Love rival incoming

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So original and new!

Why are there girls fighting over someone like this?

Senpai is canonically good looking
>implying it's a girl

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>Getting baited this easily

Naga nails

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Poor Yoshi

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774 says he's going to sleep. Nice try, OP.


Nagabro was cute ngl

Even if Sakura literally went to rape senpai he would resist. There's no chance at a love triangle angle.

Official first time doujin when

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If some girl threw herself at Naoto, yes, he'd shut her down. If someone took a genuine interest in him? It would take at least a couple dozen chapters, but it's possible. The main problem is that it's been teased several times already and Nanashi always backs off from it quickly.

As for Naga, who knows? She SEEMS to be so head-over-heels in love with Naoto at this point that it SEEMS impossible that anyone could distract her from him, but I could believe her dedication to Naoto is (or rather started as) a replacement for feelings she had for someone else that, for whatever reason, she had to give up on but is now returning to throw his hat in the ring.

Not saying I particularly want either love triangle scenario or even think they're likely, I'm just saying it COULD happen. It's an extremely common trope in romcoms for a reason.

wasnt it stated that Nagatoro didn't really gave any fucks about romance and boys until Naoto showed up

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I still don’t get what’s there to like about senpai when there are likely a lot of other guys like him at the school.

Women like the idea of claiming somebody who is a latent Chad, ensuring no other girl will want him prior to being claimed, and plagued with problems that they can "fix" through their love.

The easiest answer is because Nagatoro is engineered by Nanashi to like Senpai.
In this specific series, she likes him because she likes him.

Kind of but not really? It was suggested by other characters based on their interpretations, but I think it left the door open to her having a romantic past all the same, maybe one that just didn't go very far (and thus left a lot of questions unanswered).

Meanwhile, it was far more directly stated by Naoto himself that he previously had zero interactions with women, couldn't even look at them, and that's been contradicted thoroughly since then.

100 chapters too late for that. At this point it's basically impossible to introduce a love rival that wouldn't destabilize the manga's rep.

I doubt there's any other prime DiCaprio lookalike with a 30cm cock who's passionate about art in the school

I thought that presidente was already the love rival during the festival arc, since Nagatoro was jealous of how Senpai admired her

So was Hana
So was Shikki in the shower
774 has done that trope three times now.

24 hours
There’s no “rival”

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Bullying (love)

24 hours
"rival" maybe there

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It's just one hour to go until Monday midnight in Japan

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It's already Monday there.

How soft are Gamo's gamos?

For one thing, Naga isn't just a dweeb chaser or whatever it is you're implying. Senpai has a lot going for him that sets him apart.

Either way, what does the existence of other romance options have to do with whether or not Naga likes Naoto?

Nah, just catty bitches

So now?

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Happy mother's day for nagatoro's mom.

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We're counting down till chapter release. just because it's already Monday there doesn't mean it's out yet

Pov: you are Yoshi

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Nagamonday for us is Nagatuesday in Japan

Yes time zones are a thing

What did he mean by this

>Day 2
>Free time
>For some reason, Kenny and Takao decided that they want to see Ninja museum with Sakura
Can anyone explain

Sakura will have her threesome one way or another

One is in the dark with a little bit of light
The other is bright with shadows lurking on

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When you say threesome... as in, they go as a group of three?

>Listen Takao, i know we have to protect this girl, but she is a lost case,she is a total puta and wants to rape us, i say we should leave her here and if we are lucky, she will never come back

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I really hate how the anime made her forehead seem like it's swelling.





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Here my prophecy nagabros:
If there is a love rival, the quality of this manga will drop, and will be headed in the same direction as Komi. Hail 300 chapters!
>on a more serious note why isn't the love rival Hana or someone more thoroughly introduced, if it even is a love rival. Personally I think they are just arguing over some dumb shi but thats just me.

>Nightdate when?

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>Naoto confessed
>Hayase accepted
>Kiss on the forehead
>Nagatoro wakes up kissing her pillow
>At school, she goes to the library with her friends
>She sees a gloomy boy like in her dreams
>Brush it off and continues talking with her friends

You need not worry

one on the right looks like Naga
the one on the left looks like...

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