Kunoitchi Tsubaki

>new episode
ya like ninjas Yea Forums?

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Yes, but crazies are attracted to the threads. Have to keep updating filters.

Can you fuck write something properly? You fucked up my filter.
Just ignore it, retard.

>day after episode
>only 4 posts

Is there another Kunoichi thread I'm missing here or what

Anons were jizzing so much in the last thread, that now everyone's exhausted.

To be 100% objective, the cuteness contest was supposed to be done in the male village. Whichever girl gets more cock is cuter!

>please make doujin

I was also wondering if there was a mass ban or something.

I enjoyed the last episode
I really liked this version of the ending, As much as the MC version and the "Twins" version

I think asians and Australians arent allowed to watch it nor post about it. Seems only north and south americans watch, and some euros.

Patiently waiting for ny wife Fuki's episode

We had like 3 threads reach bump limit in the last few days. It may just not be real cunnoichi hours yet

Okay this is getting really suspicious. How are they allowed to get away with ripping off Naruto this much? Naruto invented and trademarked the Shadow Possession Technique!!

Finally got around to watching it.

Good episode.


I have a new kunoichi that I want to fuck the most.

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They are set in the same world.

can you at least tune down your gayness?

ajisai is for extremely gently and slow breeding

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Indonesian here. We have like 4 legal streaming sites for this show.

What a molestable child.

Cutest kunoichi next week

I want an Ajisai, how to obtain it?

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Look how fucking flat she is.

I want to lure her with candy into...

Ah, so erotic

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I wish that was my penis.

Official profile specialities from the Gekkan Sunday page (not all of the characters were shown yet):

TSUBAKI: Everything
SAZANKA: Fire breathing technique
ASAGAO: Nothing
RINDOU: Summoning technique

MOKUREN: Healing technique
HOUSENKA: Shuriken clones

KIKYOU & UIKYOU: Sleeping bell technique

BENISUMOMO: Almost everything
TOUWATA: Camouflage technique

SUMIRE: Stealth technique
AZAMI: Thorn technique
TANPOPO: Rope escape technique

HIGIRI: Whirlwind technique
SUZUSHIRO: Perception
HASU: Misdirection technique

KAGETSU: Song technique
HOTOTOGISU: Kusarigama (chain and sickle)

ITADORI: Swift leg technique
UME: "Cooking (not a ninja technique)"

TACHIAOI: Physical combat [lit. taijutsu]
HAGI: Hiding technique

HINAGIKU: Hypnosis technique

AOGIRI: Sword quick drawing

AJISAI: "Still in training"

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>ASAGAO: Nothing
Asagao bros... not like this.

>Asagao: Nothing

Aren't they taught identical things? Why are their special skills so diverse that there are no doubles at all except Tsubaki-Benis? It looks like a mobage lineup and not a ninja school.

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It's a speciality, so the thing they're really good at, not the only thing they know. e.g. we know that Tsuwabuki and Housenka also know healing techniques.

finally we are getting the good stuff

can you do the likes and dislikes too?

Bad writing.

It would be boring if they all knew the same things.

I don't get it. How do you apply some of these in sex? Seems impossible.

I want the next episode already

It's just what they're best at.

>ASAGAO: Nothing

They could have just said "still in training" as well

I don't think she trains much to begin with.

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she probably just relies on retard strength

Reminder: we get to see Hinagiku get btfo again in another episode.

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>making her equal to literal child
That would be even more sad.

Can't wait for team horse ED having a card dedicated to her crying.

>implying they will get another segment long enough to justify an ED


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Hinagiku's birthday chapter.

It's sad that after Benisumomo meets her namesake, she will just be able to transform into man and use allure-jutsu to achieve 100% winrate against Tsubaki.

Hinakigu gets btfo (again)
this time by Rindou

>can you do the likes and dislikes too?

Likes: Good kids
Dislikes: Bad kids

Likes: Nee-sama
Dislikes: People who get too familiar with nee-sama

Likes: Food
Dislikes: Hunger

Likes: Masks
Dislikes: Busy times

Likes: Days off
Dislikes: Conflicts

Likes: Fishbones
Dislikes: Sazanka

Likes: Uikyou, watching fights
Dislikes: Anyone getting between the two of them

Likes Kikyou, watching fights
Dislikes: Anyone getting between the two of them

Likes: Training alone
Dislikes: Naggers

Likes: Training
Dislikes: Coldness

Likes: Reading
Dislikes: Bugs

Likes: People of integrity
Dislikes: Unserious people

Likes: Freedom
Dislikes: Plans

Likes: Sumire
Dislikes: Sumire when she's angry

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Likes: Justice
Dislikes: Sloppy people

Likes: Lively places
Dislikes: Punctilious people

Likes: Painting
Dislikes: Violence

Likes: Singing
Dislikes: Bugs

Likes: Kagetsu's singing
Dislikes: Noisy people

Likes: Fuki and Ume
Dislikes: Studying

Likes: Itadori and Fuki
Dislikes: Swimming

Likes: The sense of accomplishment
Dislikes: Sudden rain

Likes: Quiet places
Dislikes: Expectations towards herself

Likes: Her cute self
Dislikes: Things cuter than her cute self

Likes: Swords
Dislikes: Being made out to be a fool

Likes: Suzuran and Shion
Dislikes: Getting spoiled

Dislikes: Naggers


that´s like, every character in the show

>Likes: Sumire

They aren't robot.

Why does she dislike everyone?

>OP single's cover caters to footfags (and Sazanka butt fags)

Ajisai is a cinnamon bun of the universe

Her parents are pretty cute too.

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You guys are always "Mokuren this", "Benisumomo that"! And now you're all "man I'd love to rape Ajisai".

What about Shion!? What about Oniyuri!? Do you people have no love in your hearts for tomboys???

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Sorry, but her competition is just too fierce.

>Dislikes: Naggers

People unironically want to sexually abuse Ajisai.

Both we and the author are only joking about being lolicons.

Very nice. I love ninja child feet.

Why does everyone hate Hinakigu?

She bullied Asagao and also she presumed that she is cuter than Sazanka

She's ugly and looks like Madara.

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not sexy enough

She deserves worse.

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