Why do people say popular shows are objectively bad? if they are bad how come they are popular? I don't get it...

Why do people say popular shows are objectively bad? if they are bad how come they are popular? I don't get it. sure they must have some flaws like every other media in existence even the "pretentious" shows that people seem to like have flaws but they are not bad shows. You can personally dislike a show but most people find it good and can resonate with it calling it bad is kind of cringe ngl and makes you a person who hates seeing other people enjoy things.

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popular=appeals to lowest common denominator=little to no substance=bad

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>makes you a person who hates seeing other people enjoy things
Do you know where you are now? The fucking Yea Forums.

Yea Forums is full of autists and hipsters. they are desperate to feel like they have some sort of superior discerning taste, to feel like they are better than the average anime viewer.
if you hate something that everyone else loves, maybe that means you know something they dont.
In reality, of course, it probably means that they know something YOU dont.

See this post. This person immediately and with no supporting evidence asserts that popular=lowest common denominator. This shows that they inherently feel like the "average" person is dumber than they are, and also appears to assert that, by definition, things that appeal to more people have less substance, which is inherently false.
It's just hipsterism but for anime instead of music.

Its japanese cartoons and they are made for entertainment. you are not better than anyone for watching a different cartoon than the other person. Most of the popular shows have a decent story thats engaging and easy to follow thats all what an anime needs. if you like deep shit you can do you.
Well im talking in general but yes.
>they are desperate to feel like they have some sort of superior discerning taste.
Yeah its weird I don't get why they can't enjoy shit you even see it in the 3x3 threads. people are trying to appeal to other hipsters.

its the same attitude that makes people shit on all dubs and all dub watchers. granted many dubs are legitimately poorly done, but many are perfectly fine.
you'll see people swearing they never ever watch dubs and then calling every dub terrible in the same breath, so obviously either they're just assuming without watching or lying about never watching.
just another way to try to feel superior to others without actually doing anything.

popular=caters to widest possible audience (as opposed to narrower audience)=appeals to lowest common denominator (qualities the said widest possible audience is looking for)
there's your missing extra step with clarifications just for you. brainlet.

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What about liking shows that are heavily shit on by Yea Forums and MAL and aren't liked by normalfags either?

I exclusively watch shows that are only popular in Japan like Jashin-chan Dropkick

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Normal people are capable of extrapolating experiences, in that they have watched some dubs and none of them are good. Logically, this information can be extrapolated to the whole experience (just like how poll numbers can be extrapolated to the whole country) since it's very unlikely that they just happened to pick several of the worst dubs. As for me, I occasionally will check out a dub just to see if anything has changed in quality over the years and pretty much always it's the same shit as I've seen before with no difference in quality.

Of course some people don't have this ability and so have to watch every dub to make sure they're not missing anything. This applies to shows as well, where a person will have no ability to guess at the quality of a series before watching all of it.

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>Yea Forums and MAL
These are the culprit.

But you're sneaking in the lowest. You are automatically assuming that things that appeal to the broadest audiences are "low".
One could easily also argue that things that appeal to the most people, by definition, are the highest common denominator.
Things that only a small niche of people appreciate are not inherently superior merely because less people like them. That would be the same logic as arguing that Hershey's chocolate is superior to Cadbury chocolate because less people like it. Maybe less people like it because its not as good?

Common denominators over large groups are the low ones. The term comes from math and is extrapolated to people instead of just numbers. There is value in searching for highest common denominators because they're not as common and trivial as lower ones. Also in a finite group of random integers on average there are more numbers divisible by 2 than there are ones divisible by 8 or 10. If you're wondering how you can reflect these to people as well just go read a book on socioeconomics and try observing reality for once.

People are not numbers. Your assumptions literally only make sense if your treat humans and human society as identical to numbers.
When economics applies these mathematical terms to humans they are doing so in a clinical sense. Again, you are inserting the "low" yourself, and then applying your mental connotations of the word "low" to a mathematical property.
Broad appeal does not equal less quality. "Lowest" only applies in the sense that it is the smallest integer, and if you are taking it to mean "lowliest" then you're just desperately projecting your superiority complex onto the world around you because you have nothing else to cling to except your perceived "superior" tastes in one specific genre of animated television shows.

It's pretty hard for a show to be *objectively* bad. Everyone can agree that a show is bad, but objectivity isn't a democracy.

You weren't here when Naruto was banned on sight. It was not because the anime is bad/good, it was because it brought underage newfags in droves. Now most of them grew up and left this place. It's unfortunate if they're still here.

