Post girls that can win against the dick

Post girls that can win against the dick

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No she's strong

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Has she ever had a dick inside her?

Most likely no

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32 men and women, maybe even more

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She likes to show off but she's got a strong constitution

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>Took dozens, if not hundreds of dicks
>Still chose cunny in the end

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made for orcs and fat CEOs

Didnt she get gangbanged by college boys

Mikoto absolutely

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They offered but she declined.
Mikoto couldn't even handle some ear teasing from Sayo and a kiss from Chikage.

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Yeah but her tight tomboy pussy is the true soulmate of Arashi's penis

True but she'll lose instantly to it.
Sayo on the other hand will use him as her dildo

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>okinawan boys run away from her in their own natural habitat

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Oh shit I misread the OP
Guess I was too focused on sexy Triage sluts
My vote goes to these three being able to beat the dick

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Yuuko and Sayo for sure, but Miki's orbiting a married man so I think she's already lost.

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Stuck in a shit manga unfortunately

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You know remember her JAV

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In Hiroe's own joke doujin she was too embarrassed to even wear a maid costume.
She'd lose.

Canonically won against the cock many times

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The dick always wins in the end

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Holy copium

She never shows any sexual interest in a man, and as an adult isn't really bothered by sexual harassment.
I'm not saying it's impossible she's had sex, it just doesn't seem likely.
That being said she'd still win.

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You'd think, but also remember how her powers work
She's literally powered by fan content

Giga copium and head canon

>She never shows any sexual interest in a man, and as an adult isn't really bothered by sexual harassment.
Because of all the dicks she took

Well show me proof of her sexual escapades then.
I'm not even a purityfag, I like sluts but Yuuko isn't one.

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>I'm not even a purityfag, I like sluts
Outed as a fag

You can't make up your mind can you?

which Yoko is better

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These women could not handle a Big Black Cock let alone an Horse Cock.

T. White guy

Does it count if she can give herself her own dick to defeat yours with?

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In my mind she did and still does

why are americans like this? Do they find it funny?

> Dick targets Yoko
> Dies heroically
Many such cases!

leftist media mindfucked them into being the Japanese guys from early south park

Unholy tera arrestium and denial

still less obsessed with NTR and BBC than koreans

At least post the girl who actually took the dick and still ended up as a turbo dyke instead of the cake virgin

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It's easy to win against the cock. Just cut off all your erogenous zones done.

>an horse
What's up ESL, greetings from America

That one rich slut from Triage X who mindbreaks attractive men into being her obedient harem boys.
Although admittedly she’d still probably lose to the protag’s cock And does lose to his fist

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Pile Bunker intensifies

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Her kiss would kill you before you it inside.

Then I won't kiss her

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That's the joke

Only a few more days until the next episode.

I would never submit to something like her womb!