Movie thread

Post your all-time favorite anime movies.
For me I think it has to be Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai

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This will always be peak. Nu!ly fags not apply.

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This movie was actually alright, but I feel like most anime movies I have watched have been pretty mediocre.

kizumonogatari all the way

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pancreas, your name, weathering with you and a silent voice

I dont know why but this movie didnt click with me at all and I usually fall for every crybait show/ movie out there
maybe because the first fucking scene showed her dead so the tension was gone or maybe it was the cuckboy mc I dont know

Post has been up for 43 minutes and no one posted this.

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That's a long ass movie name.

manga was painfully average, 3 Days of Happiness would be the better movie adaptation than this

based and kyonpilled

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pretty basic but all good movies

It's all right. basically Your Lie in April in slightly worse as a movie

whisper of the heart

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God Yuasa

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thats cheating
it loses its effect if you havent watched the anime

idk about that, I mean i liked your lie in april but characters in pancreas appealed to me much more

Heard a lot of good things about that one, maybe I'll watch it tonight

still one of my fav movie

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I watched a silent voice yesterday and that deaf chick was so fucking funny to listen to.

thats how deaf people talk
t. almost got sent to a deaf school while pretending to be retarded for a certificate

Kizu, EoE, Disappearance for anime movies
Dead Leaves, Kaguya-hime and Inu-Oh for originals

The MC of I want to eat your Pancreas had no emotions and no personality.
I think the message of your lie in april was better. Rather than focussing on the "live every day like your last" one it was also about that everyone has to go their own way even if something bad happens, that we can prosper and grow because we experienced these situations. More slice of live less melodrama.

unrelated but Bojack Unbound was the first time I realized movie events didn't transfer into the anime. Have never watched an anime movie since.

Yeah, I just never heard a deaf person speaking japanese. It already sounds funny to begin with, but all those flat nasally sounds make me want to laugh right now.

no one posted this banger?

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>The MC of I want to eat your Pancreas had no emotions and no personality.

At first yeah, I think that was the point, but later in the movie (for example the scene in Sakuras room) all the emotions (and frustration maybe) finally started to leak after years of suppressing them

Is it true that the Nips hated Bubble?

It's hard to pick a favorite, but I'm very partial to Wolf Children. It's a little sappy at times but I think it's really beautiful and heartwarming. Perfect Blue is another favorite for sure. As for films that are a part of or a sequel to anime series, Kizumonogatari, Disappearance, EoE, and Beautiful Dreamer are probably the best I've seen. I might add Revue Starlight Movie to that list as well, though I've still only seen it once.

The End of Evangelion
Also favourites of mine

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Even if EoE was only style with no substance it would still be one of the best movies ever. Its genuinely pure masterpiece.

are there any other films like redline?

you mean where the mc parks next to the track for 5 minutes and in the next scene he is back at the front?

true, the sole third impact scene in this movie was probably the best audio-visual experience I've ever had

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Is wheelchair taiga any good?

Madoka: Redelion
Night on the Galactic Railroad
Utena Adolescence

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Sequels to TV anime aren't movies; they're just extended episodes.

Redline isn't movie; it's just extended AMV.

u jelly?

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Kiki for me, almost a 10/10 movie. I think I enjoy it more each time I rewatch it.
I saw Wolf Children last night for the first time. It was pretty good. I'm still not sure how I felt about Ame though. I may have to rewatch it.
It's pretty good, underrated Ghibli movie imo along with From Up on Poppy Hill

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I have a thing for slow burn, military kinos.

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I'll second Kiki. I rewatched it recently and it was too adorable.

>No supernatural gimmicks
>no pointless drama (only important drama)
>just a good old fashioned romance film
Why does Yea Forums not talk about this?

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for me it's CCA

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tl: yuki means snow

bros where is my terminally ill, slightly retarded gf that will drag me out of my apathy

I like kizumonogatari and koe no katachi more, but pancreas is still the one who messed more with me personally. I related with a lot of traits that the MC had, and this made me cry like a baby for half an hour.

She's already dead. You were too late, user.

Easily my favorite SoL.

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story of my life

I enjoyed this movie. Any recommendations?

Best Ghibli movie

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Enter Ideon: Be invoked

Totoro, Wind Rises, Akira, Ghost in the Shell, Koe no Katachi. Hard to really choose one.

Patlabor series (the movies) is somewhat similar. You can try them.

An underrated jewel of a film.

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It's not really like Redline, but Ongaku is a recent movie that is also 7 years hand drawn

All bad

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Was this ever subbed? I guess it just kinda fell off the radar for me


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It's Revue Starlight or Night on the Galactic Railroad. I can't pick but I will anyway

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I dropped this within 5 minutes
good picks


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