"There could be GAIJIN here" she thought. "I've never been in this prefecture before. There could be GAIJIN anywhere."

>"There could be GAIJIN here" she thought. "I've never been in this prefecture before. There could be GAIJIN anywhere."
>The cool wind felt good against her smooth face. "I HATE GAIJIN" she thought.
>Yuki no Shingun reverberated her entire bike, making it pulsate even as the home-made barley tea circulated through her powerful thick veins and washed away her (merited) fear of tourists after dark.
>"With a Super Cub, you can go anywhere you want" she said to herself, out loud.

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Gajin sounds so dumb.
Like a monster that Godzilla would fight.

Now that's a Godzilla movie I'd watch.

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Is this worth watching when I failed to watch it with Yea Forums?

of course

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its whatever
the first episode is a honda ad, after that the italianboo is cute but she doesnt have much screentime

why do the Japanese make us sound so much cooler than we are?

Not really. The best parts where the weekly threads. Show was just average and got really silly at the end. The first episode was GOAT, probably one of the best first episodes to any show ever, but then they dropped the ball.


Yeah it was great the whole way through. Really captured the /o/ autism that someone like Koguma would instinctively latch to after starting with nothing.

It's cute and comfy as fuck.

>girl goes from lonely to lesbian to attempted murderer

Wew, wild ride, this show

>"I HATE GAIJIN" she thought
truly a best girl to surpass all best girls

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>girl goes from lonely to lesbian to attempted murderer
sounds about right

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Yeah. Just watched it a couple of months ago and enjoyed it. It chooses its own audience, though. You might not find some of the jokes and irony funny (or even noticed them in the first place) if you're not an /o/-fag, or if you've never owned a bike or a car.

She'll still lose to the BWC

How the FUCK was Honda advertisement so good?

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>a full-cour ad about a girl who cums when looking at a motorcycle

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S2 when?

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didn't she have a pretty fuckable friend?

This is most boring anime in existence. And it's comfy as fuck.
If you only watch anime to chat on Yea Forums with your pals then you're stupid sociofag and you don't actually like anime.

I will marry Chii.

all I know is anime needs more genuine autist protagonists like this

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nah, didn't she have a tall friend with a nice rack?

made me want to get one, but it's silly to own a super cub unless you live in japan

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Made me want one too but I changed my mind when Yea Forums told me they don't even make Super Cubs anymore that turn on with keys. Turning the key and hearing the engine roar is one of the most satisfying parts.

I did not enjoy how there was no resolution to the microwave arc. We never saw her heat up her food in class.

Nowadays, people demand electric ports and seat storage on their bikes/scooters so it would be difficult to resell a Super Cub in America. People do not want to ride a backup when riding a motorcycle and want a bike that can store away their expensive helmet and charge their smartphone at the same time.

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>ED makes her like she's one of those cute, innocent moeblobs
>actually a bitch and a half-delinquent biker

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Reminder in the manga she assaulted a guy and kicked him

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The latest Honda Supercub models are metrosexual pieces of shit and full of electronics, making them expensive and hard to maintain. Sadly no one is buying them anymore, not even the Japanese themselves.

My favorite part was when Koguma modified her Super Cub and became an astronaut and went to the moon, because on a Cub you can go anywhereâ„¢.

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Yeah, the Fast and Furious collab was really weird. Not a fan of the Reiko vs John Cena fight scene either.

Definitely. It's a comfy show that takes its premise very seriously.

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>12 episodes
>All she did was get a basket and case

she's poor and an orphan to boot, please don't bully.

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The bike was perfect from the beginning.

WHy there are so much autism over bike? Vehicle otaku is even more creepy than pedophile

because vehicles are cool
you should ask your mom to buy you one

I miss the living onahole so much.

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Long trip

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In the country, more like. I'd love to be able to ride around, but riding a bike in the city is suicide.

the first chapter and the classical music that acompany the episode is literally amazingly well done.

jesus how many days is that

Based on japans size compared to the us, it'd be like driving from maine to florida, which is about 24 hours of driving on our highways and interstates.

I'd guess 2 days.

>we will never meet and do an Yea Forums honda trip

I only have a kawasaki can I come

Yes, but they did it on 52cc scooters.

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More scoring please? I only can recognize liebestraum.

suzukifag here


Full delinquent
Ichiban sukeban

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Violence breeds Violence, Reiko.

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>Honda ad
Good Honda deserves more marketing

if you like koguma unconditionally then you would love the show