Otome Game Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai desu

New episode soon

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Is the manga any good? The anime seems really low budget

Character design looks way better in the manga. Pretty sure the tl is caught up and at early v3 of LN in terms of material covered.

Yeah, manga is top tier

>I can't believe I've got these two cute, kind girls right next to me,
>and I can't do anything with either of them.
Okay, but why?

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speedwatch faster retard

For some reason he's still thinking about social status when he has both power and money to say fuck you society I do what i want.

Leon is an eternal faggot.

I don't buy the "status" thing, if that's what it's about. One girl's status is low, the other one is high, his fluctuates constantly and he basically was ready to give up on it completely when he challenged the prince

He cares about the plot not getting too fucked up
He thinks they are too good for him
Status difference
All of the above are actually false. Leon is a coward and he rationalizes his behavior.

He doesn't want to accidentally break the game world and lead to a bad ending so he tries his best to not stand out (which is impossible for him to do due to his chivalrous values).

I like those lesbians.

Leon takes the meaning "All is fair in love and war" as that he should act like a coward in both situation
His status didn't fluctuate at all, really, it just keeps on steadily rising, but if we have to take the possibility that he was going to lose it all after the duel, then in theory he could get together with Olivia, but he's still a big fucking pussy and he would be away from the academy so she would have to make the first step anyway.
Probably the 2nd and 3rd step too, honestly.

>doesn't give Leon a thank you for the duel
>immediately goes to the prince instead
>doesn't at least give her body to Leon
>but instead went all lesbo for Olivia
No wonder Leon went with wanting to marry Mylene as a marriage partner instead of the lesbos they have no right to be jealous. You know know I'm glad they get shit on in the Marie route to be honest.

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Mylene today and we get to see the lesbians seethe.

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Hate swx with Angie

a lot better than the anime

lovey dovey sex with Angie

I'm so dreading how fucked up the Queens scenes will be.

Hard truths.
Angie has told Leon she loves him multiple times
Olivia has told Leon she loves him multiple times.
Yes, there is a love meter that's used to win the final boss of the Otome game, and yes the love between Oliva and Angie was enough to get them the weapon to do it, yet Leon refused to take the test so we never know what the ranking between him, and Angie, Oliva is.
Yes, Clarice is used goods. So is Marie, Mylene, Jenna, and most of the women in the setting.
The yuri stuff is mostly fanservice played for laughs, and Olivia and Angie never have explicit on screen sex in the light novels.
Marie never joins the harem, she has her own shit going on.
Leon has severe self esteem issues/self worth issues, and had them even when he was still alive. He's neither fully cuck, or fully chad
People lie about the LN/WN in these threads all the fucking time, and you shouldn't believe me either. Read the LN's yourself, or stop obsessing about fake spoilers

Manga is better in every way, last episode was pretty bad in how they basically skipped the aftermath of the duel with Angie.

Clarice made a major fuck up, but she really deserves happiness. I hope Leon will give her that happiness.

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when your wives flirting with each other

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god I hate this shit. it would have been better if the two of them where straight up lesbians rather than having to deal with this dangling plot thread and billions of waman throwing themselves at mobfag, including the fucking king. what is the point of calling this otome game is tough for mobs. its not hard at all.

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>People like Yumelia-san looked carefree, not understanding what was going on.
>When I turned back, it seemed she decided to wave her hand for the time being.
>As I was being soothed by such a sight, Ange opened her mouth after taking a sip of tea.
I just realized Yumeria wins against Deidre and Clarice without even a fight.

He doesn’t like they, he would fuck them but not date them, he hated the game they are from and the shitty world he is in, he is disgusted by wh*te wamyn.

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I wanted to see the two of them in suits. it's just not fair.


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the weak should fear the stronk

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cute old hag

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Oh god I wish that was me.

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Well her voice seems to match the character pretty decently.

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pissed herself

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I forgot, is she the one who became Marie's friend later?

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Yeah. I think her name is Clara.

once again manga mogs the anime

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Looks like it.

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That's later, if I remember correctly.