Haruhi Watch order

Hey, my friend and I just started watching this show dubbed (it just is that crispy) and I was wondering, what's the Watch order?

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It's entertainment. No one is forcing you to go through with this.
You are imagining these orders to watch Haruhi.
You are probably imagining your "friend" too.

there is only one order. the others are made up. the way it aired is how it is by definition

You can skip endless eight filler from 3rd to 7th episode. Just watch 1, 2 and 8.

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chrono order, don't listen to anybody else

I watched it for the first time a couple years ago in broadcast and I enjoyed it. Not sure why you'd ever watch it chronologically, it seems like that would take a lot of the fun away

Chrono order but skip all of the endless eight episodes except the first and last


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watching it out of order doesn't add anything to the experience

I disagree, it changes the entire emotional arc. The tones of each individual episode and the order you experience them is just as important as plot. Frontloading your watch experience with 6 exposition episodes is doing yourself a disservice

The manga wasn't released out of order, you autistic retard.

Glass houses, sweatheart

that argument doesn't make sense ever since disappearance came out. not disappearance is the climax of the series

I now realize this entire anime was just a guy simping over a girl who was subcontiouly simping over a guy.

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broadcast, it's very fun like that
chronological is a generic school comedy show

The light novels were paced to be consumed in chronological order but the anime was intended to be watched in broadcast order. If you watch it in chronological order the pacing is screwy. Strongly recommend broadcast order for season 1. Endless Eight is a tougher proposition. At the very least watch 1, 2, and 8. Once you watch 2 see how much more you're up for. You're not losing anything substantial by skipping 3-7, but it's interesting how each episode is animated and dubbed without reusing anything.

The anime was intended to be watched in 2006 on Japanese tv with one epsiode releasing weekly for the first time ever in broadcast order. Broadcast order is obsolete outside of that.

if you don't watch the endless eight you didn't really watch the haruhi show desu

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roll a dice, but never eliminate episodes so you might have to watch one episode several times.

if it's a first watch, always broadcast order

for subsequent watchings, either chronological or broadcast order is fine, just pick whichever you prefer

this is the objectively correct method regardless of what show/IP you ever ask about, by the way

its release order

If I remember correctly, it takes a little longer to figure out why everyone is hanging around Haruhi, so it creates a small mystery.

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it takes a litter longer with broadcast order

If you don't experience the frustration of not knowing when Endless Eight will end, you didn't really watch the haruhi show desu

Watch in broadcast order. This is non-negotiable. The anachronological presentation is a deliberate choice and the show is set up that way for a reason. You can only see the show for the first time once, and watching in chronological order will take a lot away from the experience.
t. watched the series in chronological order for my first viewing and have regretted it ever since.



I just watched random episodes until I've seen them all.

Yea Forums isn't a replacement for google

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>burger hours
>no one even blinks
why am I not surprised?

You need to come with a new non-chronological order for both seasons that plays similar to the original broadcast order "rules".

i.e. The Adventures of Mikuru Asahina as the first episode, obviously
The two book arcs, Melancholy and Sigh, get spread out in order, with the last Melancholy as the midseason finale and the last Sigh as the finale.
Endless Eight episodes get sprinkled everywhere, no two in a row.

I loved the endless 8. Watched this show as one of my first 20 anime and it confused me so much. I pushed through bc I had a LOT of time on my hands (14 year old me didn’t sleep much) and having finished it I was obsessed for a good few months

The everything you'll ever need is in this picture. You can technically skip re-watching Someday in the Rain as the last episode but I'd highly advise against it.
Although watching it dubbed for the first time is cringeworthy, I think Haruhi dub is fine. Haruhi and EVA are the only thing I can watch dubbed.

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The best way to watch Haruhi is to take a time machine and watch it as it is being released with Yea Forums. If you can't do that, go with the chronological order.

based deliberate misreader

kill yourself

>chronological is a generic school comedy show
maybe if you are retarded
but yeah broadcast isn't a bad option

>chronological is a generic school comedy show
there's literally no other show like haruhi

season 2 was shown in chrono order, so your argument is wrong

Pretty much the same experience. I rewatched it a few times and last year, it definitely holds up well.

