3x3 thread

Post your taste and criticise the taste of others.

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I like those but wouldn't put most of them in my top 9.


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Hunter x Hunter and Yotsubato are nice.
Haven't read Dungeonmeshi in a while, should catch up on that.

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>Haven't read Dungeonmeshi in a while, should catch up on that.
It's quite plot heavy right now. Has been for a while, and there's good reason to believe it's approaching its ending. So reading it monthly on release feels a bit off at the moment, to be frank, unlike it did for the episodic cooking adventures format it had for most of its run. Just saying, it might pay off to wait until the current arc is done to catch up, unless you're really in the mood for it.

Sonic X
One Piece
Death Note
Code Geass
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt

You do realize that your bait would work better if you actually made it into a grid, right?

5/5 I gotta watch more old shit.

4/4 How is Zombieland Saga?

4/5 I just couldn't get into Samurai Flamenco

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>How is Zombieland Saga?
Well, given that I consider it one of my favourites, you probably can predict my answer to that question.
Whether you'll like it depends on whether you enjoy some lighthearted comedy about some undead girls being exploited by an idol producer on a mission. (It mostly is a mix of dark comedy and CGDCT, with some of the strongest characters you'll find in the genre.)


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Not posting your manga grid today?

7/7 solid taste and interesting choice of screenshots

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>Not posting your manga grid today?
I post it too much, though I also realized how much I need to update my anime grid.

>I need to update my anime grid.
With what?


0/9 (Kill yourself)

>0/9 (Kill yourself)
Why so agressive, user?

blue is a good color
crop the black bars off your mob picture

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Exquisite taste

Something So Very Obviously Enchanting About The Girls Dezaki Portraits: They Are Naturally Beautiful. They Turn To Nothingness As They Walk In Slow-Motion, Their Lives And Flesh-Trauma Turned To Marble. Their Tears Are Suspended In Time, Forever, As Pastel Paintings.
That Has Allured Me For Years - I Truly Wish Cinderella Melodrama Would Make A Comeback. Femininity Should.
Though Ping Pong Is Remarkable & Some Of The Best Of The Decade -And Following My Previous Statement's Dezaki Talk- I Can't Help But See It As A Faster "Aim For The Ace! (Only The Original First Season, Without Death And Age-Gap Relationships)...... The Similarities Are Countless From Experimental Imagery To The Character Dynamics. IDK Which One I Prefer Because Hiromi Is A Personal Fave Character But Ping Pong Is Obviously Tighter And More Gratifying
Penguindrum I Like. Welcome To Rock 'N' Roll Night~~

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Great use of screenshots. What's top right?

Based Hotori-fag. What's top middle?

Mindfuck overload.

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>Something So Very Obviously Enchanting About The Girls Dezaki Portraits: They Are Naturally Beautiful. They Turn To Nothingness As They Walk In Slow-Motion, Their Lives And Flesh-Trauma Turned To Marble. Their Tears Are Suspended In Time, Forever, As Pastel Paintings.

I really think you’ve hit one of the many reasons I love Dezaki on the head. His works are so unapologetically emotive and they feel that much more real and alive because of that. It’s so easy to love these girls (and just the characters in his works) in general because it’s so easy to get into their headspace and sympathise with their struggles and how they work to overcome them. It also helps that Dezaki tends to take a romantic view on human nature and ends up exploring some very difficult to define emotions that people feel as a result. I’ve honestly never seen another director who produces works that feel so human and real. A lot of anime feels very anti-human or at the very least emotionally shallow by comparison.

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What are the point of these threads besides the same dozen retards posting their shitty 3x3s where it's overtly obvious they're pseuds or making fun of pseuds rather than posting their actual taste? Are there any genuine 3x3s in 2022?

What makes you think anons aren't posting their actual taste? You can ask them what they like about their picks and they'll gladly explain, you know.



sell me on eureka 7

How about you post your "actual taste", user?

What criteria do you use to determine what goes in your grid? I have a lot of 10/10s but I wouldn't necessarily say they're my favorites. Like Ranma was very enjoyable and I think it deserves its standing as a classic, but I'm probably never going to sit down and watch all 160 episodes of it again so I won't put it on a grid.

Is Ranma episodic? I enjoyed Urusei Yatsura and thought of watching Ranma.

More or less. There are periodic 2-3 episodes that are linked then it'll move onto something else. I'd still advise watching them all in order since he learns new skills and things happened that may be referenced later.

It's pretty simple: If you don't consider Ranma your favourite, you don't put it in your 3x3. No matter how flawless you think it is.
And if you consider something that is very flawed your favourite, you put it on your grid.

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What's the orange robot girl on the middle right from?

That's neither an orange nor a robot, user.

not that user but Hibiki from Symphogear, don't let /m/ fool you she's not really a god killer, just interdimensional cholesterol.


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You will never fit in btw.

i like you ;)

Tenshi Tamagoo was pretty good

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You appear to be a Gainax fan.


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Too many: ~ 80%


Anime: 6/8
Characters: 6/8

Iʼm digging that file name.

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youre me 2 yrs ago

nuh uh

2/5 I really gotta check out more old stuff so much cool shit I've yet to see
2/3 I didn't get the appeal of zombie land saga. Nice Cutie Honey pick though
3/6 I didn't think it was possible for a manga to fill me with as much joy as Yotsuba& did
3/7 Flamenco was a ride
3/7 planning on finally watching Eureka Seven soon. Based Zetsubou Sensei pick
4/6 I was debating putting Tatami Galaxy on my 3x3 as well, what a fucking amazing series
3/8 A friend of mine has been telling me to watch Yuru Yuri for years now and I still haven't
4/9 Sakura my beloved
2/6 Petite Cosette looks really good and I'm excited to check it out
5/9 Hotori is the single most charming mc in any series
1/3 Honestly respect for the shameless Mirai Nikki pick
3/10 too many anime!
6/8 Gintama fans deserve to be hung
7/9 I wish Kurapika was a woman
7/9 You started watching anime last year didn't you?
5/8 silly

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Not him, but these threads are such circlejerky trash that it's not worth the effort to actually put any effort into it. Why don't you fucks just make a discord server so you can suck yourselves off somewhere more appropriate?

Fuck that one made me sad. Great movie but I never want to see it again because I can't take it.

Yeah as someone who cares a lot about family Maquia destroyed me when I watched it. It's such a beautiful looking and sounding movie as well, there were a few shots of the major industrial city they were living in for a bit that blew me away



See and

6/6 nice
7/7 great taste
2/2 I need to watch night of the galactic railroad
6/7 haven't seen many people on this board who like maquia. After a few rewatches I found some things im not too fond of but overall, still love the movie

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I don't see it. Why wouldn't people talk about their favorite director in a thread about their favorite anime?