Sakamoto Days #69

Sakamo todays #69: Kaji

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chapter end
Kaji is embarrassed

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>Screw the limits!
Based Shin

slow day huh

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oh gaku is getting serious

cute and perfect

serious time.

I read all the chapters this week, until there's more action than I expected, but I have a few questions, what are the most popular characters in this series? When do you think there will be a popularity poll?

And I'm curious about the ages of several of the supporting characters.

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pretty sure Nagumo is the most popular

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Shin gets the most fights und appeals to fujos, so probably him

>check pixiv
>no fanart of the new twintails girl
I'm shocked

Most of SD fanarts are on nip twitter

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Nagumo, Sakamoto and Shin. In that order
Lu could be forth or eight place

>And I'm curious about the ages of several of the supporting characters
While on the tpoic of age, am I the only one who whished for Sakamoto to be older ?
I feel like 5 years isn't that long of a time. Sure it makes sense for him to lose most of his abilities in that timeframe but his retirement seems resent. Most of the assassin's that went after him should know about him or heard about him in his prime, so it seems stupid of them to even attempt to kill him. Also he seems quite young being late twenties.
I think 10+ years would have been a good time span

The new characters are very likeable and the action's still great, but isn' this fight getting too long?

So there's no delay on the sound but there is on the movement? Seems Odd.

That's what they all say until the arc is over then suddenly the binge makes it shorter than it is

Good shit, I fucking love Sakamoto

What a weird flaw. It's not like he needs to bark orders at his puppet, why even transmit the sound of a punch like that?


Yeah that seemed weird to me as well, guess the tech for controlling bodies runs a bit slow

What is Shin’s power level?

I wonder of nagumo is always on disguise as a “skinny” guy but his real body he is jacked as fuck?
It seems logical as his appears to be the deceiving type rather than out right violence

>Woooooow you can't beat me even with lag.

is irrelevant

is cute

>nobody noticed sakomo todays in the OP

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miss that dude


Wait what was he holding?

looks like a paper glass but I'm a bit confused, I didnt notice him having one

>Gaku and the guy have to deal with the lag of till his commands register.
>Shin and Shyguy have to also deal with lag from thoughts into action.

I like that.

Its a soda can, you see him pick it up here when they keep taking his hits:

I see, thanks

It would if it kept being the same, but the fight went through 3ish locations now and multiple matchups:
>Introduction of him BTFO Sakamoto Fangirl.
>vs Instructors
>Vs Fangirl and Zoomer
>Vs Shin and Shyguy

Lengths not so much a problem in a fight when it switches it up.

I don't think so. There's been enough of a shakeup in each chapter that it hasn't felt dragged out to me

wake me up when this battle shounen arc is over

when the manga ends?

How did Shin even work together with Sakamoto in the first place? You'd think that with such a gap in their powerlevels he'd just bring him down. Was it mentioned how the two of them met? I don't remember.

They really should have brought the sniper, yo.

It probably has to do with his damaged visor.