What went so wrong?

What went so wrong?

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It was a good season, so nothing.
He was like the best part.

Nothing? It's was great, especially after horrible Arc-V finale and boring as fuck Drains.

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ape escape rip offs

No Gallop.

They probably should have stuck to the 3 year series format instead of whatever epic saga they're probably going for here.

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If the Kazuki designs are too complicated for animators these days, fair enough, but don't just change into the most generic kodomo TCG anime imaginable.

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based 60-cards deck CHAD

Don't worry. He got his just desserts. In space of course.

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They toned down the designs probably to make them just a little more like duel monsters which had mildly normal looking characters.

Card game commercials, general anime trends, shifting culture, tv tokyo producers.

Covid. I really hope the abuse of the bait and switch card was a result of the 8 lost episodes. Metagiastar F reeks of scrapped plan.

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Nothing really, but it would have nice to have some extra episodes to properly wrap up some plot threads like what the fuck was up with the Ko-girls and give Nanaho a final duel.

Remember Aoi's insert song she got when she was the super famous virtual idol Blue Angel?

Nothing, it had best OTP

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to be continued in go rush

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pure sex

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I prefer aliens.

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needed more of these characters.

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Never heard of it.

Shit MC
Shit forced "Rival"
The 2 friends we're left out doing nothing for a long time
No real villain until "IT WAS ME PLAN ALL ALONG" which was still weak as fuck
Shit duels 94% of the times
Shit art style
They had something new going on with the new Maximum mechanic but backdown and introduced fusion shit again making rush duels be really just a shit version of the main game.

The shotas aren't sexualized enough

mimi should have been the main girl.

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It was a good series.

The only flaw was the amnesia arc near the end.

The priorities of yugioh writers are so all over the place it's hard to imagine any satisfying series at all. Arc-V really never needed to be written.

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I just fapped and finished to this picture. Thank you, Japan.

Explain the sevens road magicians goddamn it.

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Not the best follow up to vrains I could have imagined.

Not enough cyborgs.

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sevens and rush are dogshit

Must be satisfactory on some level, because it's in the 3rd year of anime.

Yeah I wish they focused more on Luke

Rush Duels

But the TCG/OCG is a complete mess to write for nowadays.

The actual card game meta has never impacted the anime. Hikokubo will always Hikokubo as hard as he can.
Rush Duels are a bad though.

I guess the lack of an ongoing anime let them focus more on Albaz's story so that's cool I guess.

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Still not watching even for Romin.

It doesn't matter. Regular use of cards is still a special summoning mess.

>What went so wrong?
They went full Luke x Romin instead of Luke x Yuka. FUCKING HACKS!!!

Looks like you lost your... EGAO!

Konamitaro could have fixed everything like soulburner did.

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Is that why we got aliens that look like luke instead of kamijos with blue and pink hair?

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What does that have to do with the anime?

Writing wise Yudias or Zwijo being related to Luke is not possible. Unless Otes was actually Luke from the future and he fucked some aliens. Another thing that could be possible is that Go Rush is an AU and Yudias is simply Luke. The Otes was Luke theory is more hype tho

They want people to buy the cards from the anime so they can't exclusively make weak cards. It inevitably means they have to put cards with effects and gimmicks that are at least somewhat viable in competitive play. Which means summoning a ton or making cards that absolutely destroy the opponent.

Except...no? If anything, they try not to make anime cards, or at least ones related to them, not too strong to avoid having to ban them. Just look at the Firewall Dragon debacle where did everything to avoid banning it for several lists before they finally admitted it was the problem and got rid of it.

Look at the actual game, and you'll see anime decks rarely ever become that strong.

>anime decks
It's not about pure archetype decks, it's about moving sets. Whether that's through archetypes or just making a few super strong cards here and there doesn't matter.

Well that's not the only way. Yuga could have easily made hyperspeed space travel for the general populace. There's many possibilities here. Also I wonder if yuga somehow fused with Otes.

Yes and they can make strong cards unrelated to the anime like they always do

Not enough Romin

she was in every episode.

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I unironically feel like Konami has no idea how to continue the anime, they should just sit with Takahashi and write something good

Jobbing protagonist much more than Yuma.

Wait, so Sevens is done? Oh no no no prepare for the worst, those retards clearly has more retarded gimmicks to asspull in the ocg

No they just made a sequel rush anime.

Ye, noticed, just watched like 8 minutes of it and I want kill myself. Fuck Konami for allowing this crap. The rival guy looks like bakura and he is fucking retard who never opened booster packs and keep sperging about rush duels, my fucking God... I unironically want another duel monsters season

They opened him a booster pack and he teared up about solving a secrets of the rush duels to the public on the stadium. Who fucking allowed this shit

Man you have not been following anime for 20 years if you think there's nothing else to it.

Rush Duels exist because young kids don't want to get into regular YGO. Hence why Sevens was aiming for an even younger demographic than the usual anime

modern ygo is way too hard to write for
thats why they created a soft reboot with rush duels

Rushed final arc, we needed more episodes sadly Corona didn't let it happen.

rush duels are boring

So Rush never released an English dub. And Go Rush is a continuation of the Rush format. Has Konami just given up on the Yugioh anime in the west?

The english dub exists, I assume they're waiting for an actual rush duel release in the west

i guess the game didn't do that well in west

>The rival guy looks like bakura and he is fucking retard who never opened booster packs and keep sperging about rush duels, my fucking God...
Yudias is the main character