Black Rock Shooter

Which shooter would you rock?

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Black shooter

Good taste

I would shoot my rocks into her

This needs to be a game

no... we got too (many) pink cocky bros...

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BRS The Game exists already. Also there's a gacha coming soon. Different settings but both post-apocalyptic like BRS DF.

Looking forward to yet another episode of fansub drama. The most fun thing about this show.

>yet another episode of fansub drama
I thought that IsThisYuri group was already the main group for this.

I'd be surprised if Gun makes more than one episode, I'm not sure if he even watches the show. But at this point the main group is the official subs that now come out on Wednesdays, although Nandesuka appears to rip them with a delay. Wouldn't stop some kind of a half-troll MTL release from appearing anyway.

How I miss the real BRS. How fucking terrible.

There is no "real" BRS other than the original plotless character design.

>original plotless character design
Can't accept the first story? Sasuga newfaggot.

Does this have loli rape?

Yeah every episode, it's almost hentai. See

Sugita really does a great job.

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wake me up when Arche releases their subs

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>BRS shoots smiley in the groin

So to wrap up. Yes she was rapped, but only once. STR and onii-chan were able to get her out after Smiley got doughnutted by BRS.

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this is the best BRS work since the game, though? not that it means much anyways.

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What does this mean?

Oh no, who will marry her?

>dat pose
>bare feet and legs
I know this scene is supossed to be horrific but why is Disney making it seem sexy as fuck?

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>this is the best BRS

Nevermind the first part, I didn't even realize she had weird heterochromia from the start.

Wrong. Mad Max postapocalyptic wasteland is rather unimaginative and stale. BRS and co. being representations of the unstable minds of highschool girls was way more original and dare I say, kino.

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Thank Tensho

>Best BRS
In terms of tone and setting? Arguably
In terms of literally everything else? Hell no

We're just trading one schizophrenic cast for another, no matter the setting.

This user is my nakama.

the newfag strikes again

i prefer mad max terminator kino sorry my fellow schizo friend

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sell me on the show

Be honest true schizo, you hyped just because THE RAPE amirite.

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strength drinking

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Robots are trying to eradicate humanity, and only zombie cyborg lolis can stop them.

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Not him, but I'm hyped because of the complete absence of Mari Okada

It's just robot rape. No different than a walking vibrator. Still pure.

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nah i dont give a fuck about that and its not like there is anything graphic in this anyway. I'm more hyped because more post-apocalyptic BRS (I like THE GAME more than OVA/TV if that wasn't obvious) and the only thing I prefer in the 2012 anime over this one are the fights.

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WHAT was the purpose of that gigantic tube shoved up her pussy?

I hope it will turn out that Smiley did manage to impregnate her, and that she's now pregnant with another zombie cyborg loli demigod gestating in her womb.

I kind of like this new one, it has more brass balls but the animation is uglier when compared to the old one. The one old is ultimately better though because it has more yuri.

>I like THE GAME more
Back to Yea Forumseddit fag.

>the one old
the old one*

He was jizzing nanomachines inside them trying to turn them into cyborgs.

Man, I want to rape Miya as well, now.

honestly what the fuck is BRS about?
>there's a game
>there's an anime by okada
>there's another OVA
>then there's pic related

I wan to lick her thighs.

I wanted to see pregnant lolis in legit anime like pic related

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I just want to see some lolis got fucked bros why its so bad...

you KNOW she LOVES it

>only on Disney

To not have her filling the tube with excrement?

>Yea Forums in a nutshell
Kill yourselves, pedos.

The game is the best version of BRS.

Kek this is now redo of rape

Of FUCKING course it had to be a white man postrayed as a rapist.

>redo of BuRShit*

>grabs some shitty SVP build for MPV
>CGI scenes are 1000x better
ok. i'm liking this show now.

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He is a Barbie doll.

Only a zombie cyborg loli with a giant particle cannon can kill me.

Cute girls

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