Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san + Aekanaru + Boku no Tsuma wa Kanjou ga Nai

Here be a late new chapter of Kitsune Loli Wife Mother, Mountain Loli Wife, and Robo Wife. Was gonna post some of these two weeks ago but real life got in the way.
As always, please check for grammatical error and weird phrasings.

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who bonked shiro-sama

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I'm here for Robo Wife. Love that she's shy about her robot internals and fixated/distracted by shiny things.

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And that's it. Seems like we're entering the final arc of the manga.

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And now for Mountain Loli Wife.

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I finally witness a STALKER thread that isn't already over!

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is that a reference?

And that's it.
To an earlier chapter, aye.

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It's a shot in the dark, but does anyone here have the twitter raws of this aeka chapter saved? Our raws have some weird artefacts here and there that I've been fixing with the pages from twitter, but chapter 16 was deleted before I downloaded everything.

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And here's the robot wife, time for a date.

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Mina is malfunctioning, there are no clothes more efficient than tracksuits.

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is Ratatouille considered a classic film in the future?

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I wanna lewd the coworker.

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I love how Mina powerwalks everywhere and opens doors with extreme force.

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will you marry me stalker?

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Are you a loli?

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And that's it for today. Next thread should be at midnight of the 22nd (JPT) barring any complication such as vacation.

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thank you!
every on Yea Forums is a little girl by default

So Mina's interests are cooking and world domination? Oh and shiny gemstones.

>The robot domination one seems like fun
Rice Cooker Femdom...

I'm not posting canines this time.

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