Most summoned people blindly obey their summoners after getting isekai'd

>most summoned people blindly obey their summoners after getting isekai'd
Shouldn't the exact opposite happen? Shouldn't they gather together to overthrow the power that be if they want to live freely as they want?

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Why do they make a K-pop idol their leader?

Could be like slime where the summoned are enslaved by default.

Was it kino?

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Unless they are literal mouthbreathers, before summoning otherworldly aliens with unfathomable strength, the kings/lords in isekai would consider the possibility they wouldn't be able to control them and they wouldn't be people of sound principles. So they either don't summon them to begin with or prepare soft counters like honey traps/hard counters like collars.

>Could be like slime where the summoned are enslaved by default
Yeah that's a valid explanation.

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Makes sense at least for a time unless they are openly hostile or something though. Just because i can instakill nearly everything with my new power doesn't mean they don't have two such guys and just needed a third one to operate outside of the kingdom. You want to play nicely and gather info first. And if they play nicely too and offer 11/10 ojou on top, why not?

Maybe the summon spell has a filter function and only summons beta faggots?

Because that's stupid. You're just going to be a puppet of the big bad they summoned you to fight because you threw away all the good will you had.
Unless you're summoned by someone corrupt and overthrowing them would be a good thing but even then they'd probably sooner go the 'shit's fucked' route and just choose to let shit go south.

The "summoned heroes create their own faction to fight against the injustices in human countries instead of the demon lord" sounds like a good premise. Too bad there is so few isekai about it.

>K-pop idol
Huh? What does that mean?

>You want to play nicely and gather info first. And if they play nicely too and offer 11/10 ojou on top, why not?
Because why be angel when you can become god?

And then she gets turned into mindbreak rapebait when she jobs to some demon. Yawn.

>You're just going to be a puppet of the big bad they summoned you to fight because you threw away all the good will you had.
You can fight the big bad after taking control of the kingdom. With everything under your control, fighting the dark lord would be easier and more efficient.

>all guilds' HQs are concentrated in one city
But how?

I wish isekai slayer wasn't axed.

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Japs can't go against the status quo, unless they are antagonists.

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>Japs can't go against the status quo
Except when it's Overlord.
Except when it's Tsukimichi.
Except when it's Slime.
Except when it's Death Mage.

That can end poorly.

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It's honestly not that bad, Nips are retards for canceling it.

some people like LARPing

just call it glasses isekai guy it's less confusing that way

Something similar happens in Wortenia Senki, where the Otherworlders made their own international secret organization long before the MC got isekai'd.

>Death Mage.
The status quo is the modern Japanese government back at their home world. If they are actually rebels, they should return to the real world and fight them.

He's clearly just Evil Shiroe.

>Otherworlders made their own international secret organization
Why secret? They aren't strong enough?

given the author it would've been that bad
nips were doing it a favor by cancelling it

>Evil Shiroe.
Then who are others? I only recognize Evil Ainz.

Someone posts that comparison page between this an isekai slayer.

>read great Dao Commander
>Cultivation is great, characters have brains, even the generic "evil in laws" are smart enough to immediately fuck off and plot sideways in a manner that would have fucked the MC up if he hadn't had an informed opinion
>Fellow disciples similarly are reasonable about conflicts and the reasons they wish for them to exist
>The MC is actually intelligent with his schemes, and none of them seem like they're bullshit
>Last translated chapter in 2017
Just fuck my shit up senpai


Yes because they are too few. If all the nation banded together, a nation made of only isekai-jins (and this wouldn't even include the ones who are under a curse seal to serve the kingdoms that summoned them) would not be able to last against their attacks, because it's more of a low-fantasy setting where even the absolute strongest who are considered demi-gods of sorts would only be able to beat several hundred enemies at best yet still succumb to the numbers eventually if it was several thousands and even otherworlders who can become stronger more easily only very rarely reach that level of power.

It's bad because it insults their precious isekai. It's the rough equivalent of all those capeshit comics that show characters jobbing to forces they should be able to easily overcome. It's pure humiliation and a reminder that powerlevels don't mean a goddamn thing.

It's a low-powerlevel fantasy setting, and they're more fantasy Illuminati than anything, slowly manipulating the natives until they self-destruct or weaken enough for them to stomp them.

>a literal black knight in isekai
Well, it's rare.

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They can't do that. The government is their God, to kill the government would be the ultimate blasphemy, even as it destroys their currency and imports foreigners.

being open is too troublesome

>He's clearly just Evil Shiroe.
But he still didn't do anything. How do you know he is evil?



>*Smacks* Lips
>"Yo tellang me"
>"We wuz..."

based japs sharing their cultural appropriation

I remember this.

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He looks like a stereotypical Gook. Is what he means.

How's the new Ankoku Kishi chapter?

Ooh Red Ranger chapter 16 is out

>humans evil
>church evil
>monsters evil
>Dwarves... neutral?
>but dwarven politics evil
>Elves... neutral?
>but enable demon lords, hence evil
>demons evil
>angels evil
>phantoms evil
>church faction hostile to MC evil
>church faction friendly to MC evil
>church's God evil
>nip genius deuteragonist evil
>MC evil
>MC's merchant ugly fat bastard buddy evil
>beastmen evil
>primordial God evil
>dragons evil
>god-dragons evil
>illuminati Demon Lords evil
>not!Rothschild family evil
>not!UN evil
>Empire evil
>sentient skills evil
Somehow almost everyone in Slime is evil.

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Haven't read any isekai in years. Has someone made something better than Dungeon Seeker yet?

Interesting thought user, I've never considered the government like that somebody should really do something!

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We've unanimously come to the conclusion that Kino Seeker will never be topped, unfortunately.

Even he failed, as a cautionary tale against others who might somehow get access to an easy-cloning factory in real life.

That sounds like the manga version of Pokemon XY where nearly every NPC is a backstabbing piece of shit and they treat the protagonist’s party like some ugly eyesore hobos after the world is saved

Imagine the anime.
Or maybe even a movie.

>Dungeon Seeker
>will never be topped
It got topped by Arifureta and fucked in the ass by the judge's gavel.

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How's that boot taste?

The sudden ending to it only made the story better. If it had dragged on like every other isekai I've tried I wouldn't like it nearly as much.

literally nothing happens

I don't mind plagiarism. WMW was very fun despite the author calling himself "the plargiarist" and starting on a plot point that another work had already plagarized before too, and having one of the final arcs be a literal DnD rip-off. But the point is the author suffered no consequences, so it's cool. Dungeon Seeker author got caught and sued, so it's lame. Criminals that are free are celebrated, but the ones that got caught and ""brought to justice"" are just looked down upon.

>Even he failed
Because he was an uneducated retard trying to larp as a terrorist without understanding the meaning of terrorism. He should have used that tech to control the country from the shadow instead.

But then he wouldn't fail as a cautionary tale against others who might somehow get access to a cloning factory in real life. Those uppity peasants need to know their place!

Nothing really happened, just Kouki talking to various people. It will probably take a few chapters before the arc gets properly started.
It would be nice if Kuroki came to Eld early and spent some time with Kouki and the hero party, instead of meeting them at the climax of the arc with barely any window for interactions.

I wish I could write filler like that.