build a stable partnership on.

Again, Satan, that's just him hoping there's something wrong with him so he can take him away from Yor. If Loid didn't have anything to hide, he still wouldn't like him.

He is a James Bond expy
He's not just the best, he's not just the best of the best, he's better.

it's all available spies at the time. If you were actually good, you'd be assigned to something equivalent to Strix and can't take up the late night mission

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there is literally everything wrong with him

>walking stick

But he doesn't know it, he doesn't suspect it, he doesn't have any proof, and even if it was a completely honest guy instead, he still would hate him. Yuri is just a mad cuck.

What did Anya break for Damian to have a walking stick?

His pelvis
it's hot ok don't judge

>hot as fuck
>has trouble finding a man to impress her stupid fucking brother
this trope annoys the shit out of me, maybe I'd believe it if it was a hot guy with massive autism but autism never made a woman struggle with finding someone, especially not a hot one

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Nah, Yuri is a notStasi officer whose job is to figure out liars and capture enemy spies, his dialogue was intentional. He does feel something is off with Loid.

Anya turning Damian into a mindbroken drone!

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user, she's not just autistic, she's borderline retarded

>she's borderline retarded
And? Lots of dudes find that cute

Yes, and?

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>applying modern standards to the 1970's

>autism never made a woman struggle with finding someone, especially not a hot one
user has never been on a college campus with all the 9/10 and 10/10 Asian girls who are completely socially autistic when it comes to relationships

>implying Yor won't dump Twilight.
she's dumb, not a mindless drone, she won't trust him ever again

This, it was probably mostly support personnell and low level spies. Nightfall alone would be a hard opponent (if she actually fought Loid).


Fiona is a weak ass bitch

Even in the 70s
when in the history of ever did autism hurt a girl
>user has never been on a college campus with all the 9/10 and 10/10 Asian girls who are completely socially autistic when it comes to relationships
I think you're lying
not being attracted to the guys who like you doesn't count

So who will Franky end up with?

Not gonna lie this is the first time I browse sxf threads. Are they always filled with autistic yorfags?

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they're filth that the anime brought here

No, it's mostly former Erenfags projecting onto Loid

>new to the anime
Yorfags have been asking for a Yor arc for the entire manga until boat arc came in and threw them a bone

>socially awkward
>can't cook
yeah I'm sure a girl like this would've had hundreds of men chasing after her

yeah I'm sure a girl like this would've had hundreds of men chasing after her
cooking is easily learnable, the others are only downsides if you're a man

I want Yuri to find out Loid is Twilight, chimp the fuck and tell his superiors, who then tell him being jealous of the guy fucking his sister isn't enough to arrest someone and watch him the dirty siscon cuck seethe
The end of the first Yuri arc already sorta implies Yor prefers Loid to Yuri anyways