Ragged Elf

Our girl is growing stronger.

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Time to go see her get fucked good by some orc


It's just a psyop at this point

And goblins, bandits, ogres, fat bastards, centaurs, etc.

He seems to be her father at this point
Maybe the author will choose wholesome family route instead of cliche romance

>Almost too timid to ask for seconds
Aw man, it's probably a built-in defense mechanism at this point. Now I kinda hope her actual personality is kind of a cheeky asshole

I can see it.
Apothecary also has this nice milf friend, dunno if she's a widow or not but she's already mother-like to her.

Found nothing with saucenao, source?

now replace soup with borgar

>I can rebuild her

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Is ragged elf the actual name?

revenge arc when


stop reading this shit
the story is so poor, there are 0 obstacles to her healing, feels like an isekai manhwa

Fish balls....isn't that Jewish food?

Take this cuckshit and get out.

>there are 0 obstacles to her healing,
She's missing limbs and her pussy doesn't work

What? It's a doctor healing a person. There's no sex involved. Get your mind out the gutter if the only thing you think about every waking moment is your fetish

English is so ugly

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I've read the whole thing yesterday and holy shit the author is really fucked up. Dude is writing this story about a poor elf girl that was literally destroyed in every ways and he's trying to make her looks lewd to the reader, dude is a fucking sociopath for sure

It's a machine translation of the actual title, make of that what you will


So is this a tragic SOL manga that the author also does porn for?

>Used goods
For what purpose?

Stop reading it then
Do something that makes you happy instead

The true degenerates in society was weebs and otakus all along

She's an elf, it's an occupational hazard


The word can be taken a lot of ways but ragged is probably the most gentle given the circumstances. Hell, "dying" was used for awhile at the beginning and honestly that wasn't incorrect at the time

you can't stop me

Imagine if the author was trolling us all this time. Like, in the end the protagonist just sells her off or some shit. That would be wild.

The author is going to do a black lagoon and write more porn then the actual story

Yes he fucking did it, the absolutely mad man
Most people do it prehistory or post-mortem, HE FUCKING DO IT while it's still in the middle of the surgery
He shows this fucking elf gets therapy-ed and show the same elf get the-raped at the same times
Truly the greatest psyop manga I ever read in my life

Where to find this porn?

In no moment I saw her as lewd in the story.
>b-but this other story and these other drawings
Never cared about them. Also I find it funny that you imply people who went through some shit can't be found attractive by others.

Yeah, things are going too well in the main manga for this author.
I'd bet she's going to be cured and saved before getting kidnapped again and going through it worse.

they have literal magic that can fix her insides and presumably her arms and legs too.
she also doesn't even remember anything so this is all a giant waste of time.


>45 pages released
>Still manages to speedread
The only thing that fails here is that the immunodeficiency system doesnt exist, so there is no problem attaching limbs from other people. But she still have to find suitable limbs to replace those who were lost. And the doctor already said that there will be problems with her reproductive organs.

>Yeah, things are going too well in the main manga for this author.
The guy has like zero history under his own name, it's all random artwork, some light childhood friend /e/ and this, he's been on artist duty on at least one other comic but there wasn't anything particularly lewd about them that I saw

Pls. I want to know too

The more correct term is "Damaged goods", my dear friend.

absolute chad

People say it's updated daily in panda but I was so fucking done with this manga already so I don't bother check it
You could put the author name for tag maybe?
Any decent h website gonna work with author name for tag I think
The manga already ruined now desu, like it's better if the H one is pre-history so people can feel that this H artist have sympathy for his H characters and draw a cured story but this never happen, all I saw is this artist have a hate boner for his readers

THIS. I want to see some beautiful (but nonetheless edgy) revenge here.

you must have a sick mind like me

>no sex involved
should somebody tell him?

>her pussy doesn't work
As long she can fit orc cock reproductive functions aren't needed.

I want to FUCK Adaman!

door-to-door devil girl is really serious about demonstrating her faith

Threads about this manga are great for salt but the schizo who comes to scream about the evil japs must have missed this one.

bless the architect

The hentai version is the prequel dumb ass.

someone having had sex before hooking up with you isnt cuckoldry

Rebuild the elf.

Purge the human kingdoms with fire.

Retard, everyone knows it's prequel
I talk about it's being released 1 to 1 with the therapy stuff so we have 1 scene of the elf get therapy and 1 scene of the elf get theraped so this just a fucking psyop at this point
Can't believe I have to explain this shit

>Nom Nom

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>psyop psyop psyop
Motherfucker words have meanings, you're just saying stupid bullshit

Just ignore the prequel if it bothers you.

husband of the woman is a hunter so he is away from house a lot