My friend is an Asukafag, how do I show him the way?

My friend is an Asukafag, how do I show him the way?
I already told him:
Yui > Unit 01 > Child Rei > Unit 00 > Rei > Clones of Rei > dogshit >>>>>> Asuka

How can I make him understand he's wrong and his waifu is shit?

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Rei is cute and quiet

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No user, your waifu is shit

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You're all wrong. Hikari is the best girl

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She really is

Touch his penis and make him a Kaworufag

I’m afraid it’s you who need correction.

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Your friend is right while you're a faggot

I'd rather be a homo with Angel Jesus than deal with Rei's autism, Asuka's bitchiness, and Misato's daddy issues.

Ok, fag.

>my friend

there are really people who would prefer an autistic clone of mc's mother to a real ginger tsundere with emotions? Sounds kinda dumb

I have the perfect solution, you and your friend should kill yourselves

You can get with Rei and he can get with Asuka. No need to fight over it. The way I see it, when I don't share the same tastes as a friend, that just means more for me!

Though I do understand you want to be able to have someone who feels the same way and gets how you feel, too. It's hard putting yourself out there.

reifags still seething their gil is shit/ cope niggers

>rei isn`t npc

Not for Mother's Day

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redpill him on the fact that Rei would be a perfect housewife unlike Asuka who will turn into a pump n dump roastie

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>Yui at the top
Good. Now show him Asuka's mom too and he will know their superiority.

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>My friend is an Asukafag, how do I show him the way?
It's simple:
Start talking about Misato: When he's convinced then stop.
Congrats: You show the best way

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rei is fucking with gendo. cope autist doll fucker

Wrong. Rei is only fucking with Kaworu, her only real love

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Post canon Kaworei

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No such thing.


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Kensuke has won the lottery literally


Kaworei is canon ship. Rebuilds confirm that

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Your friend has already arrived at the correct conclusion. You however, are lost.

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lmao both shinji and shitsuka got NTRd


Next level cope, yume.

Next level cope is you denying canon

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I like Kaworei because I can self insert as Kaworu who is a white canvas anyway

I self insert as Kaworu so I can be smashed by Shinji

Bit gay but whatver floats your boat, mon

Make him respect her drip

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wait, I haven't watched the last movie. Aren't they technically siblings? Also, I thought he was gay?

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Technically only Shinji and Rei are siblings. Don't know about Rei and Kaworu being siblings

Love Rei threads. People are mostly fun and civilized

>another red blue garbage thread
do none of you like eva for anything that isnt shipping or waifu?

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Someone must write a fic based on this movie but replace nigs with multiple Kaworus killing every female Eva character

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Yeah, I prefer violet vs yellow

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>People are mostly fun and civilized
Nigga what?

>Technically only Shinji and Rei are siblings
Again, haven't watched this in a while but I though she's a construct of his mom, an imatination of the form without the DNA or personality of the original. Kaworu and Rei are made from the same source material (technically not human) so they are closer to siblings than Rei and Shinji.

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>people arguing whetether Rei is Yui's clone or not
The absolute state of this fucking board

You will never be a real human.
You will never experience real human emotions
You will never have a will
You will never have desire, motivations, ambitions
You will never live, you just exist
You weren't made from love of 2 people
You are only alive because of failure
You will never make decisions by yourself
You will be used as a cum dumpster by Gendo
You will be used as a doll by Shinji
Nobody will love you or care about you
You will be discarded the moment he finds about who you really are
All your 'emotions' are just bad play
You are another failed attempt at creating le mysterious silent girl
You are a doll and always will be so forever
You will never be a real human

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Some continuities like Rebuild have an implication like Rei being sourced from Yui's body fished out of 01's core, and her character designer mentioned it once but nobody took him seriously because he said Rei had 50% Yui and 50% Adam DNA. Specifics are less important than the blanks in tubes and Rei quoting Yui the same day Shinji recovered the memory.

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given the choice between a bio hole and user human GF who loves you enough to die for you it's not a hard choice,

>50% Yui and 50% Adam DNA
so in that case she is half sister... wonder what the rate of genetic defects from getting a half sister pregnant would be, especially since half the DNA is completely different were as with humans it's more similar than not.

.. you think Rei would want Shinji to call her mommy in bed?

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>user human GF who loves you enough to die for you it's not a hard choice
Good cope. Still a mindless doll

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The stupidity of people here is fucking astounding. Physically, Rei is 100% Yui DNA. The Lilith part is purely the soul.

You ask while posting Anima Rei who would rather kill Shinji than be thought of as his mother.