Spy x Family is getting too big

Today two of my female co-workers asking me if I watch SxF. Weird but pleasant surprise

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Fucking zoomers.

This is a work that both boys and girls will love.

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>women talk to him

>Today two of my female co-workers asking me
beat their pussies up with your dong like they owe you money champ

>female co-workers
Ask her if she's a secret assassin and needs a cover husband

Larping isn't going to make women talk to you user

>Women talk to him
Please stay King, make yourself comfortable

Have you even had a woman talk to you? It's so boring.

Also what's with the "girls like it too?!" meme? What does that have to with SxF?

Never said women weren't boring

My ex used to be pretty funny if she wanted too, problem was she was also a massive bitch and refused to be happy.

Yes. Anime has turned mainstream over this last several years. Welcome to hell.

A girl talked to me about CSM and is excited about the upcoming anime. She is trans tho.

I still don't get why this show got so popular. Sure it's enjoyable so far, but I don't see anything beyond that to give even the average normalfag a reason to watch it. "Spy dude gets a family to complete a mission" doesn't have as much of an oomph as the kind of show normalfags usually stick to, is something like what I'm trying to say.

Doesn't count obviously

Kid is cute

Makes me want to pull my eyes out more than usual

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There's nothing wrong with women talking to you, you just won't get any sex incel.

>Characters are absolute coom bait for both parties
>It can be funny
>It can be sweet
>It can be violent
>It's not 10 year old girls piloting mechs in ecchi fashion
>Doesn't look like shit
It's easy to see why everyone likes it.

Because deep in everyone's heart, all they want is a wholesome family or love life.

It’s a shoujo manga after all

It's zoomer's first shounen that girls like

Yoru has stinky fart

yeah, no buddy...

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it's truly the attack on titan of our generation

>Characters are absolute coom bait for both parties
*all three

No, that was Haikyuu!!

Fujos aren't women

What is coom bait?

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It's just a well made, light hearted show that lacks the otaku bait that usually turns off a broader audience.

Something related to Yor and Loid

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I'm not a footfag, but I really loved Anya's tiny lolifeet in this

Is that someone getting blown up behind?

The truth is that most women get into manga and anime for clout with guys.

Yeah, multiple somebodies. Anime really tamed it down but there were body parts flying from that grenade.

Abe's plan is working they want childrens

the joke is that Yea Forums is only for sexless losers. by talking to women you betray your comrades.

Blonde guy x dark haired girl is big cringe

this attitude will not get you a tradwife.

blonde guy x dark haired girl should get adoption because happa children are cringe

The joke?

This shit seems like the most normie show in existence.

>he doesnt get it
Abe is disappointed user

It truly has gotten too big, when the memes about it have now become "hurr durr i hate popular show because it's popular look at me i don't get the appeal because i'm too cool hurr durr" instead of "kek endo taking a break again he's literally dying"

Wait until Chainsaw Man.

I want to talk about how Shihei Lin successfully rescued two lifer assistants from the shitheap and made them hit mangaka (Endo and DDD Tatsu)

Hapa isn't cringe if the father asian, the same happens with half blacks.

We can enjoy both, chainsaw bro.

Are you Asian by any chance?

If it was an ugly bastard wish fulfilment anime like Mushoku tensei Yea Forums would be singing its praises, really makes you think

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it deserves to be bigger

SxF will have more mainstream appeal, I think. CSM is the kind of show to blow up massively within the demo of people who watch at least some anime, but the subject matter of SxF makes it more accessible to more mainstream viewers.

is that you /r/handsoffhapas?

Yea Forums is singing its praises the contrarians have just arrived, it happens with literally every show that gets popular
Happened to Bisque Doll, happened to MT, happened to Spy x, fuck me it even happened to Paripi Koumei

I like CSM but let's be real user. SxF has wider demographic

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Yea Forums, you don't want to know how fat and ugly the types of girls are whom discuss anime irl.
>t. remembers the horrors of highschool anime clubs

Unironically times have changed
My little sister's group of friends all watch anime with mass appeal like Spy x, and none of them are fat or particularly ugly
They're not super hot or anything for being high schoolers but I'd peg them solid 5-7s

No, I'm latino

How do they even find new anime? Do they just watch new releases on crunchyroll or some shit?

anime is unironically mainstream now. when you say you watch anime, people get a bit excited or interested instead of repulsed like before because of its ease of access nowadays

Crunchy or other streaming services yeah, also twitter and discord server buzz
At least my little sister isn't in any general anime discord but some of the other servers she's in have people recommending, I think.
Spy x for example she picked up at like episode 3 because it was trending everywhere and one of her friends said it was good

Yeah depending on what anime specifically you watch, if you say you watched SnK or KnY whatever it's no less shameful or unusual than saying "oh shit I saw the last capeshit movie, how about you"
People might say nah they haven't but they're not going to be politely grossed out at the idea

yeah it's a normie anime
what do you expect?

Is Loid's spy agency taxpayer funded? Did all the money spent on Anya's acceptance party come from citizens' pockets?

>Crunchy or other streaming services yeah, also twitter and discord server buzz
Go back

this is hitler's origin story



I don't even have a twitter you spastic nigger, knowing how things happen or what normal human beings do is the basics of human interaction, get lost

You are trying too hard

They're a government organization and governments really only get money from taxes
>b-but sekrit operations to steal money and money laundering
Taxes and tariffs are the overwhelming majority of income for almost every country worldwide, to the point where the vanishingly small fraction of non-tax income can usually be completely disregarded

>taxpayer's money goes to an interracial couple
The absolute state

I LOOOOOOOVE fabricated success

A man.

Seriously though how the fuck did the feminine penis joke come full circle

>german + slav
Taking blood purity very seriously I see

>artificially good
>dishonest animation
>forced humor
>beloved by normalfags
What went so wrong?

You being too high up your own ass is what's wrong.

SnK is the most mainstream anime in the last decade and a half and GoT is the most mainstream show, both of them have far more in common with CS than SxF.

ITT: Underground Syndrome. We hate (too) popular things.