Is Spy x Family a kids show?

Is Spy x Family a kids show?

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cute daughter must protect and shower with happiness

It's a show for women.

if it is it's the superior kind of kids show that can be enjoyed by both adults and kids

Its a family show


It’s a show on how to make kids and live a happy life.

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Anime has definitely felt more kiddie than the manga.

Shonenkiddie's first non-shonen show

Why is she mad?

Feels like a standard shounen to me.

Takes after her whore father I see


Hello fellow anime fans, former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe here. Agent Twilight and Agent Yor Forger sure looked like they were having fun in today's episode huh?

Did you know that their SpyxFamily life is not that much different from an average home? Here's a fun idea, why don't we try it for a few years! Let's do our best and try to be father and mothers for our very own wacky children like Agent Ania, haha! Crazy!

Not today, Abe.

is it actually filler as in anime original or are you an animong calling something from the manga filler

Is it even worth picking up. Sick of my friends trying to shove it down my throat

Anything that is not in the manga = filler.
In the manga Loid would never waste WISE personnel time and resources on this drivel.

No. Just flavor of the month bullshit.

Why is she trying to correct the wall?

>no female spies available to play the wife role
>yet every fucking pencil pusher spy has nothing better to do than re-enact a cartoon
Anime adaptions... not even once....

Yes, and you all are manbabys for enjoying it.

why are you retards pretending to have read the manga?

It's precisely because I read the manga that I can tell the anime made WISE look like the Make a Wish foundation rather than the professional MI6 it claims to be.


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what are you trying to say here? that in the manga Loid didn't have WISE pay for the castle's rent and send every available agent to play pretend?

Oh? You hate socially acceptable thing to hate? How interesting

Oh? You always take the opposite of the popular opinion? How interesting.

Exactly. I don't see why spies would ever think that is a priority especially since the manga makes it clear that they are already stretched thin and makes it a point that nobody was available to play his wife when there are all these spies with free time to play pretend.

You should (re)read vol1 or google the chapter.

Or you could just tell me whatever it is you are trying to say. That would be faster.

then you're just fucking wrong dipshit

How so?

I forgot pic

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again, why are you pretending to have read the manga? or is your memory just that bad? there's an entire chapter dedicated to this castle shit

So WISE is a joke in the manga as well?

Yeah, a couple pages where the event was just drunk Yor and Loid punching Franky.

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Yes, although not as much as you blatantly lying to try and fit in


Why would I lie about reading a kids manga faggot? You want to quiz me or something?

just stop, user

No spy is available to play Loids wife since that requires them to "play" the role of the wife for an undetermined amount of time ( could be months, could be a year ) for Operation Strix to be completed.

You're comparing a spy being available for [lets just say 6 months] versus being available for 2-3 hours to play at a kids party then going back on duty

Also shut the fuck up, how many threads are you going to do this in?

how embarrassing

Jesus fucking christ what is this newfaggot autism. I never seen people so butthurt over fucking nothing.


Yeah, imagine being this sensitive to criticism.

This is hilarious.

Nice job outing yourself, tourist

>Why would I lie about reading a kids manga faggot?
Exactly. Couldn't imagine getting caught doing something like that.

It's a kids show like that other show about a kid in the aristocracy where the bad shit happens around him while he remains blissfully unaware, the conceit is that this is just like a cartoon for her

This is straight up cold war era spy games where people can and do get murdered for incredibly stupid reasons in the name of preventing world war three

Anya has seen (mentally) and witnessed (physically) the awful truth and isn't even fazed because she's been desensitized to violence

Why was this post deleted?

Why is Anya's family like this?

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Depends. It's a comedy action with wholesome tones. Pick it up if you think that synopsis sounds like something you would like.

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Because she wanted excitement.

Anya makes the best reaction images

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I wish I could, Abe..

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you faggots need to go back