SxF is trash. Only reason it's #1 is because everything else this season is either SoL or Isekai

SxF is trash. Only reason it's #1 is because everything else this season is either SoL or Isekai.

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STR is underated Kaguya is okay and SxF is definately inferior to its source material but still great. Stop being a Jelly Nelly

What the fuck how did shamiko shoot up so suddenly


you mean romcoms

Kongming is overrated as fuck

Spring has turned out to be such a disappointment.

The main target for SxF is normalfags that are most likely watching only that or at most another anime, just accept that we aren't in 2000 anymore and that normalfags can inflate the numbers for any mediocre shit shilled by e-celebs that get paid for it.

First rule of cope: It's only popular because of *insert bullshit here*

t. psyoped retard

>a couple of cucks
>bootleg squid game
Only things that trigger me here.

Surprisingly lack of isekai.

As someone that doesn't watch much anime or read much manga, It just seems like this medium is something that gets pumped out like processed food for a bunch of mouth breathers to digest and say dumb shit like "OMG MARIN BEST GIRL EVER MADE IN MANGA FOREVER" then completely forget about her when the next anime/manga comes out featuring a similar character. Anime and Manga fans are like goldfish and keep digesting the same shit over and over and keep claiming the new current thing is the greatest thing ever created until whatever else comes along.

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I remember people getting vacations for posting these Facebook popularity rankings

Is kongming some sort of meme show? Whats so good about it, first episode was nothing special.

Shield hero got out of top 10?

anime corner is irrelevant

You say this about every single chart ever.

It's just fun and Eiko is the best girl of the season.

no, only ac
i've never said that to anitrendz even if i hated it
just look at the numbers of people voted in anime corner and compare them to anitrendz' and you'll see why

Unironically its better than Anime Trending.

how does it feel seething constantly about what others like?

I'll stick with it for a couple of more episodes and see how it goes then,

It's just very shallow and tries to appeal to everyone at once. I can see why it's popular among normalfags.

are you mad about kaguya beating sxf or bisque doll beating aot last season? theyre both bad but for the most part anitrendz far better reflects popularity

Cuckoo is already 5th despite its late start, and is over Shikimori

But haterfags told me it was going a failure!

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Pretty much but that's only true for casuals who got into anime int the last few years and only watch seasonals.

I'm surprised Summer Time Render is even there when it was supposed to be locked deep within the depths of Disney+.

>It just seems like this medium is something that gets pumped out like processed food for a bunch of mouth breathers
This is a medium whose primary demographic is teens and young salarymen killing time on their daily commutes. The audience doesn't expect or want much beyond being entertained.

How does Yea Forums do it? Even with all it's flaws it still manages to maintain a level of quality far above the other media boards.

Do you look forward to these top 10s, anons?
I'm starting to feel too jaded to hate them at this point.

Kaguyafags keep losing

What happened to Yea Forums

You not reporting.

>The audience doesn't expect or want much beyond being entertained
That's literally every work of fiction ever. It's not "culture" or "life lessons" (exception: actual fictional case studies) but entertainment. If you actually cared about something more substantial you'd read something non-fictional instead, like a science book or whatever.
>B-but stuff like Aesop's Fables!
That's not any better. You could poke holes in any of these "lessons" just like with every other work of fiction.

Not true, I report a lot of things that used to get deleted but never get deleted anymore

Yes, and rightfully so. Everyone's sick of isekai.

Good. Fuck isekai.

Nor surprised that Shikimori and Shield Hero fell off, but Komi didn't deserve to fall off.

I'm honestly not a fan of series like JJK and SxF. Shonen series that are clearly catered more towards females than males. I thought "shonen" meant boy?

Shonen magazines making series for the female demographic is nothing new. Ever heard of otome and moe?

I know. But battle shonen is supposed to be the one genre that's definitively male-oriented. After JJK and now SxF, it seems nothing is sacred anymore. What's next, a magical girl manga catered towards men?

