They spent all the budget to animate the fillers

They spent all the budget to animate the fillers.

What a waste.

The others spies blushing and praising Loid is cringe af. I hope that the show starts to really get into something meaty now that the admission stage is over. Good jokes, story or character development, doesn't matter, because right now the show is just a bit above average.

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>cringe af
the absolute state of Yea Forums in 2022

>cringe af
Yes. Keep crying.

ok op

Agreed until you unironically said cringe af

fuck off and kill yourself
they have all budget in the world
you watch it for free so stop sniffing little nigger

its animated by two studios you retard. the shitty episodes are probably done by cloverworks. this episode was done by wit so of course its gonna be fucking well animated and directed. its not a matter of budget, but a matter of studio. the absolute state of Yea Forums fuck off back to twitter.

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Not like this episodic anime has any valuable plot that needs proper pacing

>cringe af
Go back.

Zoomers aren't even human at this point.

No, stay mad, faggot.

You are literally watching shows for kids and teenagers you absolute retard, you're no better.

I thought it was wholesome af

i thought this ep was straight up zonkers my dude, cool af

Shut your whore mouth and crawl back to whatever shithole you came here from, retard.

What the fuck is that disgusting, untalented pedo freak doing with tsukushi?

You are literally one of them

what did you expect from the Xs for redditors?

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>le heckin wholesome comfy so good

Lmao reddit loser is seething. The truth hurts, doesn't it?

That's just a niggero trying to be the center of attention to avoid kill himself tonight.
In what way?
Trying to be a contrarian

Shoo monke man, the anime is fine and the manga is above average

Why are you talking like a mentally deficient normalfag?

>love interests aimed at young people
>surprised to see young people being young people when discussing said interests
What are you doing here? Too hard being a normalfag boomer in real life so you come here trying to ruin other people's fun? Reconsider your life choices, faggot. Better yet, go back. Go back to where soulless drones like you belong

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>r3dditors getting assblasted by the OP for telling them their "wholesome funny face XD" anime is trash
Kek, like clockwork.

You aren't fooling anyone

I swear this shithole of a site gets worse with each passing day

This thread is what happens when you let brown people access the Internet.

I enjoyed it

Nobody is forcing you to stay, retard

We already have enough retarded Twitter faggots, pol schizos aren't welcome either

yes OP by doing this you definitely fit in with the cool Yea Forumsnons you nigger retard

nobody is forcing you to be retard but here we are

Go be brown somewhere else.

Go be a retarded election tourist in the garbage dump that houses most of you

>mission rank ss over
>translated to: Mission rank is over SS!
Is that right? Hmm... maybe the guy on the walkietalkie was saying over at the end because that's how you communicate over walkietalkie? Any spergs want to chime in here?

this is Yea Forums and not reddit so fuck off with you're redditshow

How's that anime youtube channel going, user?

>Yea Forums anime/manga become popular to normalfag
>contrarianfag call it reddit now
I've seen this so many times, i swear i'm in limbo.

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Zoomer humor reaction image ain't helping your case.

He isn't talking like he's "mentally deficient." He speaks in a way that acts as a trigger for you by evoking people who upset you.

These type of threads are only the calm before the storm. CSM is going to be a hellscape for Yea Forums, only positive is that retards like OP will leave Spy x Family alone

You said what I said originally but in more words

Yeah, at this rate we'll be having The Promised Neverland season 2 and Wonder Egg Priority deja vu.

I'll take zoomers over boomers any time. Millennial master race though.

basically, you're being overly sensitive over something inoffensive for childish reasons.

>muh csm
nobody gives a crap about that shonenshit without some pungent trying to shoehorn in every thread

What's the appeal of moe shows and SoL stuff with no overarching plot or tension? No characters with goals, no tension, no interesting conflicts, nothing. Just empty husks of characters interacting

fuck all these redditfags

No I'm being appropriately sensitive over something that is retarded for valid reasons

>cringe af
Now I will watch SxF to spit on you

this anime is the perfect show to watch with your girlfriend, spouse or kid. Don't tell me you watch that shit alone with headphones? I admit this episode was more awkward than what this show delivered so far. I hope they wont animate over-the-top waste-of-government-budget action events such as christmas or Anya's birthday.

Every overly sensitive person says that. What are the valid reasons for you to be so sensitive?

>justify your emotions
autism... autism never changes, no matter the generation

fr fr no cap

Goddanm the loidman-raid music was great, and the animation in the yor fight was pretty neat. I particulary liked how she notices how loid is keeping his guard up, baits him into keeping it up and then punches him in the stomach, the sound design there was pretty cool too


Imho, While some of the comedy could be seen as childish, and yor's tits could be seen as teen coom-bait, i think the show holds up pretty well as an all ages anime

>I'm so sensitive to this thing for reasons I can't even fathom
Almost like you're being far more sensitive than you should be. Also, hate how the American left and right popularized "My feelings are the be all end all" as a valid argument. Every reaction has a reason. Yours is that you're just too sensitive and should man up.

What an Elegant troll.

These posts? All me.

>the loidman-raid music was great
Well it was made by (k)now name which are great unlike the faggot OP/ED music.

Retarded people are triggering

Blonde guy x yamato nsdeshiko is cringe, author is mentally ill

that scene's animation will be better than what hajime no ippo season 4 will get

i'm not the original guy you're talking to user, just identifying autism when i see it. also i'm canadian not am*rican. your first guy is merely talking shit, as is internet culture now and forever. i know you come on 4channel dot org to refine your Introduction to Critical Thinking skills but hopefully you'll realize soon this isn't the place for it

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>Yours is that you're just too sensitive and should man up.
He types, as both him and the other user are calmly tak-taking

What makes it retarded? Your feelings?

It's not autism; it's more fun prodding at the sensitive people here than anywhere else.

It's self-evident


I did saw that name in the credits, knew that i'd heard it elsewhere.

Lmao poor oxigen animu

>What makes it retarded?
His asumptions about the budget, and that it was a waste because he didnt enjoy it are kinda overly cinical and borderline retarded.
But thats par for the course here.

>Good jokes, story or character development, doesn't matter, because right now the show is just a bit above average.
>diasregarding the show's good points
>Comparing it to othe shows
This is why he is trult retarded

I'll give him that the other spies, particulary the younger one, getting wet for twilight(3rd best pony) is a bit over the top.

Not fair spybros why is the Kaguya getting a better adaptation when it's full of sluts?
Is this globohomo media trying to destroy our family structures by sabotaging our show with filler?

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