Chapter #22: Share The Same Fate

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Not sure if axe or just ending of the macro arc

ending the arc

That's 200% a tanuki mimicking that antagonist right ?
There's no way iit's ending so fast... right ? Either that or there will be a bigger antag latter
Somehow I fear the axe a little.

he not gonna win anyway. he didn't used his mask yet

Dude got balls!

what mask

I really liked the fighting without the guests seeing stuff

to use his full power like ten

although that said it's something that works a lot better in animation, so it's a shame we are probably dead soon.

It's over

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This was a fun chapter, I liked them fighting while trying to hide it.

I hated it

i can definitely understand what this manga is trying to do in all of its scenes, but it's harder than it should be. a lot of disjointed scenes happening all at once, weird flow that doesn't really help me visualize anything (also doesn't help that this author seemingly hates to draw background art). on top of that the story has been so erratic that it's hard to remember what they're trying to do anymore. i want to like this series so much, but he's just making it so hard to like.

With regards to backgrounds I think at least should have had something a bit more substantial

Thanks op


Clever Youkai.

Ya dick!

>neither side wants to be rude or harm the guests
Huh. You pretty much never see that in shonen unless it's good guy vs good guy.

definitely a fake

Wait Yea Forums told me this manga had been axed but they keep making new chapters. What is going on?

*Axe sharpening sounds*

the axe indication for this was never that strong, pacing did feel fast but it wasn't super obviously axed, it was the other 2 for the round that looked like they were getting axed but then there were some last minute decisions and they got unaxed at the last second, probably neither lasting much longer though

Their in a hotel full of shape shifters, of course it's not him.

Doronfag here, about time a decent chapter dropped in these threads.

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i dropped this around the biker gang fight, has it improved or not?

Is Yea Forums back?

maybe get decent sales first cuck

How bad was it ?


This. Mario winning would be bullshit. My theory (hope) still lives. That is, Mario dies and spends 100 years kicking ass in the home for infinite losers. Then he gets revived stronger with cash like a 'mon and the quest continues. It's not like he has any human ties he'd lose.

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Home For Infinite Losers is still the best change a localization has made

It's Maruo

Fun sequence

Kaku drawing?

I'm aware, thank you.

>Do not disturb

So if we keep ranking bottom of the ToC is jump going to axe this? The volume sales aren't terrible

When are Maruo and Urara gonna have sex

As long as we outsell doron shugomaru and anything else that premiered after us we will live

I forgot about this manga

Even after the relatively decent sales, Jump has still put it in the bottom, which probably means that Jump has little to no confidence in the series.