Spy x Family really mogs everything else from this season

Some people hate SxF for being popular but some also like it just to fit in with other normalfags and ledditors. The spy/assassin premises for 2 main protags are barebones and never satisfying. The slice of life scenes are just okay at best. Anya's faces are memeable but only because of the faces, not because the gags actually made anyone laugh. I even read the manga and the characters don't develop, the spy/assassin stuff remain weak and unengaging. Yor is the most disappointing character of all time, all the potential for comedy and subplots wasted because the writer is just not good. It's a terrible spy show and at best, a mediocre slice of life if you really burst your gut laughing at wide eyed anya faces.

tl;dr An anime isn't immune from criticism just because it's popular with normalfags and can have legit flaws even if you like it.

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You are dumb, there is plenty battle manga with female cast and magical girls manga from shounen and seinen magazines.

Exactly. SxF is this season's My Dress-Up Darling: only popular because of memes.

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Shikimori is trash even Dogakobo couldn't salvage it
Main heroine is a complete bitch

Yeah kek now that I think of it, anyone voting for it probably pirated it on streamed it outside of official places
It would probably be in the top 3 easily if it was on CR

How does it make it different than any aother medium? The good things will be remembered and the mediocre ones will be forgotten.

>Koumei is the best girl of the season.

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Shikimori is trash but Shield hero s2 is a complete fuck up, feels like they skipped novels with all the new characters. Also the plot for it sucks so hard it feels like a filler arc
Studio is definitely putting all resources in MiA s2 like they should

>ganbare shamiko meme trash only liked by trannies that high
Yikes, looks like even normalfags can't beat the twitter yuri faggot hordes

Reminds me how the final 2 86 eps mogged everything from last season right at the season's end

Yeah, Shield Hero is trash. Just another in a long line of shitty isekai series. But MiA is no better - it just feels like they took One Piece and turned it into a seinen.

>Da! strawman 1 like by strawman 2
>Ugh, strawman 3 can't beat strawman 4
Why you like this user?

From what I've seen you can't even get it from the one official place unless you live in Asia.

>first episode was nothing special
What? It was great, really got you into the mood from the very start, had uber cute oni Eiko, Kongming is a chad, suprisingly good animation. As for the rest, rap in last 2 episodes was a bit of a hard sell for some people, but it's still solid, meanwhile Spy x Family just wasted pretty much entire episode on castle filler, I can't understand who decided it's a good idea.
I will admit tho, a lot of Paripi hype comes from the banger opening.
Over they years I acknowledged that anime, despite being mainly visual medium, relies more on its music than actual animation quality.

Anything with Ya Boy in the title can't be good.

>really got you into the mood from the very start
No it didn't. The opening is overrated shit.

I'm glad to see Love After World Domination is still doing well

It was good for the first 2 episodes

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Well, not with that attitude.

SxF is a charming series, but after catching up with the manga you realize the story doesn't advance much, and then there are parts like the tennis that are just baffling. It's ok, but rather overrated the more you think about it.

How is Kaguya still here? Komi, Shikimori, and Shield Hero have all gone to 0, yet Kaguyafags still got diamond hands.

Because Kaguya is actually even remotely good, versus all the other things you listed that are objectively awful?

Not really, you can make the arguments for certain types of genre fiction like romcoms or comedy, but speculative fiction in terms of Sci-Fi and Fantasy seek to explore and realize external ideas and archetypes. The final form obviously being the realization of entire worlds. The main 'benefit' you might argue within them is the provision of alternative frames of reference as opposed to the very narrow slice of reality that we live in, i.e imagining different modes of society. It's like the difference between someone who stays in their own country compared to someone who's explored the world. These "frames of reference" aren't limited to their mediums either, it's why only sci-fi and fantasy is capable of building EUs that can extend themselves across different mediums, from books, to visual format, to games. Of course as we see the increasing progression of immersion as technology advances, one would ponder what the final role these archetypes have as they begin to encroach upon reality. Hence, the metaverse.

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