Blue Box

This is the best romance manga I have read in a while. The characters are likable and their interactions seem genuine.

Thoughts, opinions?

Also, chapter 0 of that series was fucking wholesome, godaaamn..

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The mc is too painfully beta. It’s impossible to enjoy knowing irl if he actually acted like that every girl would have negative interest in him.

Why are the threads for the manga always so dead? Often I go to sleep before the chapter comes out and by the time I wake up the thread is already gone.

The glasses dude is the fucking worst. N ever seen a character that's blarantly an exposition character.

Dump when?

I've gotten to a point where I'm no longer interested in picking up a manga when the sameface is as bad as in this series for example

Chinatsu x Truck-kun OTP

When the chapter drops in like 3 hours.

It's been mostly okay so far. I do kinda like the art, although like user mentioned there's some sameface in the characters.
It really should do something with the plot soon, otherwise it's just gonna be the exact same romcom-shit where there's 0 progress.

>less than three hours to go before the chapter drops
If this thread is still up by then do we dump in this thread or do we make a new one?


It's a nice comfy romance with solid writing that mostly avoids the use of hackneyed miscommunication tropes to create cheap drama. I'm a fan.

>avoids the use of hackneyed miscommunication tropes to create cheap drama
Did you read the last chapter?

Yup. I don't have a problem with it. Sorry to disappoint.

not enough waifus
bokuben was popular here because all the different girls

Those kind of series only generate attention on this board through waifufag shitflinging and/or cheap written drama and this manga isn't there yet.

it looked kind of fine at the beginning but now its a chore to read

I agree but in ch 0, the Oneshot, the mc was pretty fucking cool. Not too awkward, not too overt, and when the right opportunity appeared he grabbed her and kissed her. Thats fuicking awesome.

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I wanna marry Chinatsu

Dumping since no one else did

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Now that's fucking cute.


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just kiss already FUCK!

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And once again we have some clear, direct communication instead of dozens of chapters of cheap drama. Very nice.

How exactly is he beta? I'm struggling to think how is he worse than your average wimp or asexual MC in this kind of series. Unlike 99% of them, he acknowledges his feelings and has an actually valid reason for not confessing right away. Wouldn't say he's a great character, but at worst he's just guilty of being bland.

Chii absolutely rattled. Well done Hina.

Could still be Hina, right? From 1-2 years ago?

Only a couple chapters in but it reminds me a fair bit of Baby Steps' romance.

good chapter

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She's the only one that bothers advancing the plot, I swear give her some years with the dude she likes, do a timeskip or some shit and then after let Chinatsu come back more developed instead of this plain as fuck shit

>that's a surprisingly feminine perspective
Do they mean "feminist" perspective? Because getting married to rich, handsome man out of nowhere is peak female fantasy

What's she hoping to accomplish by telling Chinatsu this?

You have valid points, acknowledging one's feelings isn't something that betas do,but I also can't help but think that he uses the badminton nationals as an excuse to not confess to her yet.

(of course, I know that he hasn't confessed yet because the series needs to drag on and on for obvious reasons, but I am talking from an irl perspective)

Isn't he afraid to break the status quo, especially since Chinatsu had implied that she's not interested in romantic relationship and wanted to focus on basketball?

Thomas and Uber cup is going on. How's your favorite team?

Yes, but at ch 0 she said pic related. (of course its not canon but its the manga's general idea)

And it also makes sense right? We all want to focus on our dreams and goals, but when we find someone we trully like we let ourselves loose and grow feelings for them.

So in the main manga, she might have said that she isnt searching for a boyfriend, but on the other hand she is definitely dropping many hints, so does the mc. IRL, when you receive so many hints of interest you should at least openly communicate about it

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Being afraid to break the status quo, yes it is understandable, its a reasonable concern. But on the other hand, if you like someone very much, you should take risks and initiatives.

If our only concern is it to retain the status quo, we will never get what we want.

Stop calling the oneshot chapter 0. It's retarded. Is not chapter 0 at all, is a separate thing.

They live together, that's his main concern.

Wrong move
idk but this would end probably backfiring to hina

Wonder if the author will make a feet sniffing chapter like in his previous serie.

Maybe I missed the status quo thing, but I thought his main reason is he doesn't wanna make things awkward since she's staying with his family.

Speaking from personal experience, I can kinda understand Taiki, PoV of being unable to confess his feelings for Chii.
As of now he has quite a nice thing going on with Chii despite not living together anymore,
He's getting closer to Chii and he probably afraid that if he confessed and get rejected
Then all of his progress will be wasted.
Been in that position, and I still regret to not confessing my feeling since I am too much of a coward.