Earthchild #11
How's this series still not axed?

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Come on, don't put negativity in the OP. It ruins the thread.

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Do you think this gonna get axe soon? Like unless he failed here and go back to Earth to try again, this is pretty much the end point

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bro what the fuck is this shit

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Alright then, let's spread some positivity by discussing what we like the most about Best Dad.

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>Let trust a baby with a job that need the precision level needing years of practice to achieve

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And there you have it.

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come oooooooooooooon

The axe has been avoided again! This arc will continue! We won!!!

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The coolest pokemon trainer dad in the world will be able to pull this off

How does it do it, Yea Forums?

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>how can he be able to see her?
>is it because of his POWER OF LOVE?
why did these retards went all the way up there without thinking the fucking plan before
so these chapters were fucking pointless besides adding the annoying bitch to make the dad look like a good person
what the fuck is shinkai doing

>I have an idea

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>"my love for my wife, it's quantifiable"

This just makes my Gash Bell comparison even more accurate.

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It took the entire fucking chapter but here it is the shark jump we expect every chapter this shit actually made me consider dropping this

Please demote Taguchi to janitorial job.

>Ummm acksually I forgot that there’s a crucial issue in this plan
>But I’ll only tell you now when we’re already in space and have zero tool to help so we can have a dramatic moment
This is so fucking terrible

Based, but you're still getting axed.

>what the fuck is shinkai doing
Winging it harder than any mangaka has ever winged before, feels like the dude spends most of the week finding ways to narratively cover his ass while inadvertently creating MORE plot holes

You were all wrong, you said the astronaut chick would be softened by how good a father he is, but instead it was by how good a husband he is.

NTR act when?


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Why the fuck Mamoru never meet his grandparents?
Like the grandparents not even visited in the hospital during the birth or something?

Damn this is like having to go on some fetch quest right outside the last boss's castle.

Please understand, the grandparents weren't important until now

Well considering the reveal that the mom was magically aged up maybe they hate the MC for being a cradle robbing pedo, so now he has to prove how good a dad/husband he is and win over his hardass father in law but his softy mother in law always knew and secretly supported them

Or Shinkai will add another stupid drama of how Kareri was disowned by her parents as they were against her wish to marry MC.
Then MC will do another of his best dad ever shtick to make Kareri parents accepted him.
Shit, this manga already pass the 'fun trainwreck' phase to infuriating ones for me.

So Shinkai was gearing up for the axe, ready to wrap things up in a handful of chapters, then was suddenly notified WSJ can't replace him for another couple months and he needs to start stalling. That's the only rational explanation I can come up with for this.

I love how she's forced to admit how fucking amazing Best Dad is despite how she feels about all this. Like Water God can't help himself but remind the readers every five pages.

greatest artist of all time


This is an extremely forced way to introduce the peek a boo game into this

This explains a lot.

Please don't confuse Water God with Ocean Hero

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So… the last three chapters or so were fucking pointless? What is with this manga and completely abandoning any sense of momentum it builds up?

>"you still need some days to rest"
>"actually there's no rush, let's go back to earth and have a drink and talk with her parents that the baby won't learn anything from because he's a fucking baby"
how the fuck can someone destroy any sense of risk and tension this fucking bad?

Man people barely even care enough to fill up a thread shitting on it anymore
they're actually fucking finishing Shugomaru and maybe Doron instead of just axing this at chapter 10 like it deserved, i'm gonna be pissed if it outlives Bone Collection

I read a couple chapters of this, but this is all I have to look forward to in the future? What's even the point?

It's about FAMILY
And that's what's so powerful about it!

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This feels like how TPGW would have turned out had it been given more life and a color page because it’s “totally popular”.

It’s weird that not a single antagonist has shown up to challenge the dad and his ideals. Every character pretty much bows down to him after he gives a generic emotional speech.

I did a double take when I heard Water God being mentioned as if connected with Earthchild. Don't scare me like that.

>a week of training to do the first task
>forget to prepare anything for the second task
So this is... the power of WaSTe...

The true friendship was the time we WASTed along the way

god fucking damnit she started praising the dad as well

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