Remember your edgy anime teen phase?

remember your edgy anime teen phase?

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Most of Yea Forums is too young to remember.

Never had one, i started watching anime in my mind 20's, but i still like some edgy trashy shit.

Yeah. I remember thinking that shit like this and Future Diaries weren’t hot trash

I never left it

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It's the only kino shit left unfortunately

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You nu/a/ fags started abusing the word "edgy" too much. No wonder everything is so soft now, if anything that gets even a bit threatening is suddenly labeled as edgy.

I always looked down on edgelords, even as a young teenager.

I do, and it was based.

There's a huge different between being and edgelord and being someone who likes edgy media. We are talking about autistic cartoons made by emotionally and sexually stunted chinks here, we don't need to take ourselfs too seriously.

Does the anime adapt all of the manga?

No, they had to finish it before the manga ended i believe.

Some of it. Wild times!

It roughly covers the first half of the manga, with some alterations and an original ending that left the door open for a continuation which never came.

you only call things edgy because you're a pussy. you are disguising your weakness as virtue.

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I do
I have since wizened up and returned to that phase

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When I was 13 I was mostly into harem anime since I was the target audience, self-inserting myself in the many Keitaro MC clones of that era. One or two years later I watched Elfen Lied and I was amazed by the idea of cartoons being able to depict such graphic violence and nudity. I quickly showed it to my friends and they all got into anime as well.
Sure, nowadays if I try to watch it I can see it's just shock value shit, but it was the kind of shit my 14-years old self loved to watch, and I simply can't hate it. And hey, it's better than haremshit.

You are retarded, noone here complains about edge because they can't handle some cartoon gore, they just feel shame about how they loved the edge as teens.

I didn't love edge as a teen and I always thought that those who liked it deserved to be raped like the fucking subhumans they are

No, when I started watching anime I was almost 30

>elfen lied
what's Yea Forums's suggestion
should i go anime or manga on this?

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Flip a coin. Head=manga, tails=anime.


the manga is really bad but has a better a ending,
anime has some redeaming qualities, like the music and a few cool shots, i'd say, watch the anime first and is you really want more, give the manga a shot.

I'd go with the manga. It's dumb but entertainingly so, and it has a definitive ending. I still got a kick out of the anime, though.


Never left it, I just watch edgy anime for the comedic value now

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But MSS is neither too edgy nor funny, It's just boring.

I didn't watch anime in my youth, I wasn't an incel.

(Elfen Lied is still classic)

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I'm thinking that 80% of Yea Forums is still in it.

>not edgy

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Wasted trips
I don't know what the genuine opinion on Yea Forums is though. It's an average enough anime for the early 2000's but compared to modern moeshit it would probably be mid-high tier.
People either like it ironically, hate it unironically, or actually like it but appreciate it's just an edgy gore shitshow

Ok, snobcel.

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Only the 1st episode, my point still stands

based perma chuuni.

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You're still teenagers.

I never liked gore.

those are old terms at this point, user, you're in your early 20s at oldest if you use them

at youngest, I mean. You'd have been a teenager in 2014-2016 though

They need to make more of them to filter faggots. In fact they should make one right now without any plot and only endless gore

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Same, stopped watching anime when I got into high school. I chose to have sex and get invited to parties instead. Love Elfen lied though

I've only come to appreciate chuuni more and more

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It's not 2010 anymore, you'll go out with random normies to drink and half of them will be into anime and will love to talk about it.

i had a coomer teen phase instead

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I'm having a coomer 30's phase


the first episode of the anime is worth watching at the very least

I never read the manga
Then I read the manga many years later
Then I became mad

same thing happened with Akira.
again same thing happened with Gunnm (Battle Angel Alita)


That show's gay as hell
Basically moe shit

Same here.
Though I still like haremshit sometimes.

Funnily enough, the author of Elfen Lied was directly inspired by Love Hina.

also this, I found harems interesting because they used to at least deliver on humor sometimes
now it's the same repeated shit with same character archetypes and nothing original
now stuff like blame! or freesia suits my taste

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Remember when you grew out of your I'm too cool to like things I liked when I was a teen phase?

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That's the one half of Yea Forums strugles with. It must suck, i never had it thankfully.

That's how you know half this board is in their early 20s.

edge is fun

I want to fuck this stump.

>Spending hours installing gigabites of Japanese h games that I couldn't read
>Modding Skyrim into a sex adventure
>Watching hentai basically every single night since I was 14
>Had pretty much settled into the idea of being a loser shut in before I was 17 when I actually still had a chance to be normal

I can't tell if this place ruined me, or if I was just another case of self fulfilling prophecy