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where's ram

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read the guide

a nice figure

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How much longer til the fumo sale?

20 hours or 8 P.M. PDT tomorrow

I'll be sure to be home then. Not trusting my phone.

ah.. I love Rem so much


What're ya buyin?

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lei lei when

Fuck that,i want a Q-Bee figure that doesn't suck ass...

I need a good Power figure to coom to. Any recommendations?

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theres not any

I don't mind 3rd party shit

Anybody else ordered Hoshiguma?

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acceptable as well

Posting my latest project to demonstrate that Freeing are just being lazy with many of their bunny designs.

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I'll take some better pics once it dries and I get her cleaned up

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bondage clock

>Freeing are just being lazy
You don't say.

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You inspired me user. Be right back going off to demonstrate that water is wet!

Water is not wet tho

Are those flail things actual weapons or just some idol props?

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Exactly, some people will say that fire is hot, some people shouldn't skip school.

here comes the attention whore again

First chichinoe figure that i like


someone's bitter

don't forget to post your photos on 2chan once again to repost screenshots of that thread here.
Could someone take a screencap of this page or at least link to another link discussing this figure? I don't have an account on the site and no way am I making one just to take a look at this page.

The fuck are you even after? None of the images are that good. All censored.

I just wanted to know what character and series it was, and what's the context of that figure.

Mousou Himegoto Shoujo Ni
Original CharacterOriginal Character
Magic BulletsMagic Bullets As Manufacturer, NativeNative As Distributor
Ama MitsukiAma Mitsuki As Illustrator

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Make an account, you stupid fuck.

I pre-ordered Lilith, never owned a statue before.
Something about her is so insanely hot to me. The person who wrote up the description gets it.

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>Mousou Himegoto Shoujo Ni
Is this really the name? I searched for it and didn't find any hits online.

Recommended me some figures with realistic/semi-realistic x stylized faces

Unbelievably based necklace

Got the box set a while back.

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Here's the back. I didn't get any bonus material from store exclusives.

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And here's most of my Symphogear stuff.


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Forgot to resize. Sorry.

Nice, I might give it a try after seeing your collection.

How much was it?

Just preordered this. See you in 2023 bros

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¥ 19,989 grand total including shipping off of Amazon JP.

Storm needs to hurry the FUCK up and make Juri and Morrigan.

Good shit. I'm probably never taking the plastic cover off the box though. It's a nice collectors item and don't see the point of CDs anyways.

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Nice daki

I pirated the music years ago. Mine still has the plastic wrap, too.

Please buy my porn

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That's a nice Chiyoko

Who's Ram?

For her? Actual weapon. For self protection.

I finally won the holy grail figure I've been wanting since 2014. I am so happy.

What is it?

Definitely had some spots this time that I'll need to touch up with a brush eventually, along with an unfortunate sharpie accident on her front. A bit of ethanol should get that off though.
Apart from that it turned out well.

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Nice. I downloaded it for free.