Jujutsu Kaisen #183

Pachinko time. Dumping.

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Seriously why is the cat this autistic?

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I read the chapter yesterday but still don't get it. Can someone explain what happened in the fight? I don't need the autistic details of how the power works but I want to understand at least the basic flow.
>why can't the mangaka guy predict the ability?
>from what I understand the scenes change because it is gambling with new rolls, so hakari just has to survive until a jackpot and he instantly wins any fight?
>Why does hakari refer to himself winning by skill? It just seems like he won by luck because he got a jackpot only a few rolls in.

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>describing riichi using mahjong
>in pachinko
I mean pachinko did borrow the term riichi from mahjong but I don't think explaining mahjong riichi is helpful here. And the the explanation for riichi here is actually the explanation for tenpai.

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Ch. 184 Preview:
>The probability has shifted.
Author Comment:
>I’m celebrating announcer Hana Isogai’s new journey in life and wishing her the best in future adventures!

Dump done, what did you think?

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He uses the Domain and they enter the Neutral Field

While in the Neutral Field, Hikari uses balls and shutters to attack his opponent. The balls and shutters have different colors assigned to them and the different colors have different score values

What color and by extension score he gets seems to be random. The goal with these attacks is do however many attacks he has to so that he gets to 3 points

So in the chapter we saw him get to 3 points with Green Ball(1 point) + Red Shutter(2 points) and then with Golden Shutter (instant 3 points)

The faster he gets to 3 points, the higher his Hype will be. The higher his Hype the more likely his Reach Scenario is likely to succeed

So once Hikari has done his neutral attacks and gotten 3 points he can begin "Reach". This rolls 2 matching numbers going through 1-7 and begins the Scenario

If the Scenario successfully happens(which is more likely with high Hype) then the third number will match the two previously rolled and he gets a jackpot(reward unknown, it looks like it possibly healed him from Charles attack though).

If the scenario fails then the Domain resets to the Neutral and Hikari keeps playing till he wins a Jackpot or the enemy defeats him

We still don't know the exact odds of him winning but it has never taken him more than 30 tries. So it may as well be a 1/30 of him winning

Ohayou... I'm looking for itadori-kun

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Oh wait I'm blind and missed the word declares, it's an explanation for riichi in mahjong

>I use skill...
>...to grab ahold of luck
Yeah the official tl of this line in particular is closer to the original than what the fanscans had

Yuji would never join a gang, leave immediately.

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So he did win by luck right? if the girl wasnt there hed just die?

Charles's ability is not infallible, we already saw that Hakari can bypass it by avoiding Charle's line of sight. I guess the future sight only applies to the physical sorcerer and not the technique.
Wait until Jackpot and Hakari wins? >Yea probably
Why does Hakari say he won by skill? > We don't know yet, maybe he's just an egotistic asshole. He is definitely biased towards himself

Die against the Otaku based on his luck? He fucking better not. He should be stronger than that.

>Why does hakari refer to himself winning by skill?
Luck is a skill

Officials also fixed the misinterpretation from this page where the fanscan thought Charles couldn't attack during the performance despite us seeing him fighting here .

>it's a wordswordswords chapter

didnt even read it, I refuse

I miss Nobara

>she misses the last train

As everyone panics about pachinko, Gege successfully snuck some sneaky sexual implications.

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kill yourself

Nobara is great. Everyone should be asking, where is Nobara?

six feet under

>Jujutsu Kaisen #183
Weird thread title for the HxH general.

>The faster he gets to 3 points
He doesn't need 3 points. He just has to attack once

I'm guessing that Otaku-san's future sight is what's allowing him to dodge the unavoidable in-domain attacks of Hakari, otherwise he'd be getting blitzed to oblivion while Hakari works his way to a jackpot. It seems like a potentially strong domain, albeit unreliable compared to previously shown ones. The jackpot bonuses probably get pretty crazy as well, since Hakari's supposed to be on par with Yuta/second only to Gojo as a sorcerer.

>Domain is so full of relatively minor details to make a glorified slot machine seem more complex that most opponents end up wasting too much time trying to analyze it and lose due to him getting Jackpot.

>I'm guessing that Otaku-san's future sight is what's allowing him to dodge the unavoidable in-domain attacks of Hakari
I'm pretty sure the sure-hit is only supposed to be the explanation of the domain rules to Charles and the actual sequence, not Hakari's attacks.

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I love this fucking guy like you wouldnt believe

It's not a big deal but I thought the translation included phrases like "Fever" as a call back to Hakari's way of speaking.

hakari sucks


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This guy browses 2ch doesn't he?

Enter, TENTbara.
Will Kashimo stand around and let Hakari gamble, or will he just run up and shank him two seconds after the Domain activities?

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>she pretends to have missed the last train
What slot, she gonna ask to be walked hoke gently isn't she?

shit manga

Huh, for some reason I thought that happened due to Charles' future sight giving him info about the in-domain attack effects, guess I thought too hard about it.

Exit evenrandombackgroundgirlsmadeforaoneoffgagarebetterthanshitBARA

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>RuRuse-su Lie-Sen

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you got it right

Nah, that's just how it works. Hakari floods your brain with his bullshit pachinko rules and you basically have to play out the sequence.

hakari has a small penis and is a cheater

I think for once I prefer the official TL's translation than TBC's. The explanation seems clearer and not translating "richii" avoided extra confusion.

Do you guys like this part of the manga? I read up to vol 10 and thought it was cool but I skim these weekly chapter releases and it just looks boring as hell. Maybe it’d be better to read in full once this arc is done?

Naobito would have beat down Hakari before they even got to the 2nd stage

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>Do you guys like this part of the manga?

>Do you guys like this part of the manga?

last chapter said that he saw the explanation of the domain rules due to his ability to see the future

>I use skill to grab ahold of luck.
Literally and unironically what did he mean by this?

He's shitposting in real life

No, he didn't.

Itadori it's my belonging now

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Literally says right here that it's due to the domains sure-hit

yeah ok, I was wrong, sorry