>caters to widest possible audience
No? There's plenty of series that don't do that but still received a lot of attention regardless, stop talking out of your ass.

euclid would have killed himself if he read your post

People talking about objective goods and bads are usually kids or trolls

Wrong. Anime in general can't be successful without catering to the widest audience. And manga that don't do that just don't get adapted at all.

Broad appeal is always less good than tailored appeal. The real mirage here is the assumption of existence of objective good and bad. I've never referred to those on an objective level. OP is obviously a retard for even bringing it up but we're wiser than that, yes?
The attention they get is proof of their catered audience in and of itself. Obviously there are still factors that have nothing to do with the work itself but you aren't autistic enough to start arguing about marketing and shit, are you?
Out of all the mathematicians you could've brought up you mentioned one of the least relevant regarding the discussion.

>Out of all the mathematicians you could've brought up you mentioned one of the least relevant regarding the discussion.
Yeah I was wondering this as well.

>literaly talking about lcm and hcm
lamo what a pseud
euclid's division lemma

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Some popular shows are objectively bad, some good shows are popular that Yea Forums elitists begin to hate

>Yea Forums is full of autists and hipsters. they are desperate to feel like they have some sort of superior discerning taste
+ schizos and /thread

most are overrated and not for everyone's taste

>cringe ngl
Well I'll just put that aside and reply to your post anyways.
This user is kind of right But this one also brings up an interesting point and reminds him that he's just being egotistical I agree with both but what about exceptions? What about shows that are popular AND actually good? Death Note for example. Where does that classify? Is it people who have shit taste or YOU for hating people who have good taste?

Well Death Note is shit for starters

Death Note is genuinely good yet it's still popular. Solve this mystery if you can

Correlation is not causation

>most are overrated and not for everyone's taste
A show isn't overrated because you dislike it. a lot of people like it and if you don't like it thats fine like you said its not for everyone. the words "overrated" and "underrated" are stupid.
>I agree with both but what about exceptions? What about shows that are popular AND actually good?
I don't get by what you mean by "actually good" if its popular that means its liked by a lot of people. "actually good" or "actually bad" are just personal opinions. if something is popular it automatically has a value to a lot of people and its fine if you don't like it thats what I wanted to get in my post. there is no difference between any popular show or death note.

Never said it is. Correlation could explain causation.

>if something is popular it automatically has a value to a lot of people
Ehhh not really. Do kids shows really have any value beside mindless safe fun? And do kids find value in these shows and not just enjoy them mindlessly?
Not every popular show is good. This is objectively true.

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>Not every popular show is good. This is objectively true.
I really don't think so. If its popular it has some good qualities despite its flaws. the shows people deem "good" also has flaws yet people like them. people look for different things when they watch anime. the anime being just fun is one of them. you might be looking for something more and thats fine. a show can't be objectively bad or good.

People like sugar. So companies make sugary overly sweet food that may give you diabetes. But people like it anyway.

It's the same with anime. There are certain elements that people naturally like, for example cute girls. So you can make any shitty anime, but as long as it has cute girls, people will watch it.
There are other elements like that, it's not just cute girls.

Shaman King? I feel like that series is heavily underrated

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It's not a matter or the product but rather the consumer. Lindt makes good chocolate yet there are people who hate it. Are they the shit tasters or is it us who like it? And if it's us then under what basis?

>If its popular it has some good qualities despite its flaws
That's every show not just popular stuff.
>a show can't be objectively bad or good
That's beside my point but it can. That is if you define a basis for what is objectively good or not. For example if we were to choose production value, Demon Slayer would be a masterpiece. Production value is less vague compared to good storytelling or characters for example, so you can't set anything as a basis unless it is as clear as 1 + 1

>popularity means catering to lots of people
Failed at the premise. If catering is all you can see in a work than you shouldn't be allowed to talk about them.
Unless you are illiterate you should not be watching dubs that are not in the original language, simple as that.

Because popular shows (in Japan) are objectively bad. Japs have the shittiest fucking taste. Why do you think we get a fuckton of isekai every season?

