Akane banashi: great chapter


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>tournament arc this early
Ohnonono akanebros?

Why do you comment on the chapter in the title like that, lmao.

Good, I love them

Does she fuck the old man to pay for her lessons?

axed soon

It means it got the Ok for a long arc
That's a good sign

>no dumps

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Akane in that black JK uniform makes her hotter

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Akane if she real

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Akane' eyes
Pink or purple?

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Uh oh

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Not!Rikka couldn’t carry this manga with sweat and thighs alone.

More Akane faces

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Jesus old man, no need for the war face.

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fellas i don't think Akane can please this old man.

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>Just expel all your potential competition
What a chad

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>I have a weakness for....

Prime potential for edit in that top panel.

>filling all the blanks with the same option
Bold move

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kek it's over

So megane mafuyu

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So, new seiyuu or established seiyuu?

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teacher and akane SEX

Can Akane please the old man who expelled her dad? That's all for now.

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scared SEX

thanks for dumping.

The one that voices Anya has a great range
She could probably voice Akane

>When she sees your dick

Is Kaisex gonna be in it?

twitter is up @akanebanashi_PR

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>Series carry on by the artist
which is weird, as this artist make U19 Ole Gozaro

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But the writing is solid as well.


Many such cases

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How do you guys self insert as Ayane? I can't do it, the female brain is too complex and alien.

Akane fills the Magu wholesome series spot

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I imagine all men wanting to ravish my body.

Key word is self inserting INTO, not As

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She loves her future Husband so much!


>You can see her life saving thighs.
>Perfect Shot, Right?
Yes, yes it is.

I want to insert my face between her thighs does that count

Is it getting a lot of followers ? Did it beat P6?

i don't self insert i just root for her because i really want to have SEX with her.