Spy x Family

Will you feed Anya her favorite food?

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Yor peanuts

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only if she's blindfolded

When anya grows up she is not gonna want to date anyone that isn’t best spy in the world

Anya's going to be terrifying when she grows up. A telepath raised by a master assassin and a master spy. Knows exactly what you're thinking, can take on any role at will, and could crush you like a bug with her pinky

Save me Loidman.

I lile how Yor is getting depicted in fanart with a toned back.

> can take on any role at will, and could crush you like a bug with her pinky
Or maybe not. Anya is kind of a dumb peanut

Mostly because she's a 4 year old surrounded by 6 year olds.

why would anyone lewd anya in this series. Shes literally too innocent to be lewd

Next week will have plenty of people lewding her with another kid.

>Anime: Loid blocking Yor's punch and kick

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What was Loid thinking?

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Can't wait for the smug Anya art to overtake the cute Anya art soon.

Imagine working your ass off, doing essential spy activity in order to keep things safe and secure and then you get hit with an urgent critical mission of a rank so high you’ve never even experienced it. You drop everything you’re doing to take part, see hundreds of fellow spies rushing alongside you and when you get there it’s a kids party

>Imagine working your ass off, doing essential spy activity in order to keep things safe and secure
Lmao Loid did all the essential works to the point that he barely gets any sleep.

Semen? Oh yes.



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I know Yor is just drunk here but she looks like she was perpetually on the verge of sex throughout the spy roleplay.

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Doujins incoming

Was today's episode anime-original or something? I'm legitimately completely baffled by it. It's just too stupid. I get that it's a gag series, but this went just so over the top that i was expecting them to reveal it was all a dream by the end. I really didn't like it, feel like they overplayed their hand by quite a lot, and its dissapointing because i really liked the first episodes. Please tell me that if this was in a manga, its a one-off thing and it remains mostly smaller in scale.

Would you SxFfags stop flooding the catalog with your shit threads?

it was a few pages in the manga turned into half episode I personally liked it buy hey. You should just read the manga

Heavily expanded on a single manga chapter.

Yeah, i felt it was going to be something like that. I just think it was WAY too over-indulgent.

I need a gif of Yor waving at Loid from that exact scene

it’s fun

Aside from heavily expanding what was a couple of pages worth of content, the early parts of the manga have some of the most absurd moments in them. Particularly the castle renting and Yor grenade proposal comes to mind. The later gags still get pretty silly, but they're not tonally all over the place and you get a feel for where the author draws the line.

I get that and i don't want to be a stickler for this kind of thing but i really feel like it hurts the serie's internal consistency. The show so far has been silly, but the world itself is reasonably serious enough that you take things seriously and that the main character's antics serve as contrast. If everything becomes incredibly silly, the main characters would start losing what makes them unique. The fight scene between Twilight and Yor, which i assume wasn't in the manga, is especially bad because it REALLY starts stretching the suspension of disbelief required by the viewer to believe that Twilight somehow doesn't know Yoru isn't a normal person, despite having just bested him, the world's greatest spy, in 1v1 melee combat. You might call me autistic, and say that it's a comedy series and so things like this don't matter, but i think they do.

Literally a dream come true. Everyone was crying their asses off.

Best episode so far?
I was really disappointed by Henderson's voice not popping off enough last episode, and as a mangafag this was a really good surprise.

>do boring shit for years, blending in, paperwork, etc
>get an urgent call for SS rank mission
>it's in a fucking castle
>a princess + daughter of important figure is involved
>you get to go guns blazing against a Bond-tier legend
this is literally childhood dream of every spy there

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there's gotta be a couple of spies setting up giant clue bulletin boards trying to figure out how this child's party will save Westania

You're going to be sorely disappointed when they start playing tennis

is she dumb because she's dumb or because she's faking her age

It's much less common as we go. There's gonna be few more ootings but that's about it. If we get to S2, there should be an episode where boys go fishing.

We all were.

She's like 4 pretending to be 6, by all means, she's ok for her age.

be nice to Christmas cakes


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Except for Fionafags, no one likes the tennis arc.

It's really weird cause I didn't particularly like it in the manga cause of the exact reasons you gave but watching it, it was a blast
I guess at the time I was expecting it to have some gags here and there and I was caught off guard by how silly it was, but after reading the manga for a while I realized it wasn't really out of place

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huh. I've thought this show has been overrated fluff UNTIL this episode. I guess I'll prefer the XTREME SOL half of the show to the main plot.

Wow, that has to be one of the most disgusting artstyles I've ever seen.

You can tell this has a big female fanbase.

do you hate fun dud

kill yourself

shes pretty smart for her age, but shes studying 2 grades above her level

>Aryan chad daddy is one of the MCs
I wonder why

I don't, i just have more fun when things are consistent and work within the world. My favorite thing so far has been their training for the school exam, because the concept of "an esper, a spy and a terminator train for a school admission interview" is fun. A lot of explosions, going completely over the top with the castle, duzens of agents and everything is fun, sure, but it also completely took me out of the show because it was just too much, it took me out of the show. It's the difference between having the premise, knowing what the stakes and limitations are and working the joke inside of it and just saying "fuck it, everything is absurd now", and the latter is just boring to me. This episode felt like a non-canon OVA the studio made just to showcase their animation.

They just padded it out
For example, there were no airplane, balloon, or Loid wearing a spy mask in the manga.

Best boy next week

The tennis arc wasn't that bad, it probably became more dragged out than it needed to after the first 2 matches but it wasn't that long of an arc anyway.

Pretty fair take. I thought the episode was a 10/10 but I can see what you're saying
I would say though that the rest of the chapters the anime will adapt wont be nearly as absurd as this one, and that there will be actual stakes involved when it does become over the top

This activates my neurons

>witness their #1 guy get beat up by civilian woman
Very confusing day for them I'm sure.

>can’t tell her left from her right
>can’t read clocks
>is illiterate
Which is pretty normal if we assume she’s 4. If she’s just a midget 5 or 6 though then she’s very dumb

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She is just dumb and it's pretty much what drives most of her conflict.

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