You seem to dismissing the fact that difference group of people can like a show for different reasons, thus it can be both very niche while appeal to a lot of demographics, like a lot of shows are popular with groups that not the intentional demographics for different reason. KnY is a good example, it only manage to hit that big because it has aspects that attract different demographics, kids like the colors and the actions, teen like the gore, mom and elderly people like the cute boys and the melodrama backstories. The point is that stories have more than one thing to like about.

the anime industry not only catering to the Japanese brainlet. The industry already realized their target audience is also global viewers from all over the world so they need to cater to the global trend as well. Blaming only nips viewer for why isekai is booming is plain fucking retarded when all weebs from all over the world, including Yea Forums, also consume it

Because 100% of the times those shows are aimed at normalfags that aren't into anime/manga but they watch it anyways because watching anime nowadays in netflix or other shitty platforms is cool, they talk about it with the other normalfags irl wich is disgusting and usually those shows are the ones recommended by shitty anitubers, you want a recent example? SxF, the show isn't bad but it's treated like the second coming of Jesus, obviously this will trigger a lot of people (myself included) that really are into watching anime and reading manga because obviously if you watched a decent amount of anime or readed a decent amount of manga you know that this shit is mediocre/decent now pack your shitty thread and go back to redit faggot.

You sound like an autist. you are not better or above someone just because you watch a different japanese cartoon than the other person. its mediocre/decent to you and some other people find it good its an opinion not a fact. if you can't grasp this concept I would suggest you do an autism evaluation test. some people watch anime for fun other watch it because they want some deeper meaning. its a simple concept

So you don't consume water or oxygen? Daring, avant garde even.

Nah I prefer much prefer Mtn dew and inhaling my own farts instead

>Why do people say popular shows are objectively bad?
Literally no one says this you retarded motherfucker. What a shitty thread.

You sound like an insufferable, gigantic faggot.
Tell us then, what is an example of good anime not made for "m-muh normalfags..." you fucking sperg?
Explain how it's inherently better than popular things while you're at it.

Yes I'm an elitist and an autist and I loathe your kind, now fuck off normalfag scum and don't come back.

All anime is made for normalfags. The way the medium is designed it is unavoidable.

I don't give a shit how you feel, just give me that example faggot.
Also I'm about 90% sure I've been in this shithole longer than you so you can go fuck yourself with that.

Contrarians have no personality beyond being contrarian so they must reject the popular and embrace the hated. `

>Also I'm about 90% sure I've been in this shithole longer than you
>acts like a stupid normalfag
Yeah no also I don't have to name any anime that I like, I answered with a 100% correct answer the question the OP did, stay mad at the idea of being a filthy normalfag.

The sheep #971263 said.

>too scared of exposing his absolute shit taste so he replies with the most predictable copout possible
Knock yourself out faggot, I'm sure impotently screeching about muh normalfags while feeling superior for absolutely no discernible reason is working out great.

Since people here care so much about what others may think to the point they choose what they privately enjoy and take hobby in for fear of being called cringe, I will use this tactic against you: You are the animu equivalent of the soi guzzling, limp wristed, flannel shirt-wearing hipster that sits there and brags about how superior he is because he was into, say, Higurashi before it was cool.

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It is, I absolutely feel superior to the filth like you or the rest of the herd praising the actual thing like mindless sheep.
I'm just a non ironic Yea Forumsnon, I enjoy watching anime and normalfags are disgusting from my pov, and yes as I said I feel superior to you filthy normalfag.

>the words "overrated" and "underrated" are stupid.
Pretty much.
"P-People like (thing) TOO MUCH!" is a fucking stupid thing to say. It's literally not an argument and every single person I know who calls things "overrated" is a sad, pretentious piece of shit.

Your life is so pathetic you've had to set the bar this low to make yourself feel validated, eh?

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don't listen to contrarians

Okay, I bet most normalfags have never seen the "Jing King of Bandits" anime.
It's good but not popular

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>Why do people say popular shows are objectively bad?
Because some popular shows suck
>makes you a person who hates seeing other people enjoy things
Bullshit. Not everyone is a troll with massive insecurities. Sometimes people just don't think your show is good. People here act like massive dorks about trivial stuff but that's natural on the internet.

I have a house of my own and a great job in wich I have to work less than 4 hours/day and I'm basically my own boss, and yeah I feel good being better at this than you too and there's nothing you can do about it filthy normalfag.

I don't just to feel special or something. Like I'm not a huge fan of spy family or whatever, it's a decent watch. But I think at a certain point it's not about people just enjoying or disliking the actual show. But rather people trying to be right. So people inflate their love or hate for the series just to win something.

Look guys, he's trying to brag about his life on 4channel dot org.

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Don't take things so seriously

Overrated post.