When is Jojolands coming out?

When is Jojolands coming out?

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I’m gonna say June at the earliest. We have that Rohan one shot coming out next month so it probably will be sometime after that.



who the fuck is that?

In 3...

Josuke from the future

Its Saint Johnny/Jesus/an early design for Damo/rail guard Kun, all at the same time


araki is busy teaching japanese people on how to appreciate European Art/Painting on NHK

its going to be highlander with stand powers.

Jojolion was a waste of time

If this was a early design if Damo then i wonder shy Araki did change it.
It looks alot more better, and it would've made more sense in the Hato's Boyfriend arc, instead of what we got.

Hopefully after he`s planned out the entire story and he`s come up with alot of cool powers.
I really didn`t like the second half of JoJolion, and had to force myself through it for the most part

really? do you have a link?

My guess is once Stone Ocean finishes airing, so never.
I think Araki is taking the time to either figure out how to unfuck Jojolion's ending to make it seem intentional or recover from whatever caused the mess in the first place.
I hope he ISN'T doing alright because the alternative is that he's just a hack.

American hustle came out in 2013 after flashback man but before vitamin c. That still doesn’t really explain why Josuke didn’t recognize him and why he said he had absolutely no memories later on.

I am confident that an interviewer will ask Araki some day and we will get an answer. It will probably be incredibly mundane, but at least we'll know.

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I’m surprised no one hasn’t yet. We know Americans aren’t the only ones who’ve had issues with jojolion. In the entire time no one’s asked araki about it?


sounds great


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It’s gonna be Papau New Guinea

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>people think some random map from 10 years ago is a clue in a series that’s almost completely made up on the fly
It’s like you guys WANT to set yourselves up for disappointment.

The next Jojo part takes place in your country, what's the plot?

Jojo sports manga about skiing

I think it might be some obscure holy/religious element from another foreign culture.
Either that or 'Oh my Soft n Wet Go Beyond' can suddenly unlock stands for some reason idk

I don't expect it to be true, but Araki will need a good excuse for the corpse to be in another country.
Maybe there won't be Stands in Part 9, after all. We never know.

already happened

Joseph joestar goes on a Rock Ningen genocide with hermit purple across America in the 1950s

France, spinoff about what Polnareff was doing between part 3 and part 5 before fighting Diavolo.

Lol as if you know the japanese consensus.

What’s that supposed to mean? Back when it was running someone posted a Japanese site that had catalogued a huge list of all the inconsistencies

>Ywn raw fuck Trish teen body

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But is he REALLY Josuke or just some delinquent from the future?

Araki doesn't remember.

The corpse isn't the only source of stands in SBR.

How else can they obtain a Stand, then?

Jojo commits war crimes

Something about football and organized crime. :/

Through spin

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So without a land created by the corpse, everyone in Part 9 would need to be a Spin user?

that's not true, it has never been shown that spin makes you gain a stand by itself
no, tusk doesn't count, johnny had already had at least some part of the corpse within himself by the time he gained tusk act 1
no, ball breaker doesn't count, it's like go beyond in part 8, same bullcrap

you gain a stand by passing through a devil's palm
i haven't read part 7 in a long time but even gyro can't gain a stand purely by spin, he gains that scan ability in the fight with dio and where ferdinand shows up but gets half the guardian figure

ultimately, corpse and stands are interconnected but i think passing through a devil's palm is the only real prerequisite

Or araki could just make up a new reason

>Part 9 is an "around the world" style adventure like Part 3
>The main cast is old Josefumi, Gappy, the new JoJo protag, and 2 random jobros who join the team
>Their quest is to save Holly

Would it be kino?

honestly it was almost as enjoyable as aprt 7

Are you questioning the author or the series? I think araki knows how stands work

I can already see the retcons.

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maybe itll be about how much better kira was for holly than kujo

i am questioning why the fuck his writing is either bad or confusing, depending on the part we're talking about

who cares, stand go ora ora

Mmmm who should I believe, the manga's author or some schizo on Yea Forums.....

name one instance where spin was the direct cause of someone gaining a stand or you're bullshitting
a direct character which gained a stand this way in the manga

whether the corpse will be in part 9 or not just depends on what story Araki wants to write next. If he wants to be done with the corpse he will either not bring up the topic of stand origin at all (highly unlikely) or will come up with a new, or not so new (stands as a manifestation of fighting spirit) explanation.

We don’t t need to see someone directly gain a stand though spin to prove what araki directly said but gyro and ball breaker is the closest. Mastery of Spin has been seen to improve stands like Tusk.

>tfw araki will never feature eastern yurop

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yes, and araki's explanation for basically every stand in SBR is "they went through the devil's palm" or "interacted with the corpse"

spin can improve stands like tusk or cause ball breaker to appear, but by that point, gyro had already been in contact with the corpse parts (refer to the part where i said he gets scan for a brief period of time)

tell me, in what way did pocoloco, hot pants, or anybody else besides gyro and johnny get their stand? surely through mastery of spin?

Pocoloco got his stand though supreme mastery of luck. Hot pants got her stand through supreme mastery of negligent homicide

Part 9 will be JoJolion 2.
Case closed.