Why are there so few anime that focuses on dinos...

Why are there so few anime that focuses on dinos? With how they look like it would be expected for them to be more popular.

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I'm with you op, you would think there would some kind of jurassic park derivative by now

Yeah, Japs don't seem to be that into dinosaurs, like whenever they show pre-history, it's inevitably the Cambrian period, maybe they're too similar to dragons


I expected more at least in children's anime

I assume kaijuu already cover the action side of things with dinosaurs.

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What is exactly happening in this picture?

Do you really want terribly modelled and animated 3DCG dinosaurs?

>Feather rex

Source for the picture op?

Yeah, its a mistery why its not a thing yet.

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>Dino thread

Alright I'll ask here just for the heck of it. There was a thread here in Yea Forums some time ago where the poster said 'The author of Ultra Battle Satellite has a new one shot about riding dinosaurs.' And I remember seeing a few of the pages, protag was riding a big raptor with a feathered crest compared to the others who didn't. (as if he and his raptor were from a different land) but I have been unable to find it again so maybe the author was different?
Could have sworn that's what the thread said though. But nothing regarding dinosaurs comes up under his name (Yusuke Utsumi). Does anyone happen to remember or hearing that one shot?

Why do mutts fail to understand how societies and different cultures work? They want everything and everyone to be like them.

It could fall into an studio that does acceptable CGI. Difficult but possible.

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There is a good one called DINO-PREHIS

Delete your fac.e


Nips do not care about dinos, that's all.

Dinos are just edgy chickens

They still enjoy the aesthetics. Just not enough to make them the main focus.

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Orange did a decent job at animating kaijus in Godzilla SP but not everyone can get them

They do, or did.

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They should make something like Island of the giant insects. I only liked it for the yuri scenes.

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I remember people calling it a Pokemon rip-off. They even have their own Doronbo gang/Team Rocket.

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>underestimating chickens

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Japan hates dinosaurs.

Heard about it but never watched it.

well i tried looking in the archive, and man you've been asking about this a long time
you should have said it was at least a year ago

The ankylo is truly the tank of the dinosaurs.

Because other fictional creatures are more interesting
Or you could focus on real things like dragons instead

>real things like dragons instead
Did I miss something?

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I remember playing the game and BTFO by Seth. He has an unwinnable battle the bullshit as a kid I thought I had to beat him so kept turning it off and it all over again. Took me a while to figure it out.

I've been waiting for someone to sub this for decades but it never happened

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Wasn't there a manga about a girl tending to a JP style zoo.

That girl threw me into the r34 abyss.

dinosaurs aren't real

There kinda is with Gon I guess

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I asked about it sporadically since it was something pretty niche. I just figured someone would have remembered the thread since some of them are as time passes.

Emon had plenty of Dinosaur stories.

>t. birdbrain

because dinosaurs are not real

Reminder that the Doraemon movie with dinos were remade twice because of how popular it is in japan

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But they are.

We need a true Monster Hunter anime like you wouldn't believe.

Add lolis to your dinosaur anime and they will like it.

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>in be4 Stories or Riders is the one that gets an anime

There's probably a bunch of older ones before people stopped caring as much

Imagine them making it an isekai like the Hollywood movie.

That's what they probably taught the kid at school so he imagines them that way.

Kek. Japs like anomalocaris and hallucigenia more than dinosaur.

If you haven't seen it OP, "you are umasou" was about dinosaurs and in my opinion easily one of the best anime movies of the 2010's

I prefer not to remember.

Also primitive boy ryu was about cavemen and dinosaurs and was one of the best adventure anime ever made imo

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Definitely checking this one.

Yeah, the pixiv page says something about new theories but staying exciting or something

They would just depict them as the usual anime humans with superficial dino traits or generic killfodder monsters

>They would just depict them as the usual anime humans with superficial dino traits
Killing bites did this including the girl going full dino.

You know, an anime movie can be made using that image.

This already happened

Monhun already has that market cornered in japan