Is kaguya the worst MC ever?

is kaguya the worst MC ever?
i cant think of someone more pathetic

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>i cant think of someone more pathetic
Watch more anime.

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At least Shinji was able to put his life together. That loser is nothing without the giro he simps for.

Shinji is nowhere near as pathetic, the fuck are you talking about

>let me use this character which is purposely being painted as pathetic by the author for the example

But Kazuya's supposed to be a role model, the way that he is.

This one

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>purposely being painted as pathetic by the author for the example
So is Kazuya. What's your point

Cuckren is still worse

This one panel of him still cracks me up whenever I see it. Motherfucker's sprawled out like a sarcophagus, he popped such an intense boner that rigor mortis immediately set in.

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Shinji fights aliens and has seen some titty, and Kazuya's done neither.

>Character assination=/=being a bad character all along.

>he is pathetic on purpose, so it doesn't count!

The same happened with Kazuya

Time to remind you again.

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You shall give Chizuru and Sumi the thanos effect (Chizu wants to obliterate those feelings, and Sumi was already taken by a shota. That leaves Kazuya with just 2 psychobitches).

Have you looked at the mirror lately?

Takemichi is worse.

>started out as a retard who pays women to date him
he was always a subhuman


this dude had a orgasm in a public pool,how can anyone be this horny?

Shinji got laid though, with an older woman no less.

Right is probably a more respectable man than Kazuya.
>Inb4 he's the equivalent of a reddit user or something

>is kaguya the worst MC ever?

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Dog and scum's MC is worse than Kazuya tho.
>Spineless and a cuck during HS.
>A resentful incel that killed Shuji the chad out of incel jealousy. Instead of admitting his shortcomings, he ran away into amnesia.
>Now a potential wife beater now that he regained his memories.
Reika was right when she assumed Sakuraba was the scum all this time.

>whore sucks simp money by leading him on
>author sucks self inserters money to fund the anime
life imitates art

Nah. He starts out like that but in the end gets his shit together and fixes his life. Not to mention he fights bizarro alien-like creatures named after biblical angels inside a giant cyborg related to them.

No he didn't, and even if he did with Misato, that would just make him even more pathetic.

Despite being very pathetic he still manages to get the girl, how about you?

Shinji's problems are understandable given that the fucking world is ending, he's being drafted to war, by his distant father, and has no mother of his own. All that responsibility is pushed on to him by the government as well.

Eren at least has a 27cm dick

Icekaguya arc was such a turn off. Imagine the schizo being revealed to be an unironic schizo with multiple personalities

When did Shinji ever cum to NTR fantasies?

But he is the one who made the call(s)


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I didn't like the iceguya arc but I've seen people say it's one of the best without ever elaborating on why they think so.

Shinji is placed under unbelievable psychological stress without any kind of a support network and yet continues pushing forward through immense physical suffering until he finally snaps. The "pathetic Shinji" memes need to die.

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He may be a failure, but he has the courage to chase his (admittedly ridiculous) dream which automatically makes him superior to cold, bitter, and loveless incels like (You) who value what little self-worth they have over a chance of happiness.

Kazuya may be a loser, but he's got soul.

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KanoKari? More like KinoKari

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This is what I imagined Abyssuya would look like.

Anyone who has to resort to strawmen like Kaguya or Keima has deeply seated issues with socialization.

I agree. Internet celebrities are loveless and only care about money

I still refuse to believe this is real.

Why? He gets excited by NTR in chapter 1 or 2.

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It's just too much this time.

No, he's pretty much the worst. I can't even picture him and Chizuru in a healthy long term relationship. When he's not making retarded faces or worshipping Chizuru, he's going insane over how insecure he is and comparing himself to other guys. Even his family and friends, outside of bucky beaver, think him a loser and complete joke.

Wait, are incels still seething over the Eren self-inserter massacre? If only they put that energy into having sex.

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Good thing it's being written so that (you) canonically end with Ruka. I can't wait.

he is already a cuck in his fantasies

What is this retarded shit? Thank god I dropped SnK after the basement

What is coming next.
Kazuya's new look
Pic rel is just a reference.

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Kuri got over that bitch and looks like he gets along with Mini the best.
Story is devolving into a love triangle. And if we consider mangalatam spoilers may be reliable, Kazuya is about to accept reality.

The great incel/brainlet filter.

I just read the mangalatam spoilers. He's finally doing the right thing by giving up and Mini's just straight up gonna get him to start simping again. Fucking unbelieveable.

everyone pays

Lots of women have low standards.
If you're pathetic enough to simp to that level just to get a girl to notice you, someone will but then you're already a lost cause and a disgrace to your own sex..

>he still manages to get the girl,
He literally doesn't

Good thing that this time, Mini's attempt at make Chiz stop being a coward could backfire because of a bittersweet truth

And the only instances he is the MC in his fantasies are with a fucking underage for drinking in japan he wants to get rid of asap