When is the Gridman/Dynazenon movie coming out???

When is the Gridman/Dynazenon movie coming out???

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2023 probably

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I doubt the old cast will appear, other than Anti/Anosillus II and maybe Gauma.

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What's the point of the reconnect deal then?

The what?

The REAL old cast will appear instead

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Nopan? Nobra too.

They already had cameos, except Yuka I think.

Really? That's cool.

Already know that and I don't give a fuck as it's more of a voice actor cameo than anything else. Them appearing again would be a rad continuation and sendoff to gauma's episode in choujin gridman and I mainly want to see Takeshi as gridman sigma if that ever happens

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Are they even still actors? And it wouldn't make sense unless they were live action anyway.

2023 is the 30th anniversary of the series (started april 1993) so there should be little doubt.
A better question would be if they'll continue after the movie, Tsuburaya probably would want to but I don't know if Amemiya is fine with working on this for the rest of his days.

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Yeah, dynazenon takes place in the same world as choujin gridman so they could simply just draw older 2d counterparts of the original cast and get the voice actors to do their jobs

Gridknight fight hinted at them appearing in crossover stuff in ultra series so we'll probably see them in ultra galaxy related stuff

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>Yeah, dynazenon takes place in the same world as choujin gridman
It obviously doesn't.

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What's trigger working on? I haven't heard of them in a long time.

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Star Wars Visions was just a few months ago.
Then Cyberpunk Edgerunners (2022)
and Gridman x Dynazenon (2023)
and then probably the next Yoshinari project. I hope it's a sequel.

Only worthwhile thing about this series.

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I'm almost sure that the movie will have a live action battle at the end. I already predicted it for Dynazenon to top the ending of Gridman, but in the end it didn't get there as the real villain was kept for the crossover. Still it dropped several hints about kaiju weakening the barrier and such, so it's happening.

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Is that a new digimon movie?

I still need to watch Dynazenon. Maybe I'll get around to it someday

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>I need to see her as an adult.
Why? Post-wall would ruin her beauty.

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The presence of Anti and his wife should be enough to make it obvious that it's the computer world, hyper agents are beings of pure energy that don't have any form in reality. They even mention the kaiju wrecking havoc weakening the barrier (which was what Khan Digifer was trying to do in the live action). But there are many other examples, like people being completely unfazed about all the weirdos like Gauma and the eugenicists and about the kaiju themselves, like the compoids in Gridman.
Anyway who gives a fuck, the movie will put an end to this stupid debate.

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After Cyberpunk.

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