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How excited are you for Super Smartphone?

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what is this shit

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it's not as retarded as I thought...

First page and it's already feeling kino

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Why is the guy more fuckeable than the girl

earthchild didn't start retarded but here we are

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you're just gay, user

>Yeah he is smart but don't want to stand out by deliberately answered some questions wrong

This is isekai MC level of self-insert.


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Well he purposefully try to get a certain amount of point which is harder than try to A the test

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Doron coming for Yozakura's NECK with the slice of life between plot chapters

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faggot comments

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care to dump akane? I'm kind of busy today

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I think the mangaka took show don't tell a little too seriously with showing us he's a genius but it's really only the first few pages that are like that

because he's been drooling in that image and fluids make people think of sex

Earthchild's first chapter was abysmal.


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The pressure is starting to get to his head.

smartphone is fun

Ginchiyokeks, you guys still think Yujin is related to her?

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Stupid Smug Rakugoist..

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Today’s PPPPPP was Mwaaah *chef’s kiss*

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Unironically, I'm starting to wish Doron would just become a slice of life manga.

it's late at night here and i'll be off to work tomorrow so i can't sorry

Liking sol more than battle shonen is a sign of growing up.

We all have something we can learn from Reisuke.

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>here's your new chad, bro

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After making multiple SEX posts every week, I've finally decided to actually read the first chapter of Akane. Pretty good honestly.

>doron got a thread and ayashimon didn't
ayashimonbros...when did we stop winning ?

we need more JK's like akane and less trannyshit like roboco

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shut your whore mouth right now roboco is better than all your favorite series combined

>t. shitgomaretard
Imagine getting this mad at Robokino because your own tranny gag manga is a huge flop.


Trust in the plan.

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>earthchild didn't start retarded
Well you clearly did

Jesus christ Hakari fucking sucks.
This is Gege's autism and inability to relay information at it's fucking worst.
My lord man. I hope he fucking kills Hakari so we don't have to deal with this nonsense.

Doron Dororon Dump Thread:

that user does not speak for us or represent our views in any way.
t. shugomarutard

I was wondering how he was coping with writing such an awful manga

Same, this chapter was cool

the plan to dump akane?

agreed, roboco is peak trannykino

Holy shit we're finally getting an actual yu-gi-oh game in next weeks shugomaru chapter, although it seems like they might be using anime rules of only 4000 life points.
It also seems like it's actually ending this time too maybe, but ayashimons chapter didn't seem that axelike, haven't read doron this week yet

in doron the ayakashi king just showed up, so it's ending too

I think the MC is really cute, hope he gets some lewds before the manga is cancelled.

PPPPPP, Witch Watch, and Roboco continues to be the most well-written manga in Weekly Jump

Also I thought the sperg out over the word sus for nagotoro was pretty pathetic and didn't really mind when that other show this season did it as well but it really didn't fit here, there were other places in the chapter that used the word suspicious that could have put sus in in a less bad way than where they did put it.

>more loliservice in this weeks shugomaru than in 3 chapters of jump+ ayatri

It's just like Saki's plus/minus zero

>best ways to earn money as a highschooler
>best ways to earn money as a highschooler (male)
>enjou (crossdressing)

The guy looks a bit too masculine to pass as a decent trap, but I suppose it might fit right into some people's tastes.

I hope the series lives long enough that we get a school festival chapter that involves the MC crossdressing. (Realistically, this will never happen, but let me dream).

Not suepr passing traps that still look boyish are the best.

keeping up with the times, as always

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I'd rather omit the trap part completely and just have a cute boy, but overall I agree. Nothing worse than flat dickgirls that are so prevalent today.

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I agree.


>The guy looks a bit too masculine to pass as a decent trap
Just give him twin tail/wig and a cute dress and he'll look just as feminine as just about any other trap I fap to.