ITT: Most aesthetically pleasing OTPs

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Oreki x Ibara is better.

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>can't beat this

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If Chitanda were as small as Ibara, then Ibara wouldn't have stood a chance

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All siblings, but these two the most.

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I don't ship them but Asuka is the girl Shinji looks better with.

This. Too cute

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>annoying waifubait and literally me

Their color scheme clash with each other so nicely.

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>10/10 relationship in an otherwise 2/10 manga

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These 2 look pretty good together.

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My niggas.

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>author still draws them together

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Damn this pair is toxic especially that dick William. William literally fucked up his fiancee like a fag.

beat me to it

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man i haven't head that word in some time brings some weird memories

me and my waifu

They just look so nice together.

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This wins hands down if we're going purely by aesthetics.

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At least the author realized nobody gave a shit about the main couple.

Yeah, but the author literally didn't give a fuck about this crackship. I like them too, though. I feel like Ibara views Oreki as an equal more than Chitanda's seeing him through worship goggles.

Aesthetic? Has to be this
Even if it's actively horrible for both parties

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Second best sibling next to cat loli.
William's fiance is a bitch.

My favorite

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Any couple from Kuji's works are aesthetically pleasant.

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It really does suck for eleanor. She's such a nice girl and didn't deserve it but she's young so she'll forget about it in a couple years.

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I wish I had the anime equivalent of this
just give me anime adaptation already vanillaware

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>that ship
>even suggesting an anime
Kill yourself, be reborn and then kill yourself again.

I can understand why asking for an adaptation is bad but what is your fucking problem with my OTP

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Good, Yes. Very good OP,

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Because it's a garbage crack ship and based Gotou already has his cunnyhag wife. Ryoko is an insufferable schizo that dragged down the game by being the worst character and nothing but a nuisance.

Kyouka and Curly

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Gotou and his loli is interesting too but his pair with Ryoko is all about subtly, from both sides, this is what makes it so appealing
>Ryoko is an insufferable schizo
but this is cute

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>his pair with Ryoko is all about subtly
So subtlety is how you describe the complete lack of chemistry and any kind of tangible romance between them.
>but this is cute
You would be a better fit for her bro, since you both need to take your meds.

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Cute, canon and aesthetic as fuck.

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I never realized not just how perfect they were for eachother but what a sexy couple they make until the kiss that still has not been surpassed by any WSJ series I'm aware of.

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Let's go back to 2014

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Is this kagerou daze?



>still seething after all this time