Super Smartphone

Chapter #1: Super Smartphone

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bump if you're reading

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seriously? lol

u10 confirmed

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it really looks like a death note for zoomers

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Place your prediction

I am thinking 15 chapters


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>Can reveal government or elite secrets
>His nickname is Q

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i thought it was a decent first chapter

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the real question, is Googugu also heavily censored?

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It is a decent chapter, people should get over the weird name

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Feel like a b-tier thriller series you'd usually see in some unknown monthly magazines

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This is peak zoomer.

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What is this, a ripoff of Isekai Smartphone?

you would know

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I thought it was a parody or a comedy when i saw the title and actualled rofl'd in real irl, then i read it and was hit with the grim reality, it's not bad or anything but the retarded name is holding it back

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Okay first chapter. Can't not laugh everytime I see googugu though.

Zoomer Death Note, reminded me of Neo;Lation. I liked it and it’s better than some of the currently-running series in WSJ.

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This feels like it was written by a competent mangaka and the naming was done by nakano or taguchi or some other equally incompetent editor.

Why are people pretending to be older than they actually are? Most of you have lived most of your lives with Google being the main search engine.

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So what do you think of the rules? I quite interest in the "intentional" part. Does that mean if the information was made unintentionally then it will not show up?

Are people really this bad at naming things? Or it's on purpose so it's embarassingly memorable?

It actually is lel

> he didn't main askjeeves
filthy zoomer

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It sounds like some garbage webtoon

why didn't he search for big fat titties?

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What would you name it instead?

Both the name and the "googugu" shit are weighing this down.
It's actually an okay mystery series so far, even if the "phones" It's a fucking PDA, it even calls itself an assistant limitations seem somewhat arbitrary and poorly defined for now.

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Now the series name is kinda retarded but maybe it sounds less stupid for nips or something, but not only is this just some Google copy, it also sounds like literal fucking baby noises.
What the fuck.

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Man, that is straight up lolicon bait. No wonder the ugly old bastard kidnapped her.
It's a fucking ero manga scenario 1-to-1.

Adding the anonymous communication removes any possible thriller elements of trying to get confidential information out there without exposing himself. Limitations add excitement and tension

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>eating excretion

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Meh, i'm thinking axed. The question is how many chapters left?

This took a turn

this is just Akinator

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yeah it does sound like some "goo ga ga i want milk" shit but i think it sounds fine for nips, they pronouce google as something close to googuru don't they? so it's just a one letter change for them. Still sounds retarded though


Clearly the creator was drowning when came up with the name, stop making fun of it.

>Yea Forums cunnybro on wsj

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So, ayyliums exist. There's no way that was just thrown out there without it having some sort of future import.

>Get points pls
>Lol I totes don't have a sense of self teehee
makes it perhaps overly obvious that this phone is a sinister little fucker with some intentions of its own.

>not Nyandex

Competent police whut?