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>Top 5 Sexiest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Cutest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Prettiest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Funniest:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato
>Top 5 Personalities:
1. Yamato
2. Yamato
3. Yamato
4. Yamato
5. Yamato

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Remember to wish your mom a happy Mother’s Day.

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To be fair if people didn't know about the myth of the Hydra they'd have a real though time killing it.

Cut off every head, it's not hard to figure out.

It just hit me that, if Momo does move Onigashima, Luffy is going to punch Kaido straight into Law's hole where BM is

Kaido is too big and long to fit in Big Mom's hole, he'd just spill out and cause a mess outside.

Well it's a good thing it's Law's hole, not BM's. He could take it

So what kind of advantages does zeus give nami?

>Marijoise arc actually happens
>Someone calls the World Nobles slaves because they exist simply to keep Im from being known about
>Even the Revolutionaries just want to get rid of them instead of the entire World Government
>World Nobles start having mental breakdowns after it's explained to them because the average one is actually deeply stupid and ignorant and couldn't make the connection themselves

He probably got a head growing out his ass that they keep missing.

Well her biggest weakness was that if an enemy got close to her, she could do nothing about it. Also if you took her clima tact away, she was just an ordinary woman and completely defenseless
Now that her clima tact is alive with Zeus, even if he is knocked away from her, he can return and protect her anyway

>Corrupt incompetent king of a country full of swordsmen can transform into a giant multi-headed serpent
>It's not a hydra for some fucking reason
Denjiro could've killed Orochi for decades and didn't, what the hell was he doing? It's not like he was even getting money to uhh hire mercenaries to fight Kaido or whatever, what was his long term plan? Ashura was out being a bandit and Kawamatsu was rotting in jail, what did Denjiro think was going to happen?

If he kill Orochi he get kill by Kaido then can't protect the girl by whoring her out.

Bet this post was made by a femanon

Nothing, it ruined her character

If Orochi died presumably Kaido would drop the pretense and just assume direct control of Wano entirely. If Denjiro did kill Orochi and then somehow replace him as shogun, he'd be deemed more of a direct threat down the line instead of someone who could be convinced to join his crew. Denjiro had developed good ties with the Beast Pirates given that he could send in Page One to fuck up a noodle vendor through Queen and was drinking buddies with Sasaki, but overall, if New Onigoshima happened as Kaido intended, he would've died as he would still be in the Flower Capital.

She can use Clima-Tact-Zeus for offense & defense

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Toon force foreshadowing?

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Law's hole is smaller than Big Mom's, Law has only made this hole recently while Big Mom had years to widen hers.

Is Luffy gonna ride Zeus like monkey king?

What do they eat?

I love how Ulti doesn't even move, we see that she didn't even drop Tama in the next panel
Nami may as well have swung a stick at a brick wall, but respect to her for trying

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Is the Ringo Daimyo Zorro's dad?

She was defeated with the second attack.
>Due to maintaining his cloud form in the midst of this attack, Zeus is capable of moving around and homing in on his target if it misses the first time.It is called "Ninpo: Lightning Blast"

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Okay? I read the chapter too user

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Namifags are wikireaders, please understand.

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Just how many chapters they need to make Luffy fucking punch someone.

Wano is the worst of the "Strawhats save some impoverished country from a tyrant" arcs because it's extremely difficult to sympathise with them

No. You're speedreader

>they added Tranji in the roofpiece episode
Why are Toei ruining roof piece? Nonody cares about Tranni, not even women.

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>it's extremely difficult to sympathise with them

>it's extremely difficult to sympathize with them

Nah your contribution was just pointless, that's all

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Yeah Oda went too far in showing some of the darker side of Wano people
>Find minks kids washed ashore
>Find two fishmen
>Some dude attempts a coup

In all honesty both Big Mom and Kaido are a disappointment.

Both are just big tanky lughead characters that simply thrash around over and over.
For comparison Doflamingo had way more presence and felt menacing throughout and he was nowhere near their power level.

Big Mom was far more threatening in his "starved" skinny mode back in WCI.
Kaido should've done something more than throwing sonic booms and using boro breath. It's a pretty weak showing made even worse by the fact that his ENTIRE crew consists of malformed jobbers

Because they 100% deserve it

>Same post content
>Same post hour
>ID literally the previous one + 1
Am I going insane?

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I never sympathized with the pst ones ieither, the weak deserve everything that happens to them by the stron and that's true for real life as well, the weak are the ones who cry and hope for an outside force to save them instead of fighting ot the death to save themselves because they have no pride nor the strength to do it. Its disgusting really the weak die, the strong survive and the strong can do whatever they damn well please beause they have the strength be it polticial, physical or all the above to do it. Oda honestly bugs me with this talk of freedo and liberation, freedom is out there liberation is out there for those srong enough to do it, the face that they need a savior makes them unworthy of freedom and salvation

Oda did a shit job of making us identify with them because it's too extreme, to the point where it becomes silly. It's overblown to the point where I don't give a single shit about the hungry samurai.

The reverie was the last time we had fun.

>Top 5 Unsexy:
1. robin
2. robin
3. robin
4. robin
5. robin
>Top 5 Disgusting:
1. robin
2. robin
3. robin
4. robin
5. robin
>Top 5 Ugliest:
1. robin
2. robin
3. robin
4. robin
5. robin
>Top 5 Useless:
1. robin
2. robin
3. robin
4. robin
5. robin
>Top 5 Annoying:
1. robin
2. robin
3. robin
4. robin
5. robin

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Yeah, why are we supposed to care about the starving citizens when apparently Oden was the only good person in the entire country?

Have you ever posted at the speed of light?

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I made the "Why" post but I seriously have no idea how the hell did it post twice

The Strawhats will FINALLY have a useful female.

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Lol i've made the same post too. I thought it was because of connection issue or something. Damn what a coincidence

She has no position, she will be as useless as robin

Honestly Oda could go for an "isolation is bad" angle. We've seen situations in the current year in-story where the pirates where at odds with the more bloodthirsty Wanonese mentality
>Kunoichi woman saying that Law's crew should be killed so they can't spill the plan
>Samurais in Onigashima welcoming death if it means Kaido dies with them too

I doubt Oda will do much with it, he probably just wanted to lean on old Japan's ruthlessness for a small shift of tone.

Man. Some of you really miss the fucking point huh.

Some shizo said it was leftover failed smiles

Miss what?

Is this the Will of D?

>>Samurais in Onigashima welcoming death if it means Kaido dies with them too
God fucking damnit I hate that shit
It's such a blatant forced and failed attempt at drama when none of them fucking die anyway

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To be honest that the scary part
Do you think oda will do it?
A part of me thinks that what make yamato joining almost impossible

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The fucking point.

>Kunoichi woman saying that Law's crew should be killed so they can't spill the plan
I remember back then people thought Law was gong to betray the alliance just for this

I highly doubt the citizens are gonna learn any lessons after this, Oda's not gonna critique his own culture

No but he's Green Bull's Uncle

Yeah bruh. I believe its the beginning of awaking an obversation haki

Energetically aligned

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Don't forget the whole "Let's die together!" chapter where still I think the thing I hate the most about people in fucked up countries like this is they keep having kids dooming them to the same horrors they have

What point?

She is stronger than Zoro. So no unless nerfed to jimbe and brook level.

I'm so tired of this stupid crocomom meme

What? What's wrong with being better than everyone else?

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Tama is the only likeable Wano citizen and she's a kurozumi
really makes you think

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