What anime is he watching in Heaven, Yea Forums?

What anime is he watching in Heaven, Yea Forums?

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>newfags don't know him

>Thinking anything made post 2010 is up to his taste
Shame on you. He's re-watching LOGH right now.


A real shame if they don't, only anime YouTube to ever have value.

Better stuff than we are.

Heaven doesn't exist. There is only eternal nothing after death.

That's for certain.

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Prove me wrong then by killing yourself and finding out what happens.

I still miss him. He and MercuryFalcon are the only two good anitubers I've ever watched.

Not anime or manga, fuck off. I don't care if you first saw threads about this fuck when you came here from Gaia. Off-topic cancer is off-topic cancer.

It takes a special person to talk about anime without being a massive faggot.

Case in point, the average Yea Forums user.

>The only good anituber of all time isn't anime

Probably some anime that won't be out for another 50 years or so, since heaven exists outside of space and time.

I'm still mad /g/ stalkers made Terry's schizophrenia worse, why couldn't they keep a hands off approach. We'd still have Terry, he would have been such an impressive programmer if he just went to therapy and was on meds.

What a newfag.

Haruhi S3.


Is this real?

This is the only one I could tolerate because he wasn't so annoying.

he looks so cool

Oldfag certified opinion


Oh well! He's just like Chris Chan. He's better the way he currently is. By being a real mother fucker.


Rewatching Aria, the most heavenly anime of all.

Shoujo Ramune

>stealth rec thread
Fuck off. He's watching Boku no Piko.

yeah bro i love my hecking ecelebs! did you see what hasanabi did!

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Jiisan is oldfag Yea Forums culture, before ecelebs were a thing.

When did you come to Yea Forums? This isn't your site newfag, and our culture will not be overwritten.

I miss KoG, those were fun threads.

> He viewed the fragmentation over different tastes and "waifus" within the community disturbing, since in the end (using his words) we were all united through our love for anime.

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He had a level of purity everyone should strive for.

Pure love for anime, and pure love for his fellow anime enjoyers.

What did Jii-san think about Evangelion?
I swear he reviewed every old classic under the sun except that for some reason unless I just didn't see it.

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What a patrician he was, I'm legit sad thinking about him now.

Only people who've been depressed like Evangelion, and Jiisan bore the appearance of a man who's never known sadness.

i blame evatrannies

I blame you

I've been here since 2017 retard

>I've been here since 2017 retard
Don't embarrass yourself any further

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stop typing

This gives me comfort. When I die I don't want to be alive anymore, I don't want to experience anything, just let me sleep and never wake up
Why do normalfags fear this? I don't understand.

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He doesn't need to watch anymore, he is living it.

I believe there's something beyond life , since I've seen shit that makes me believe it. /x/ shit. But I don't fear nothingness.

I think it's an ego thing. They can't accept all things must one day end, and that they're a thing that also must end.

>jii-san reincarnates as a handsome kirito face with op magical powers in a fantasy world but as a peasant so every body at magic school underestimates him

I started coming here in 2010 and I'm still somewhat embarrassed to share that. You should be absolutely ashamed to think that 2017 is anything other than newfag.

Think it's bait.

Probably been isekai'd to be a HERO teaching the ways of farming.

>old e-celebs are... le good
Yea Forums never changed after all with their e-celebfaggotry
same shit, different time

You are comparing an old guy, passionate about his hobbies and Yea Forums idolizes him simply for who he is, to e-celebs right now who pander to their simps so they throw money at them. If you think these are the same, you're retarded.

take off your nostalgia goggles

That's a fucking weak comeback, you just assumed I watched this old man. I can understand why Yea Forums likes him, and you clearly don't.

uhuh so e-celebs that don't monetize their "contents" (aka twitterfags) are fine, huh? okay got it

Twitterfags are paid in clout, they get nourishment that way. Just stop typing.

You really just can't fit in anywhere or get anything right, huh?

>no argument
ok I get it, you love your old e-celebs, hypocrites.

>gets proven wrong
>no argument
You're hilarious, cry more and fuck off.

you e-celeb-loving oldfags are so fickle

Imagine getting bullied over the internet for being an idiot.

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