Ayakashi Triangle

The new chapter is out, so I'm dumping

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love this chapter; thanks for the dump


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Time for some rare plot this time!

Grab the loli and run!

She has been KEKED oit of life for 11 lives

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it's been so long I forgot what Mei's normal outfit is like

Is it just me or is there something incredibly wholesome about him being able to so easily get along with little suzu?

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Gender bender shit is gross


>"Because we can only have a proper relationship once I return to being a boy."
Absolutely based traditionalist mangaka

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The End

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is she pretending to kiss him here? Also god fucking damn that figure

Masturbating Suzu is gonna be a regular from now on I see.

Cute loli in love

>1000 years worth of semen made a glopping noise as it flowed endlessly into Matsuri

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>"Turn off the yuri already!"

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Damn, Suzu faps just thinking about him.


I still think he is heavily implying a futa arc in the future

Now that it’s over, I feel like this Kanade mini-arc was just the manga spinning it’s wheels. A bit of backstory that we all pretty much new, just in a bit more detail. The hair thing was nice. As far as I can tell, the only major point of it was to reaffirm that they are in fact going to change Matsuri back.


Read it on the publisher's site to keep its numbers up.

Wonder if we'll get a belated Mothers Day arc starting 2 weeks from now.



Is the OP of last week's thread () here or no? What do they think of this week's chapter?

Prediction: Matsuri also splits into 3 versions: male, female, and young boy.
Each of them pairs with Mei, Suzu, and Kanade to make matching triangles. Live together happily ever after.

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possibly a small mini arc while he transitioned from jump to jump+ so he didn't mess up a big storyline but also didn't have to use filler?

Stop! Just stop!

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Enjoy, this is the closest lewd nu-yabuki is willing to give lolizu


Japan's ban on same sex marriage is cunt-blocking Suzu and Matsuri.

I guess Yabuki has a limit of 2 lewd pages per chapter in Jump+.
Useless plot again

>Grab the loli and run!
Always good advice.

live futaba AT thread:

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Perhaps, though it feels like it’s establishing 100% where the series is gonna go, and I liked that there was a little bit of doubt in the back of your mind about whether Matsuri would really change back or not. Considering how used to it he was getting.

>You should come out sometimes.
Oh yes, the next time she comes out we'll finally get some loli Suzu lewds!

Sasuga kazamaki ninja

Odly cute

Is it me or I can see the endgame coming

I hope with the move to Jump+ we get more scenes like this in the future. Maybe even one involving Suzu if we're lucky.

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They really just flat out said
>Suzu is a fountain gushing out a thousand years of pent up lust.

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See you all in 2 weeks time!

I doubt it’s heading straight to the ending or anything like that. I think with Soga’s sister and now Kanade, they have characters that might show up more, so it’s hard to think it will end anytime soon.

So three weeks of chapters then break every fourth chapter?

now the real question is how he'll pacify the shadow
perhaps one of her dastardly "make suzu jealous" schemes will backfire/work too well and she'll be the one falling for matsuri
and then she will be too aligned with suzu's horny to properly overtake her

Damn you Matsuri. Fall to yuri already.

>1000 years of frustration
This poor girl is going to itch the ditch until it fills the ocean.

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By Yabuki's words, the confession was the halfway point, which would place the end somewhere around chapter 150. Of course this is subject to change. The manga will certainly not end before the anime airs, and going by the infos we have, the anime is still far off. Studio is apparently still working on chara designs.

Suzu toilet scene when

We still have to deal with a bunch of stuff

>Mei and Garaku
>Soga getting Over Matsuri and finding a cute gf
>Reo losing
>shota comeback?
>Ninja stuff
>Matsuri's dad?
>Lu's alien stuff and Shiromatsu
>What will Suzu do to get rid of the seal/master it

Only now do we have the entire Ayakashi Triangle operating somewhat independently. The game is just starting.

>2 lewd pages per chapter
That's not a limit, it's a minimum. Both were thrown in with comical abruptness in an chapter otherwise unrelated.

>puddle between her leg