Undead Unluck No. 109 R.I.P

Requiescat in Pace
>I drew the chapter while listening to Tatsuya Ishii’s “River.” I love that song.
God damn Gundamfag

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I get Latla is a big deal and in touch with the rich upper crust of the world due to her upbringing and occupation as the perfect fortune teller but god damn it's convenient she knows these things.

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>He's too stupid to defeat! The genius!

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>Double page dumping even when there's no spread
It just feels lazy.

Decent confession

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>makes himself a retard so he can fight harder

What an asshole. Glad to know he'll lode everything.



Wasted sacrifice.

god damn it Rip you know this won't end well

Rip's life is all wastes. Throw this iteration in the trash and save the next one.

Is he a wop?

Ah who cares, we'll get another loop. Either we'll actually see it played out or it'll be the epilogue.

>we'll get another loop
Still on the fence about this. Characters might have to deal with the consequences of their actions instead of hitting the reset button.

What a great chapter
This is fucking hardcore holy fuck

who cares ghosts are real now


The color pague is great this week
Tozuka has really improved with his art.

Yeah overall it's good. I think he struggled with the last page with Rip's expressions but that's one panel in the entirety of the chapter

so what the fuck is Latla's power? we know what it does and how it works, we just don't know its name

I hope the next time as Rip cradles her dying body, the moment she flatlines the name of her ability shows up as a double page spread.

it must be uncertain.

she predicts things, except they´re wrong...which is still prediction anyways? I´m sure it will be explained in the next chapters since its something she could still use in ghost form

but that wouldn't make a pun with her name


It might not have anything to do with predicting, just her perception of the world always being wrong.

Ey man if I had a super hot ghost milf wife with massive tits I woulda done the same thing

Where is Bunny in all of this?

So the rules of reality don't apply if you're stupid?

For the last time it's almost certainly Unrational.

Adopted by Shen and Mui probably loitering in Union HQ

Can't enforce rules on someone if he/she can't understand them

It's something I reckon i've seen a few times before, although usually not in a work as serious as this

Cheese and crackers imagine losing your bowl this hard.

I think it has to do with how their powers work. It's perception of reality rather than just reality. That's how Andy is able to move his soul around to regenerate from different parts rather than just the head or how he was able to counter unrepair before. Now, since his understanding of it is so elementary, he can't just pretend anymore and has to actively fuck his brain over so it won't make it so he perceives hurting himself as healing.

Imagine Rip tearing your hymen, haha.

It's a variation of cartoons gravity law

What is going to happen with Rip now?
I don't think Andy will kill him

I miss Fuuko.

This goes beyond cucking, poor girl.

>What is going to happen with Rip now?
Andy is going to 'die' and then Victor is going to tear into Rip.
It's okay so long as we don't forget her, like Andy is going to.

Hot damn, Rip is such a cruel asshole the poor girl just confessed and you are screaming that her life isn't worth it and talking about the other girl kek.

That's just mean.

no, Rip Unrepair also activates and gets stronger based on desires of the person affected (something that is pratically only relevant to people like Andy):
To fight = desire to not die = wish to live = wish to regenerate -> Unrepair fucks you up more.
Messing on his brain enough made him unable to comprehend this making him take "less" lasting "damage" from unrepair. he truly thinks outside the box.

I do like that Andy feels like the impossible obstacle to overcome in this fight rather than the underdog

Manga is meant to be read as double pages.

Wrong! It's meant to be read one panel at a time! Which is why all dump threads from now on should feature one panel per post. That's true effort.

Has it ever crossed Rip's head that if God is such an asshole he timed Rip getting his ability at the worst possible time... going to the next loop won't stop God from messing with him?

Hope he gets to enjoy his waifu for five minutes before she gets to receive the ability Unbreath and suffocates.

>going to the next loop won't stop God from messing with him?
I think he's willing to take the suffering so long as the girl he loves UNdies. He might even figure out how to save her by holding onto Unrepair and directing someone else to do the surgery. Anything would be better than the hell he created for himself in the current loop.

Latla herself asked for this. Although I don't think she needed to position herself in a way that would get her killed too.

No, it's unrevealed

Brainlet here. Someone explain pls.

Yeah I really like it. Ill start readint manga like from now on.


Act of healing=his body can't regenerate since Rip's rule negates it. If he is too retarded to subconsciously heal himself his regenerative powers are only used for his gushing blood which is technically not regenerating so he can fight better, or that's how I understood it