>Watch in broadcast order. This is non-negotiable.
broadcastorderfags are so cringe.

s2 was broadcast alongside s1 in chrono order, so chrono order is broadcast order

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now that's hardcore

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the feeling of watching endless eight with Yea Forums as it was coming out can't really be replicated

Pretty much. I think both have their place but broadcast is more of an optional/nostalgia thing since it only covers season 1

You would have to watch, on average, 110 random episodes to see them all

also, if you watch s1 out of order, how are you suppose to watch s2? in chrono order but with the s1 parts taken out?

makes no sense

Watching all the Endless Eight episodes was honestly an unique and fun experience.

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>you will never watch endless eight with Yea Forums

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Ideally you watch broadcast s1 first and then chrono everything (s1+s2+movie), but if you don't want to rewatch anything just watch chronological

Imagine doing that without knowing that Endless 8 exists. You might not notice the subtle differences and just assume that you were rewatching the same episode a lot.

I wish I did too

bait thread.

Condescend all you want, the fact remains that a large chunk of the humor and intrigue in S1 is built on the idea that the audience lacks certain pieces of information at certain times as presented original broadcast order. To draw a comparison, you could theoretically read Catch-22 in chronological order rather than chapter order, but you'd lose a substantial amount of what makes the book funny, engaging, and impactful.
If you want to try arguing that
>s2 was broadcast alongside s1 in chrono order, so chrono order is broadcast order
then by that logic >watch broadcast s1 first and then chrono everything (s1+s2+movie)
is the "true" broadcast order for the series, including S2. It's arguably the ideal watch order regardless, since that way you get both the experience of broadcast order S1 and the added comprehension offered by a chronological order rewatch.

there's literally no joke that is made funnier if you don't know whats going on

I watched in chrono because the torrent uploaders ordered it that way and i was too lazy to change it

The audience being out of the loop can itself be the joke. Not knowing what's going on can make a massive difference in the viewer's experience. Your argument is specifically about humor, which is a pretty subjective topic. Because of that, I'm going to respond to you with a broader illustration of the effect that watch order can have so that my argument is less subjective and our discussion isn't limited to our comedic tastes. Consider that the first episode in the broadcast order instead appears in the tail end of the chronological order. If watched chronologically, it'll probably elicit some chuckles. But if Mikuru Asahina's Adventures is watched in broadcast order, viewers have no idea what on God's green earth is happening. They're left thinking "what in the actual fuck did I just watch?" Whether or not you find that sort of thing funny is, as with most humor, a matter of individual taste (I do, but maybe you don't). However, it's undeniable that the first episode of broadcast order leaves a drastically different first impression on the viewer than the starting episode of chronological order.

if he read the comments about E8 then the suspense is already over

>the dubs actually had to dub all 8 endless eight episodes as new episodes

>s2 was broadcast alongside s1 in chrono order, so chrono order is broadcast order
basically /thread
seriously no broadcastorderfag has ever been able to dispute this
Broadcast order (as they purport it to be) is only logical and only supported if you are watching ONLY the first season

>the fact remains that a large chunk of the humor and intrigue in S1 is built on the idea that the audience lacks certain pieces of information at certain times as presented original broadcast order.
Yet somehow it worked just fine in the source material. That is a bullshit made up excuse. It's not comparable to reading a non-linear book in chronologically, what you're saying is more comparable to reading any linearly chronological book randomly out of order, and then making up excuses for why you think it works. Might as well watch every anime in random order and then pretend your experince is elevated because you don't have a fucking clue what's going on.

There is one reason and one reason only why broadcast order exists, and it's because (as lampshaded by Haruhi in the series no less) the average person would flip their shit and they'd lose engagement if an anime didn't follow the cookie cutter format and have melancholy climax where they expect it to be (at the end). This point is however made moot when you're not watching it week by week and when there are more episodes added to the mix, making broadcast order pretty much completely pointless.

Im sorry this was a rude post I don't really care all that much, watch however you want, I said to myself I was gonna stop clicking on this threads and discussing this inane topic years ago I don't know what came over me I'm sorry

>There is one reason and one reason only why broadcast order exists
That it elevates the experience