New chapter is out, dumping.

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You not that type of girl

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Jazz Mimin when?
no leak makes the experience better imo.

I love this manga.

How tall is Mimin? She makes Lucky look small here.

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I'm glad how fast it was acknowledged that Lucky played exclusively for mimin and fucked over every other member of the audience.
Cute as fuck chapter too.

>jazz mimin when
next chapter, I expect to get blue balled

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I hope next chapter is just about mimin meeting their mom after leaving the Otogami house and getting bitchslapped.
Reijiro's was cut super short.

Adios, classical music!

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have we seen this weird dude before?

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Yeah, it was a great chapter.

Actually stealing the spotlight.

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I don't think so but he might be important later

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>he might be
he 100% will be. mapollo loves doing this. it's not random. he'll play a role in the next arc.

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She still wants it.

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That's all for this week.

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>Mimin's gigantic feet are coming for you

thanks for dumping

Farewell Mimin Otogami, Welcome Mimin Sonoda.



Winning by default is the best way of winning

GREAT paneling


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Mimin's so intense but I love it.
Sorachika on the other hand acts all subdued and chill but he's actually quite the confident troublemaker huh.

Cute Furusu nervous about her plan backfiring on Lucky.
Based Sorachika saving the day.


Protect that smile

I like that face on Sadame.With the kind of stuff he said before about Furusu's mom, I'm sure he's darker than he appears to be as well. This chapter was good set up, excited to see what happens next.

Those hands...those feet, those arms...how horrifying. Suddenly, it seems like she is trying to eat the poor girl.

Cute siblings

Will daddy get mad? Mimin basically already said:" fuck you!" and left, now Sorachika too.

Daddy is already 5d chess'ing about lucky and his music powers.

cute husband and wife

Is this the first LGBT couple in a Jump manga?

no newfag

Naruto and Sasuke

meloli belongs to sadame

I love Mimin

Great pages

I love the paneling of this page (or the flow of it, I don't know how to say it)

Thank for dumping, fucking great chapters with some really good pages.
I'm loving all the characters

I can't believe Lucky murdered Meloli.

It's been going on for a while but Mapollo's gone from some rough janky style to something more palatable. It's still weird but more smoothed out, so it's good for the manga's survivability.

Mimin looks particularly adorable in that panel.

I still wonder what Sorachika’s endgame is.

Man, I love this page so much.

I can fix her

His endgame is to cause chaos so he can finally stop feeling bored.

I re-read a very early chapter where Lucky found Furusu asleep and you're right, the style was a bit off, but it feels a lot better now while still being unique.

Mapollo-3 has always been super talented at panelling, this is another great example.